AEW Champion Jon Moxley joined the hosts of Busted Open Radio to promote the upcoming All Out pay-per-view. While they talked about the show, Bully Ray couldn’t help but ask about the potential future of Renee Young and what the odds are she might work alongside Moxley in AEW.

As most fans are aware, Renee Young is married to Jon Moxley. As most WWE fans are also aware, Young recently left WWE to pursue other interests. As would be expected, the moment her departure became public, there were rumors she might join AEW and her husband who happens to be that company’s champion and say he’s happier than he’s ever been.

When asked if that was possible, Moxley did say that he wanted to let Young talk about her future in more detail when she had the chance to decompress, but he believes she will always have her toes dipped into the waters of the wrestling business. For now, he said he’s got her out in Jacksonville with him as AEW shoots their television shows and the pay-per-view and she’s just hanging on the beach and reading a book.

Moxley did say that Young’s phone has been ringing constantly as her agent has been calling her with offers that companies are making to bring her in. He said, “Her agent keeps calling saying his phone is ringing off the hook with people willing to give her the keys to the castle.” He said he was stoked that she has so many options and he’s thinking she may just choose to do her own thing.

Moxley talked about her passion for the NHL and cooking and fashion and said she could go and do literally anything.

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But What About AEW?

Moxley certainly didn’t rule out AEW as an option, but he didn’t seem to hint that her joining him there was a foregone certainty. He said it would be great, but more than that, he’s just psyched for her because she feels invigorated and has a new sense of purpose and an energy that is getting him energized.

It shouldn’t be long before Young starts whatever new adventure awaits. She certainly isn’t going to be short on options.

Renee Young debut AEW News photos and video online GIF