It’s been over a week since Renee Young said goodbye to WWE. The former host and commentator’s final appearance was on the SummerSlam panel. She received a special sendoff complete with heartfelt messages from her co-workers. While fans await word on Renee’s next career move, they’re already sharing fond memories of the star.

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Throughout her years in WWE, there’s been plenty of backstage stories that surfaced about Renee. Whether it was about her job or her personal life, Renee made wrestling headlines. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some backstage stories about Renee Young that are hard to believe.

Renee Young WWE Top 10 Real Life Stories photos and video online

Renee Young, John Cena and Dean Ambrose backstage segment

10ESPN Scouted Her Early On

Renee is considered one of the best interviewers in the sports entertainment industry. Long before she joined WWE, she auditioned to be host of the ESPN show SportsNation. As she stated in her goodbye letter to WWE, even though she nailed the audition, she didn’t get the job. After joining WWE, she was still on ESPN’s radar. In 2014, early into her WWE career, reports surfaced that ESPN wanted to sign her. Now that she’s no longer working for the wrestling promotion, ESPN may be looking to officially sign her to their network.

9Wrestlers Hit On Her

When Renee joined WWE in 2012, she gained the attention of everyone, including the male wrestlers. According to Renee, upon arriving to the roster, she was hit on by a few of her co-workers. Renee turned down their advances, however there was one man she couldn’t resist. A few months after joining the main roster, Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley asked Renee if she wanted to hang out. Ambrose was known to be shy and a loner, so it was a surprise to everyone when he asked Renee out on a date.

8Walked Around Barefoot Backstage

As one of WWE’s top interviewers, all eyes were on Renee during the backstage segments. The star always dressed nicely for her appearance and her hair was styled to perfection. However, there’s one accessory Renee tended to go without during the segments. Young would often skip wearing shoes for the interviews since she was only shown from the waist up. Nobody knew about Young’s secret until an interview with the group Evolution, where Triple H asked Renee where her shoes were. The camera then panned down to show Renee’s bare feet.

7Didn’t Like How She Was Portrayed On Total Divas

In 2016, Renee joined the cast of Total Divas during the show’s sixth season. One of the central focuses on the show was her relationship with Dean Ambrose. Fans were surprised the couple agreed to do the show due to them being a private pair.

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One of their memorable moments was Dean chasing after a guy who stole Renee’s hat, which she didn’t like. After just one season, the couple exited the show. Renee later stated that the reason they left is because she didn’t like how they were portrayed.

6WWE Drops Storyline Between Miz/Maryse & Ambrose/Young

WWE likes to use real-life couples in storylines, and in December 2016 they set in motion a story for Renee and Dean. During an interview with The Miz, the Intercontinental Champion made a comment about Renee and Dean’s relationship, which led to her slapping Miz. Weeks later Miz’s wife Maryse would slap Renee as retaliation. All signs pointed to a possible mixed tag match between the two couples. Yet, just as the storyline was heating up, WWE dropped it. The reason is unknown, but fans would’ve loved to see Renee show off her wrestling moves in the ring.

5Backstage Heat For Wedding

After three years together, Renee and Dean made things official when they tied the knot on April 9, 2017. The couple married in a private ceremony in their backyard. Nobody knew of the couple’s marriage until days later when they appeared on RAW and SmackDown sporting wedding bands. Soon after Renee confirmed the news, co-workers and fans quickly sent in their congratulations to the pair.

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However, it seemed Renee’s bosses weren’t too thrilled with the wedding. The pair was split up during the draft and reports suggested it was due to officials being unhappy with the couple’s secret wedding.

4Didn’t Know About Talking Smack’s Cancellation

In 2016, Renee began hosting a new WWE Network program called Talking Smack. Each week, she and Daniel Bryan would discuss the latest events on SmackDown and interview Superstars. The show was a hit with fans, who believed it allowed the wrestlers to show more of their personality. Despite the show’s popularity, it was cancelled in July 2017. The day of the cancellation, Renee was in Stamford filming for Vintage Collection. However, her bosses failed to inform her of the news. She later learned about Talking Smack‘s cancellation via Twitter, and needless to say she was upset.

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3Heat For Jon’s Backstage Cameo

Renee’s most recent job was hosting the FS1 show WWE Backstage. The program was usually filmed in a studio, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the panel began doing virtual conference from home. During a March broadcast, Renee was chatting with Booker T and Xavier Woods when a special guest made a cameo. Young’s husband AEW champ Jon Moxley popped on screen for a few seconds holding their puppy. While fans enjoyed the Moxley cameo, WWE was upset. According to Mox, Renee got heat due to his cameo on the show.

2Didn’t Like Doing Commentary

In the fall of 2018, Young made history when she was promoted as RAW’s first female commentator. It was a huge moment in Renee’s career, however it’s one job she said she disliked. Since being taken off the announcing desk, Renee has opened up about her time as a commentator.

Young has stated that doing commentary was stressful and it was tough to get into a groove while also being fed lines through the headset. Renee’s commentary was often met with mixed reviews, and the star admits that sometimes the criticism got to her.

1WWE Was Unhappy With Her COVID-19 Announcement

In June, Renee went public with her coronavirus diagnosis. Renee’s announcement came days after news broke about a COVID-19 outbreak at WWE’s Performance Center. Fans and co-workers sent well wishes to her. However, reports suggested WWE management was upset with the star for going public with her diagnosis. Renee recently confirmed the reports in an interview with Sports Illustrated. She said the day after her announcement, WWE contacted her, but didn’t seem concern about her health, only the bad PR her announcement caused.

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