Roman Reigns has been the face of WWE for several years now, claiming that the company is “his yard” as he dominates the main event scene. The Big Dog has had many tremendous matches with the likes of AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar that have been well documented and praised.

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Roman has been pulling off excellent performances on a consistent basis throughout his career, and many of his best matches have ended up slipping under the radar. There’s a narrative that “he can’t wrestle,” which is a shame as Roman Reigns has continuously proved the opposite of that. Hidden within the WWE Network are countless treasures with some of Roman’s best work that is very underrated, and they deserve to be seen by everyone.

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Roman Reigns Top 10 Matches Everyone Should Watch photos and video online

10Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt (Hell In A Cell 2015)

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

The storyline between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt quite often gets overlooked, which is a shame because they told a really great story together. Their Hell in a Cell match is one of the best in the stipulation in recent years and they really worked hard to make it feel unique.

While it was neither of their greatest matches, it was a strong back and forth bout. They created some really unique moments within the match as well and that helped to make this one stand out.

9Roman Reigns Vs Cesaro (Raw, November 16, 2015)

Roman Reigns facing Cesaro should always create an amazing match, and this certainly did just that. On Raw, they competed in the WWE Title tournament and had a really good back-and-forth match together.

The final section of this match, in particular, was excellent as they took the pace to new levels which really got the crowd invested. There were several fantastic near falls and it really helped to make the match standout.

8Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust (Battleground 2013)

Roman And Seth vs Rhodes Brothers

The Sheild had many brilliant matches throughout their run, but this is certainly one that goes under the radar. Mainly because it wasn’t the whole group together and there were no titles on the line, but the story in this was amazing.

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With Cody and Goldust fighting for theirs and Dusty Rhodes’ career, there was plenty on the line. Dusty on the outside added tons to the match and the pop when Cody and Goldust won after an amazing back-and-forth match was amazing.

7Roman Reigns Vs Triple H (WrestleMania 32)

It might seem strange for the main event of any WrestleMania to be underrated, but that is certainly the case when it comes to Roman Reigns’ bout with Triple H. Heading into the match, the WWE Universe was too built up no hating Roman for being over pushed that they didn’t sit back and enjoy the work properly.

Even the live audience spent huge chunks of the match just booing and not engaging, which is a shame. The actual in-ring content is very solid and while it is a little slow-paced at times, they tell a really enjoyable story, with this being worth a repeat viewing.

6Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus (TLC 2015)

Much like Roman Reigns’ storyline with Triple H, fans really made up their minds on this before it happened. However, he and Sheamus had great chemistry in the ring, which is mainly because they both work such physically aggressive styles.

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This wasn’t a technical masterpiece by any means, but instead, it was just an all-out fight between them. They put big moves together and created an engaging match that felt important, with the live fans eventually buying into everything as well, which made it even more special.

5Roman Reigns Vs Finn Balor (Raw, July 25, 2016)

This match was actually Finn Balor’s first-ever performance on Monday Night Raw and he certainly came out with a bang. Despite the fact they had already competed that night, it didn’t stop them going over the top with an excellent main event.

They were both selling the work from earlier in the night and that is why it’s quite underrated. But they didn’t let this hold them back at all as they went all out with a great match that blended Roman’s power with Balor’s technicality and speed with this win establishing Finn straight away.

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4Roman Reigns Vs Big Show (Extreme Rules 2015)

On paper, a match between Roman Reigns and Big Show might not seem that interesting, but these two men put on an amazing brawl. They made the most of the last man standing stipulation and really put together what felt like a genuine fight.

The whole match was designed to put Roman over, and that’s something that Big Show is great at doing. The veteran knows how to build a match and he was a viable threat, so seeing them piece this together really worked out well.

3Roman Reigns Vs Randy Orton (SummerSlam 2013)

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

When The Shield disbanded, it was clear Roman Reigns was going to be a big singles star and his first big challenge came at the hands of Randy Orton. While it was still new to Roman, he handled the pressure really well and battled excellently against The Viper.

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This was a period when the audiences were firmly behind The Big Dog and that led to a really exciting clash. Orton knew how to sell and really make Roman look great, which created a superb encounter.

2Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman (Fastlane 2017)

Roman Reigns typically works very well with other big men, mainly because the power moves and big fight feel is something that suits him. That was certainly the case with Braun Strowman with the two men having a great connection.

There’s nothing flashy with this battle, but both men hit some massive moves and really solid things perfectly. With huge announce table bumps and neither man holding back, it was a really great match.

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1Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan (Fastlane 2015)

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

This is an incredibly underrated match, with the two men putting on an amazing bout together to earn a title shot at WrestleMania that year. The combination of Roman Reigns’ power and strength with Daniel Bryan’s technical ability just worked brilliantly.

The two men worked at a breakneck speed and fit in some really impressive nearfalls. There were moments were fans bought into each man winning the match which made for an incredibly exciting encounter between them.

Roman Reigns Top 10 Matches Everyone Should Watch photos and video online