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Ronda Rousey WWE Video and pictures after operation

Ronda Rousey WWE

Ronda Rousey details gruesome accident that nearly severed her finger on ‘9-1-1’ set

One day after news surfaced about her gruesome finger injury, UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey posted a video explaining how exactly she nearly severed her left middle finger.

The accident occurred in Mexico while shooting scenes for the popular FOX show “9-1-1.” Wednesday, the former UFC bantamweight champion and WWE star gave the 411 on her official YouTube channel about how the injury came about.

“First take of the day, all I had to do was pretty much open up the boat door and step up and have lines and all this stuff and whatever,” Rousey said. “I guess I was just a little bit too short to push the boat door all the way to the top, so i had to give it a little bit of an ‘oomph’ like a push, and it stalled at the top and came down, or it bounced back and came down, but it was staying up enough for me to turn my back on it and stepped out and the boat door slammed down.”

While Rousey knew she was hurt, she didn’t think it was anything serious, so after an initial reaction she got right back to work.

“I thought I just jammed my nail, you know like if you jam their fingers in doors and lose their nails? I went like ‘ouch, (expletive) and then don’t be a (expletive), just finish the scene.’ So I finished the scene and I had all these lines and stuff and I was throwing things off of the boat. And then I looked down and I was like ‘ohhhh.’

That was when Rousey realized something was serious, and she had to inform the director that she was probably going to have to leave the set and go to a local hospital.

“I had to tell the director, I remember, like, turning towards him and I remember telling them ‘you guys are not going to like, this, but my finger is no longer attached to my finger.’ And they were like ‘what?’ and I looked down and my finger was barely hanging on.”

Rousey, who dislikes painkillers, said she stayed awake during surgery, during which doctors inserted screws and bolts to put the finger back into place, then stitched up the cut.

Then Rousey return to the set the next day to finish shooting. And her fellow cast members, who don’t have Rousey’s combat sports background and thus also don’t have her high pain threshold, just might think their co-star is a little crazy for finishing up the shoot.

“Everybody on the set, I’m pretty sure they think I’m a psychopath for finishing the scene and not saying anything,” Rousey said. “But it’s just having so many things ingrained and you, like I don’t acknowledge pain until I have the time and I can really hide it. So I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m nuts. They found out that I’m nuts. But it’s really cool, they figured out a way to work around and still fit me into the story, but I was actually really bummed, I had a lot of really cool stunts i was going to do that got cut because of my condition.”

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