Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest names in all of sports entertainment and that led to her signing with WWE. The star power associated with Rousey led to her developing a polarizing reputation in the industry. Quite a few wrestlers developed friendships with Rousey since she had a passion for wrestling. Others felt like she was hard to work with due to variables in play.RELATED:Sasha Banks WWE photos and video online Real lifeThe decision to leave WWE after one year focused on Ronda wanting to start making her attempt at starting a family. This also allowed wrestlers to reveal their feelings of her if negative since she was no longer in WWE. Find out what caused wrestlers to develop positive or negative reactions to Rousey in the wrestling world.

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10Loved: Natalya

WWE utilized the real-life friendship between Ronda Rousey and Natalya as part of WWE television. Natalya was known for being a locker room leader who helped any new stars and Rousey bonded with her when starting out.

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The passing of Natalya’s dad Jim Neidhart saw Ronda paying tribute to him since she was so close to his daughter. Natalya may have been the closest friend to Rousey in the women’s locker room when looking back at her stint. The duo spent time outside of the ring with frequent posts together on social media.

9Disliked: Lana

Lana was one of the most outspoken wrestlers against Ronda Rousey when Rousey made comments making fun of the industry for being fake. The injuries suffered by Lana and some of her friends made her take offense to Rousey’s comments.

There were quite a few social media posts from Lana in general throwing shade at Rousey for her various actions in WWE. Quite a few women on the roster felt Ronda was taking the top spot away from the full-time stars.

8Loved: Paul Heyman

The backstage influence of Paul Heyman saw him helping out quite a few top stars with their producing and the overall planning out of their angles. Ronda Rousey instantly formed a connection with Heyman when he helped her immensely.

Heyman started to receive more power in WWE with his relationships to Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and Rousey playing a huge role. Many of Ronda’s best moments came via Heyman’s suggestion as they also developed a friendship.

7Disliked: Rusev

Rusev was still in WWE when Ronda Rousey made comments insulting the wrestling fans and joking about the wrestling industry being fake. The social media opinions from Lana usually see Rusev supporting and vice versa as a couple.

Rousey ripping the industry during her angle with Becky Lynch saw Rusev calling her out on social media. Rusev claimed that her being such a strong character was also scripted to make his voice heard on the situation.

6Loved: CM Punk

CM Punk did not work in WWE with Ronda Rousey, but he made his voice known about her on multiple occasions. The WWE Backstage talk show saw the panel breaking down Rousey’s comments making fun of wrestling for being fake.

Booker T and Christian were upset about it, but Punk defended her and took aim at the wrestlers getting worked by her. Rousey’s work was complemented by Punk as well since he was clearly one who loved the UFC/WWE crossovers.

5Disliked: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey

Alexa Bliss was the wrestler chosen to put over Ronda Rousey when the latter won the Raw Women’s Championship for the first time. WWE specifically picked Bliss as a heel to get heat for Rousey’s win to mean more.

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Bliss reportedly disliked working with Ronda due to her reckless in-ring style causing injuries. The shade thrown at Rousey from Alexa in a group chat with other WWE women confirmed the heat and the timing did see Bliss miss out on many months of action after getting banged up.

4Loved: Paige

Paige was never too vocal about Ronda Rousey to give her opinion since she was still a Smackdown General Manager for most of the run. Rousey however did feature Paige on her YouTube series to show them hanging out.

The two clearly got along well since Paige spent time with Ronda outside of the ring at her ranch. Paige had a reputation much like Natalya for helping out new talents, which could have created the bond with Rousey.

3Disliked: Booker T

The legendary Booker T was vocal against Ronda Rousey calling wrestling fake in a derogatory manner. Booker made his opinion known both on WWE Backstage and on his own radio show away from WWE.

Many old school wrestlers felt the same way, especially since Rousey was making seven-figures for her work in the fake industry. Booker said he enjoyed Ronda’s work but he clearly was upset about her attitude.

2Loved: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey

WrestleMania 34 featured one of the most improbable great matches of Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Fans were shocked at a match with two part-timers, one non-wrestler, and someone making their debut stealing the show on the biggest stage.

Angle had lost a few steps and this was the final great match of his career. The interviews following the event featured Angle praising Rousey for being a professional and playing a huge role in the success. Rousey had nothing but kind words about Angle helping her out as well.

1Disliked: Nia Jax

Nia Jax has been the most vocal WWE star against Ronda Rousey since the latter left WWE. Any controversial comment from Rousey is often followed up by Jax responding. Nia even threatened to knock Ronda out after Rousey called wrestling fake.

Alexa Bliss being a close friend of Jax outside of the ring caused some of the tension when Ronda injured her in some of their house show matches. Nia clearly has no desire to make peace with Rousey based on her volatile comments.

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