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Ronda Rousey 2022 photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age, BIO

Ronda Rousey 2022 photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age, BIO

Triple H Praises Ronda Rousey And Compares Her WWE Career To Kurt Angle

She teamed up with Kurt Angle to fight against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a Tag Team Match.


Back in 2017, Ronda Rousey officially joined WWE when she signed a contract with the wrestling company on a full-time basis. She then began her training at their Performance Center in Florida. A few months later, she made her WWE debut at the Royal Rumble Pay-per-view on January 28, 2018.

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However, it wasn’t until WrestleMania 34 that she made her impressive in-ring debut. She teamed up with Hall of Famer Kurt Angle against their two opponents Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a Tag Team Match. In terms of making a debut at the biggest wrestling event of the year, there must’ve been a lot of pressure and expectations on Ronda. Amazingly, her match ended up being one of the best that night.

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Triple H praised her quick improvement in the ring, comparing her to Kurt Angle. The latter was also known for his big achievements in his first year when he joined WWE back in 1999.

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“You put your promoter hat on for a minute and you go, ‘Hey, Ronda Rousey wants to come work for us.’ Of course, you want her, of course, we do. I’ll be honest with you, she’s been one of the greatest performers for us, ever. I mean, she picked it up so incredibly quickly. When you look back at what Ronda did with us, the brief period of time she was with us, her first match was at WrestleMania. 70,000 plus people, in a tag match with Stephanie and myself, and Kurt, and just like… talk about pressure and everything else, and then she totally kills it.”

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“And then she gets into a place where she’s doing this on a regular basis, and every week on live TV, and going out there and just stealing the show, a lot of times with a lot of other great performers. Don’t get me wrong, but for her to be able to do… I’ve never seen anybody pick it up. I used to think Kurt Angle picked it up faster than anybody I’d ever seen in my life, and at that point in time, I had.”

“She picked it up faster and her instincts were just… you know, even when she was training for it she’d do something… you’d correct her, you’d go, ‘Here’s why…’ She’d go, ‘Oh, great. I got it.’ And then she’d never do it the other way again. In the zone, one of the hardest working people.”

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Later, Hunter told another story about Rousey when they were all having dinner together one night in Orlando. He recalled that even though she got sick from food poisoning, she was toughing it up and was even willing to step in the ring. He explained:

“There’s a moment in time where we flew one time to Orlando train and we all flew after a show and flew there that night.  Ronda ate some sushi, and the next morning I hear her, like, oh my God, she’s really sick with bad food poisoning. So I say, ‘Well let’s bag it, end training and go ahead and give you a call a little later.’ No, no, she’s coming, and she shows up.”

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“I mean, she’s green and she gets in there, man, and she’s just going, and going, and going, and I’m watching her turn green and greener, and she’s going and going, and finally I had to say that’s enough. She was angry at first. Like, ‘No, no, no, I’m good. I’m good.’ I’m like, ‘Ronda, you’re done. I’m not asking the question, you’re done. Let’s go, bag it, let’s get outta here. You’ve done all you can do.'”

A few months after her successful debut, Rousey captured the WWE Raw Women’s title by defeating Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam in 2018. She would hold the championship until WrestleMania 35, losing to Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat match that also involved Smackdown‘s Champion Charlotte Flair. Interestingly, it became the first women’s match to close WrestleMania.


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Currently, Ronda is enjoying a quiet life out of the ring; she spends lots of time with her husband Travis Browne and her family. Plus, she loves hanging out in her Browsey Acres farm. Regarding a possible second stint in WWE, Triple H said:

“She’s a thoroughbred. You gotta put a jockey and pull the reins or they’ll run themselves to death, right? And that’s what she is. Yeah, when she is ready, we still have a great relationship on everything, and when she is ready… absolutely.”

Ronda Rousey 2022 photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age, BIO


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Ronda Rousey 2022 photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age, BIO

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