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Ronda Rousey TikTok photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age,

Ronda Rousey TikTok photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age,

17 Pics Vince McMahon Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey remains on the sidelines heading into 2020 and on the road to another WrestleMania. We haven’t seen her since the event last year – it remains a mystery as to whether or not she’ll return in time for the event.In the meanwhile, we’ll make Vince McMahon sweat a little by featuring photos of Rousey he wouldn’t want us to see. We have a wide range of pics, a lot of them include Rousey botches from her brief in-ring career with McMahon’s company. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at lots of MMA pics along with steamy shots of Ronda with the likes of Sports Illustrated – those types of pics are suitable for the Attitude era but no the PG era!Enjoy folks, let’s get started!
Ronda Rousey OMG pictures paparazzi and video online

17SI Shoot

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Let’s not forget, WWE is a PG product. Maybe if it was the Attitude Era, Vince would have embraced such a shoot – who can forget the likes of Chyna, Torrie and Sable posing back in the day.

However, with so many investors watching Vince’s every move, this is the type of content he wants to stay away from.

16Beach Botch

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McMahon knows a thing or two about malfunctions. Especially given that WWE is live most of the time, we’ve seen some unfortunate malfunctions take place on more than a couple of instances.

In this scenario, the malfunction takes place for Rousey on the beach, as up went her dress while walking on the beach alongside her friends.

15Botch With Stephanie

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Rousey’s WrestleMania debut went flawlessly. Fans couldn’t believe what they witnessed as Ronda embraced the nerves, putting on a match of the night at the biggest event of the year.

It wasn’t all smooth, though. Rousey had more than a few botches in the past, including a bad one with Stephanie as she failed to grab her arm.

14Partying Throwback

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Prior to her UFC fame, Rousey was in a transition phase.

During that time period, Ronda was having fun alongside some of her gals – throwback photos still exist on old MySpace accounts showing Rousey and her old antics from back in the day. We assume Vince would rather pass on these pics.

13More Botches

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Another unfortunate botch that took place in a match between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey. In this case, Rousey was the one to blame as she completely missed one of her strikes and it was horribly obvious.

Cain Velasquez, a fellow MMA fighter knows all about that struggle – he had a similar incident take place with Shelton Benjamin.

12The Bayley Confusion

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We add more in-ring blunders to the list. We really can’t fault Rousey given how green she is in the ring and getting thrust into such a position so early in her career.

In this case, Rousey totally mistimed a move with Bayley, which would lead to the two just staring at one another in the middle of the ring in pure confusion. McMahon must’ve been livid backstage.

11Candid Wardrobe Lift

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She lives out in beautiful California, the hot weather is sought after, however, from time to time, the wind takes over and Rousey is well aware.

While rocking her summery dress, up went the bottom portion, exposing her undergarments. Of course, the paparazzi just happened to be there for the exact moment.

10Workout With Electra

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Here’s a pic we never thought we’d see featuring Rousey and Carmen Electra. The two took part in a quick sparring session, one that was captured by various tabloids.

We assume Rousey herself wants us to forget about this awkward collaboration and one that seems a little out of her element.

9Finger Injury

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Her time away from the WWE hasn’t been the greatest. During the hiatus, Rousey spent a lot of the time in pure recovery mode, as her finger nearly came off.

We’re not even exaggerating, go take a look at the terrible photo itself which is on her IG account.

8Road Life

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The one thing Rousey wasn’t used to when joining WWE was the road life that all the employees undergo during their time with the company. McMahon will try to downplay it, but it is a hard part of being a WWE star.

In the photo above, we see Rousey completely out of it at the Montreal airport, on route to her next WWE show.

7WrestleMania Injury

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It was a tough WrestleMania for Rousey, she lost her first match, getting pinned by Becky Lynch in what is still considered a questionable finish.

The hard times continued after the bout, as Ronda hurt her hand during the match and she would end up in the hospital following the event.

6Battle Wounds

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Charlotte might’ve gone a little overboard with her attack on Ronda Rousey, even Vince might’ve been cringing backstage as Charlotte ruthlessly assaulted Rousey with a weapon after her match.

The result was a bad one as Rousey had scars all over her arms and legs – definitely not a PG angle.

5Alicia Fox Altercation

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We’ll give Alicia the pass on this one as she was going through a hard time during this time frame. Just prior to WrestleMania, Fox got into a heated argument with Travis Browne, Rousey’s husband.

The footage went viral and Rousey would later rip into Fox.

4UFC Defeat

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McMahon wouldn’t want us to see Rousey’s reaction to her first UFC defeat against Holly Holm.

Once she made it back to LA, Rousey completely covered herself at the airport, hiding her face from the fans and paparazzi. She spiraled into a depression after that and she would admit that the situation wasn’t handled correctly.

3Entering A Different Hall Of Fame

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Sorry, Vince, that’s not the WWE Hall of Fame, but instead, UFC’s version. Rightfully so, Rousey earned her spot given the brilliance in the octagon over the last couple of years, dominating the sport.

It remains to be seen if she’ll ever return to MMA, it seems unlikely at this point.

2Rousey & The Other Boss

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That’s Rousey alongside her former boss, Dana White. The two had a close relationship for years, so much so that Dana would even attend WrestleMania, watching Rousey’s debut match as a spectator.

McMahon and Rousey haven’t shared the same relationship, though she is extremely close to Triple H.

1Behind The Scenes

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We get a rare behind the scenes shot of Rousey alongside Vince McMahon prior to WrestleMania.

It remains to be seen if she’ll take part in her third straight ‘Mania with the event looming near. The division hasn’t been the same since she parted for her hiatus.

Ronda Rousey TikTok photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age,

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