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WWE Ronda Rousey photos video (Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age

WWE Ronda Rousey photos video (Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age

There are reports that Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne have been training, potentially in preparation for a WWE return.


Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne have reportedly been taking part in a number of wrestling training sessions recently.There’s nothing quite like a good surprise in WWE. Recent examples include The Hardy Boyz showing up at WrestleMania 33, Edge’s entrance at this year’s Royal Rumble, and the arrival of Ronda Rousey in January 2018.
Rousey would wrestle for the first time ever less than three months later, and then leave WWE a year after that after headlining WrestleMania.Rousey took what was already a fast-improving women’s division in WWE and elevated it to the next level. However, it could be argued that the division has slipped again since Rousey left. The absence of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, the two women she headlined WrestleMania with, also hasn’t helped. As for whether WWE will be able to rely on Rousey again remains unknown.Ronda Rousey photos video (Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age, BoyfriendRELATED: Paige VanZant Top 15 photos XXX and video online GIF | News

As far as we know, Rousey remains under contract with WWE. That means she could potentially return at any point. According to Fightful, that point might be coming up pretty soon. The site has reported that Rousey has been training for an in-ring return in California for the past few weeks. Rousey also reportedly said to her close friend Natalya that she hopes to meet her in the ring again sometime in the future.

James Storm also revealed that he had a wrestling training session recently not only with Rousey but also with her husband Travis Browne. Other than a few on-screen appearances where Browne was watching on, the former UFC star didn’t play a role in Rousey’s year-long WWE run. It seems that if Rousey returns, she could have Browne in tow and maybe even compete alongside him.

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It’s difficult to tell what WWE has planned and what would have happened this year had it not been for the pandemic. There’s a very real chance that Rousey would have been back by now had 2020 been a normal year. It’s also possible that she never returns and never wrestles again. The reports would suggest otherwise though, and perhaps we will see her make a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble three years after she did so the first time.

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Ronda Rousey photos video (Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age, Boyfriend



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WWE Ronda Rousey photos video (Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age

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