What Ronda Rousey’s achieved during the course of her career has just been astounding. She was propelled into the limelight as a UFC champion, then went from strength to strength before branching out, going through different doors and making the most of the opportunities that came her way. As she’s gone about carving out multiple careers for herself and going down the path of success, she’s remained humble, has her feet firmly on the ground. Her down to earth nature, the fact she’s known for keeping it real, is something else that sets her apart. It’s little wonder why so many people look up to her, why she’s a hero to the masses.

Ronda’s known for putting in the hard yards in the gym, doing her thing in the Octagon and now being a wrestling superstar. But there’s more to Ronda than just the MMA competitor and wrestler. Here are 16 photos that show us a different side of Ronda Rousey.

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Ronda Rousey Real Life Top pictures and video online

16Sick Day

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Most celebrities wouldn’t dream of sharing pics of themselves when they’re feeling sick and miserable. Ronda’s not like most celebrities. Yes, she’s human and despite her superhero physique, does get sick from time to time. Here’s a pic of Ronda all bundled up on the sofa taking it easy, resting and recuperating just before having some tea and tucking into some chicken noodle soup.

15Bad And Beautiful

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Badass and beautiful – it’s an apt term to describe the stunningly ferocious Ronda Rousey. Ronda’s got attitude and is able to pull off a classy, sophisticated look at the same time. It’s effortless for Ronda. Thankfully everyone’s been seeing more and more of Ronda in such a light as she throws herself into her movie projects.

14Earning Her Wings

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When the 2000 Charlie’s Angels film was released, Ronda was a big fan. Little did she know she’d be making an appearance in the third movie twenty years later. Ronda’s movie career has been steadily gathering momentum. Although it was a short role, last years she starred in the Charlie’s Angels movie as a trainer.

13Some Quiet Reflection

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Ronda leads a hectic life. Sometimes it’s necessarily to take a step back and engage in some quiet reflection. This pic depicts Ronda in one of her reflective moods as she gazes out of the window contemplating what’s on the horizon. Again, no makeup and she doesn’t have her glad rags on. It’s just Ronda being Ronda, keeping it real.

12Getting Up Close And Personal With Another Beast

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Ronda loves being out and about and getting up close and personal with nature. It’s a world away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, of life in the limelight as a pro wrestler. That’s why Ronda loves it. It’s a means of escaping the hustle and bustle, the Browsey Acres ranch, her little dirt road paradise.

11Mommy’s Girl

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Ronda’s very close to her family. She’s dealt with tragedies in her personal life, but they’ve only served to draw the family closer. Although she’s a tomboy, she’s still a mommy’s girl. She has plenty of love and admiration for her mom, a woman who can be credited for getting Ronda involved in MMA. This is a throwback pic of little Ronda with her mom.

10Sisterly Love

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Throughout her time in the limelight, through all the ups and downs, Ronda’s had a strong support network and has always had her sisters in her corner. They all share a strong sibling bond. Ronda’s especially close to Julia who’s now in her early twenties and has turned into the spitting image of her sister.

9Strutting Her Stuff

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When Ronda gets dolled up and gets her glad rags on for an event, it’s a glorious sight. She’s a beautiful woman, but sometimes, she changes up her style and just shines. Here’s a pic of Ronda, again demonstrating that she’s an effortless beauty, striding into a press conference for UFC 193 in Melbourne. Understandably, all eyes were on her, every camera was pointed in her direction, and she’s loving it, is lapping up the attention.

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8Fiercely Intense

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Most of the time Ronda’s depicted smiling, in good spirits. But she’s able to flick that switch when it’s time to get down to business. Here’s a pic in the lead up to the eagerly anticipated UFC 190 fight against Bethe Correia. Bethe took the meaning of trash talking to a new level pre-fight, but Ronda remained cool, didn’t allow herself to get fazed, and ended up taking care of business.

7Getting Emotional On Ellen

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Ronda’s faced many trials and tribulations over the years. These have included battling with mental health issues. Ronda was in a seriously dark place after losing to Holly Holm. She went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and divulged that she thought there was no way out, that it’d be better off just ending it all. Thankfully she’s risen from the depths of despair.

6Getting Hitched

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Ronda’s had her fair share of troubles with relationships in the past. She’s been in some abusive relationships. But now she’s settled, happily married to UFC competitor Travis Browne. They’ve been together for quite some time now and eventually tied the knot in 2017, with Ronda looking resplendent in white as the blushing bride.

5Ronda The Olympian

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Ronda’s path to the big time started in 2008. She participated in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and it was an event which would get her name out there, make her known to the masses. She created history at the games after becoming the first American woman to win a medal in judo. She won bronze, something that served as a stepping stone onto her MMA career.

4Flying High

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A lot’s changed for Ronda since those Olympic days. She’s worked hard, has always wanted to be the best at whatever she tries her hand at, and by and large she’s succeeded. Now she’s revelling in the limelight, is living the high life and is absolutely loving it. Here she is striking a pose, standing like the boss lady she’s become.

3Paying Homage To Her First Sponsor

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Ronda’s had a fair few sponsors over the years. As her level of fame has increased, more of the big company’s have come knocking. She’s not a fool, has bitten their hands off. After all, bigger sponsorship deals mean more money. But she’s never forgotten the first company that got her to sign on the dotted line. Mizuno was her first sponsor and she’ll be forever grateful.

2In Hot Water

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Ronda’s been a very naughty woman. Being a Hollywood movie actress has put her in many different situations. After taking a break from the UFC in 2017, she was spotted in New York filming some movie scenes and appeared to be in a load of hot water for her cameo role in Blindspot.

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1Getting Her Grub On

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Most major A-list celebs wouldn’t dream of being caught chomping down on a sandwich, even if it was for an advertisement. Most would deem it to be a rather unflattering look. But when Carl’s Jr. came calling, she was game. The fast food restaurant got creative getting Ronda on board. It proved to be a savvy decision.