Ronda Rousey is one of the most recognizable faces in all of sports and heck, even entertainment. She lives in beautiful California, so in truth, there are several pics of Rousey when she wasn’t looking, all thanks to the paparazzi and there at times, annoying ways.

On this list, we’ll take a look at a bunch of different candid photos. We’ll look back at some unsuspecting pics featuring Rousey during her WWE days, along with various others whether it be with the UFC, or just living her everyday life out in California. Thanks to the paparazzi and the likes of TMZ, that’s a lot easier said than done.

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15Vandalized Home

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Ronda won’t be too happy with this picture looking back. Not only did the paparazzi snap a pic when she wasn’t looking but Ronda would also have to deal with her home being vandalized with graffiti on the outside.

Ronda lives in a hot spot out in California – it came with a cost, however.

14WWE Schedule

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During her time with WWE, Rousey picked up on the tough road habits early on. It isn’t like UFC which typically features a couple of fights a year, WWE is on the road on a weekly basis with multiple shows.

She was spotted at the Montreal airport, looking pretty tired with her pillow in hand.

13Secret Dinner

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Prior to starting with WWE, Rousey had a secret meeting with Triple H. The two would even try to enter the restaurant by the back, however, TMZ cameras were all over it.

One of two things might have occurred, either TMZ was tipped off by the restaurant or perhaps, WWE took advantage of the situation, adding hype to Rousey’s eventual debut.


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She’s sharing a moment with Vince, prior to WrestleMania. As McMahon does with all the talent during the entrance rehearsals, he makes everything clear as to what he wants the wrestler to do.

Michael Hayes also appears in the pic, who works closely backstage alongside McMahon.

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11Spotted At NXT

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Prior to getting started with WWE, Rousey was making appearances at NXT events in support of her crew, Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke.

Rousey’s spotted backstage, she wanted to play low key at the event but that was impossible as fans instantly swarmed the MMA star.

10Celebrating In Brazil

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It all went downhill for Bethe Correia, fighting Rousey in her home of Brazil. Not only did Rousey get the bigger cheer on route to the fight but it would also last only a couple of seconds as Ronda disposed of her opponent without breaking a sweat.

She celebrated after the fight alongside her pals on the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

9Dress Malfunction

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It is impossible to live a private life out in LA. If your even slightly popular, chances are you’ll be noticed by the paparazzi and snapped for a picture when you’re not even looking.

That was the case for Rousey and the worst part of it all, as the photographer took the photo, up went her dress.

8WrestleMania Injury

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WrestleMania 35 was a tough event for Rousey. Not only did she suffer her first WWE defeat, but Ronda also sustained a wrist injury after the match.

We haven’t seen Ronda since the loss and her future seems unsure. At the very least, she seems to have recovered from the injury, along with her bad looking finger injury as well.

7Putting In The Work

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Even when she’s hitting the gym, the paparazzi strikes a photo of Rousey.

She puts in countless hours of work inside the gym prepping for a fight. The same held true during her WWE days as she would spend over six hours a day training, both in the ring and working on her strength and conditioning.

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6Spotted At The PC

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This is when the buzz started to get very real, as photos were circulating online of Rousey taking bumps inside of the ring.

Some speculated that she struggled during her early sessions, though WWE said otherwise, being in awe at how fast she picked everything up. Seems like WWE was right, as Ronda had a debut for the ages at WrestleMania.

5Beach Workout

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Rousey took her workout to the next level, on the beach. Her training routine featured a lot of jogging out in the blistering sun, along with training exercises in the water.

Swimming is another way to burn a serious amount of calories – Rousey was all business on the day.

4Post Holly Holm

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This was the hardest time of Rousey’s professional career. Following her first defeat, something she wasn’t used to, Rousey took the loss quite miserably.

When landing at LAX, Rousey avoided all cameras and media, even putting a pillow on her face as she navigated through the airport.

3Backstage With Kurt

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Arguably the greatest debut of all time, Rousey blew WWE fans away during her first match at WrestleMania, alongside Kurt Angle, taking on Stephanie and Triple H.

The match was near-perfect, though we can just imagine what was going through Rousey’s mind about to enter her first match at the biggest event of the year.

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2Post Gym

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She’s all done with her gym session, but of course, the paparazzi is out there waiting for a photo.

Rousey doesn’t even notice and she continues to do her thing, like most people that are residing out of California, with a degree of fame attached to their name.

1UFC Weigh-In

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The weigh-ins always provide memorable moments, in one way or another. This one was no different as Rousey would start to disrobe, while Rogan would pull a hilarious face in the background when she wasn’t even looking.

She stepped onto the scale with another huge ovation by the crowd on-hand.

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