Ronda Rousey is one of the most influential women in sport. There’s no doubt about it. Some would say she’s up there as being one of the world’s most influential women, period. She’s been through dark times, but by and large, her career’s been an almighty success to date. Ronda was the first female fighter to be contracted with the UFC. She also became the first to be inducted into their Hall of Fame. She created a legacy in the Octagon and paved the way for many others to follow suit. Then came the transition to wrestling, and she hit the big time with WWE. Add the movie roles she’s done into the mix, and Ronda’s been a mightily busy woman. She’s achieved success at everything she’s tried her hand at over the years.

Despite all of these achievements, Ronda’s not perfect. She’s only human, has character flaws, and has done some things she regrets. Also, she’s involved in fighting sports and has been at the top of the tree for the majority of her career. When at the top, there are always going to be people trying to knock her off her pedestal. Not everyone’s going to respect or like Ronda Rousey. These are 10 UFC stars who got along with Ronda Rousey and seven who didn’t.

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17DIDN’T: Miesha Tate


While they were both in the UFC, Ronda and Miesha Tate shared something of a tense rivalry. They were never on the best of terms, but things got a whole lot worse during The Ultimate Fighter. The fact that they fought a couple of times compounded matters. Ronda emerged victorious on both occasions but the beef didn’t die down.

16GOT ALONG WITH: Cat Zingano


Despite facing off in the Octagon, these two fighters had a tremendous amount of respect for one another. Both have been through some seriously dark times, have faced similar hardships. Ronda and Cat had to deal with a loved one taking their own life. Cat’s also said she “feels protective” over Ronda.

15GOT ALONG WITH: Mackenzie Dern


Ever since Mackenzie Dern stepped foot into the Octagon, she was touted as being the next Ronda Rousey. Those are big boots to fill. Mackenzie’s been humble when such comparisons have been made and respects Ronda massively. However, she never aspired to be the next Ronda Rousey. She wanted to be the new, the one and only Mackenzie Dern.

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14DIDN’T: Cris Cyborg


Cris Cyborg and Ronda had long-term beef with each other. They’ve made some catty comments about each other over the years, for example, Ronda telling Cris to stop doping and lose weight, and Cris saying she’s glad Ronda lost because hopefully it would’ve taught her some humility. In 2017 they appeared to have reconciled.

13GOT ALONG WITH: Conor McGregor


Once upon a time, both Ronda and Conor were at the top of the UFC. They were the star names everybody wanted to see fight. They’ve achieved great things and have the personalities to match. The two champion fighters respect each other massively. Ronda has said that she loves Conor and owes a lot to him.

12GOT ALONG WITH: Travis Browne


UFC heavyweight Travis Browne did more than just get along with Ronda during their time together in the UFC. He became her shoulder to lean on when times were tough. Their relationship developed and they eventually started dating in 2015. Fast forward a couple of years and the duo were hitched.

11DIDN’T: Paige VanZant


Paige VanZant cuts a frustrated figure. She wants more opportunities, bigger fights in the UFC, but it’s just not happening for her. Despite that she remains one of the UFC’s biggest stars and most beloved athletes. Miesha Tate told the story Paige divulged to her on Joe Rogan’s Podcast. Apparently, Paige was at an event and wanted to get a picture with Ronda. Ronda refused and started cussing Paige behind her back because of the way she’d congratulated Holly Holm after their bout.

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10GOT ALONG WITH: Gina Carano


Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano have been singing each other’s praises for quite some time. Ronda has even gone as far as saying she “wouldn’t be an MMA fighter if it wasn’t for Gina. Thank God for Gina Carano.” That’s high praise indeed from one of the world’s greatest ever fighters.

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Nick Diaz has called Ronda Rousey his “best friend,”not just in the fighting business, but in life. The feeling’s reciprocated by Ronda, who ‘s always supported Nick through his troubles, stuck up for him and spoke out when he got slapped with a ban. She’s friends with both of the Diaz brothers.

8DIDN’T: Amanda Nunes


Amanda Nunes has been on a winning streak since 2014, one that includes Ronda Rousey. Amanda made light work of Ronda when they faced up in the Octagon. Soon after the fight, Amanda posted a picture online, a doctored one of herself and Ronda. Many, including Cat Zingano, felt she’d overstepped the mark.

7GOT ALONG WITH: Cain Velasquez


Much like Ronda’s done, Cain Velasquez made the transition from the Octagon to the ring, from UFC to wrestling. He was a big name in the UFC, having been a two-time heavyweight champion. Ronda and her hubby have supported him with the move. Cain recently came out praising Ronda after she sent him and his daughter a Rowdy Ronda Rousey T-shirt.

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Jon Jones is currently going through some troubling times. His career may be in tatters. But he’ll always be able to bank on the support of Ronda. Their long-term friendship runs deep. Jon has even said that he’s inspired by Ronda. The two have publicly supported each other when times have gotten tough. No-doubt that’s set to continue.

5DIDN’T: Holly Holm


Around five years ago, Ronda lost the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship to Holly Holm, a fight that sparked the start of the end for Ronda’s time in the UFC. They couldn’t wait until fight night and had to be separated at the weigh-in after almost getting into a brawl. Dana White attempted to diffuse the situation, although he later stirred things up saying there was a lack of talent on show in the fight.

4GOT ALONG WITH: Joanna Jedrzejczyk


Joanna once aspired to be the Ronda Rousey of the strawweight division. At the UFC 217 post-fight press conference, she told reporters that she loves Ronda Rousey and that the two have a very good relationship. She’s said it’d be absolutely amazing to reach her record because they have a tremendous amount of respect for one another.

3DIDN’T: Bethe Correia


Ronda Rousey retained her title by defeating Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in 32 seconds. It was rather embarrassing for Bethe, who before the fight had amped up the trash talk. Trash talking is part and parcel of the fight game, but many thought Bethe took things too far. She blamed it on the media, made out the media turned her into a villain.

2GOT ALONG WITH: Rose Namajunas


Martial arts is all about respect, and Ronda and Rose Namajunas respect each other massively. Rose is another athlete who’s always been compared to Ronda. This hasn’t grated on Rose who’s just continued to go about her business the only way she knows how to. Ronda’s sung Rose’s praises, congratulated her after UFC 223, sending her love and saying the UFC was lucky to have her.

1DIDN’T: Bryan Caraway


Whilst Ronda was feuding with Miesha Tate, Bryan Caraway found himself in the middle of it all. He was dating Miesha at the time and found himself between a rock and a hard place. After coming out in support of Miesha, MMA aficionados like Joe Rogan started discussing a possible fight between Caraway and Rousey, and in their eyes, Rousey would come out on top. Of course, this riled up Caraway. But Ronda has actually said she hates Bryan, and not just because of his association with Miesha.