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Ronda Rousey films photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age

Ronda Rousey films photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age

5 Reasons We Miss Ronda Rousey (& 5 Reasons We Don’t)


Ronda Rousey was one of the WWE’s biggest new stars, but she’s been out of the game for a while. Should she come back or not?

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“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey has been absent from WWE for nearly a year-and-a-half at the time of writing. Her last appearance on WWE television was losing her Raw Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch in the Winner-Take-All triple threat main event at WrestleMania 35.RELATED:WWE Top 10 divas Are Dating Love story photos and video onlineRousey debuted in WWE at the 2018 Royal Rumble to a great crowd ovation, albeit to criticism, and impressed in her in-ring debut at WrestleMania 34. The debated “Baddest Woman On The Planet” could return to WWE any day but until then here are five reasons we miss Ronda Rousey and five reasons we do not.
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10WE MISS RONDA: We Need A Rematch With Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch REALLY got under the skin of Ronda Rousey in late 2018. This was most evident when they were booked for a brand supremacy match at Survivor Series 2018, with Becky taking jabs at Ronda’s husband, her failures in her MMA career and subsequent struggles in her personal life.

Becky gained superstardom popularity through these actions, which flustered the former UFC Womens Champion. With Ronda’s last WWE appearance being her losing her RAW Women’s Championship to Lynch, Rousey will be wanting a rematch against Rebecca Quin if or when she returns from maternity leave.

9WE DON’T MISS RONDA: Her Untouchable Booking

In Rousey’s first year wrestling in WWE, she lost a grand total of two matches. Months after debuting, she won the RAW Women’s Championship and had a stranglehold on it for more than half of her debut year. If Rousey returns, another title run is all but inevitable.

If her second year is similar to her first, then a problem arises. The near undefeated run has been played out due to over-usage in WWE, but also Ronda is still an outsider athlete coming in and running shop on a roster full of established female professional wrestlers. Inadvertently, Ronda’s streak bears the consequence of burying those ladies.

8WE MISS RONDA: Her Dedication Towards Learning Pro Wrestling

Ronda Rousey’s start in professional wrestling drew comparison to Kurt Angle‘s debut. Kurt transitioned from amateur to professional wrestling in the late ’90s and it was unclear what the outcome was going to be. Angle struggled with the psychology at first but his wrestling was near perfection for a rookie. Rousey was no different.

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News broke in August of 2017 that Rousey began training for professional wrestling. With an amateur background and coming for a world of combat shoot fighting, no one expected Rousey to be as good as she was  in her well-respected debut match eight months later.

7WE DON’T MISS RONDA: Her Attitude Towards WWE

“I don’t give a damn ’bout my reputation! You’ve living in the past, it’s a new generation.” Rousey’s theme song, Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,”perfectly described her in early 2019, especially when infuriated the wrestling community with a post on her vlog.

Ronda went on a profanity-filled tirade, in almost a child-like tantrum, telling off her fellow WWE wrestlers. She said that she was not going to do their [WWE’s] act and, the cardinal sin, flat out calling WWE fake even if that myth has long been debunked. Yes, matches are pre-determined and choreographed, but you just do not do that. It harms the industry and indirectly insults both the wrestlers and fans alike.

6WE MISS RONDA: She’s A Role Model To Younger Fans

Ronda may not have had the best attitude towards professional wrestling, but she remembers what it was like to be a young fan. Although by the end of her 2018-19 run she was carrying herself with a mean look and intense walk to the ring, she was an inspiration to the younger generation.

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Rousey would gift an item to a young fan in the front row during her entrance and it is not uncommon to see many young fans, especially girls, with “‘Rowdy Ronda” signs. Rousey was a trailblazer for women in MMA and has transcended that inspiration in WWE.

5WE DON’T MISS RONDA: She’s An MMA Dropout

MMA fighters coming into professional wrestling have a much harder time than other crossover athletes because of the criticism they receive. Numerous NFL, NBA and MLB athletes — and even NASCAR drivers — have gotten involved in the squared-circle, making a nice transition from one sport to the next.

MMA, though, is a much more combative competition than the aforementioned examples and unless a fighter comes in undefeated, they are mocked because they “couldn’t hack it in MMA.” Rousey’s final two fights in the UFC were losses and her almost immediate move to WWE drew this specific criticism and insults. Fans and industry critics are not always warm to outside competitors coming into the pro-wrestling scene.

4WE MISS RONDA: She Increased The Attention On Professional Wrestling

When Ronda Rousey appears on any WWE programming, it garners attention in the media. Rousey may not be the same “Arm Snatcher” she was in the Octagon but her armbars still won her many bouts in WWE. She may not be a must-see for everyone, but she is a household name.

When Rousey first debuted in wrestling, her face was on every major media outlet’s sports feature. Many of those outlets cover her appearances on WWE programming and to outsiders it can introduce them to the product. Like her or not, wrestling benefits from Rousey’s appearance.

3WE DON’T MISS RONDA: She’s Part Of A Bad Trend In The Industry

Professional wrestling is a special craft; it takes a special person to enhance the product and industry. In the late 2010’s, WWE began to see increased involvement in the ring from former NFL, NBA and UFC stars crossing over to usually incapacitate a WWE superstar in seconds.

Outsiders make the WWE stars that viewers are accustomed to look incredibly weak, harming the product and the performers just for this guest’s ego. Professional wrestling is not necessarily something you do after your primary career is over, and it’s a livelihood and calling for some of its most dedicated performers. Still, WWE allows outsiders, like Rousey, to come in and take spots from younger talent who really want to be lifers in wrestling,

2WE MISS RONDA: Nia Jax Vs Ronda Rousey

A disturbing trend recently became quite obvious in Nia Jax‘s wrestling ,which inspired hatred towards her. As it turns out, she was legitimately hurting her opponents. Nia has a history of performing moves poorly, being sloppy when catching an opponent, and delivering strikes improperly. As of now, no consequences have been handed down to Nia.

As the injuries continue, fans feel it is time for her to get her “receipt.” Physical harm is not wished on anyone, but we know the armbar probably hurts and seeing one slapped on Nia again would satisfy many angered fans. Nia and Ronda fought in 2018 and fans loved it then. Some things never change.

1WE DON’T MISS RONDA: Her Complacency

Rousey’s transition into professional wrestling was really fun for fans at first, but the excitement turned to weariness not too long after. It made sense for Ronda to chronicle her run by winning the RAW Women’s Championship but as noted, she had only two losses in her debut year.

Ronda’s matches have become predictable for the most part, too. It is almost a guarantee that she will win within five minutes and it will most definitely be by armbar; rinse and repeat weekly. Roman Reigns also struggles with a similar brand of complacency, with nothing new being brought in. Frankly, Ronda’s stale and repetitive brand of wrestling isn’t that hard to miss.

Ronda Rousey films photos video |(Instagram TikTok Star) Bio, Age

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