She left WWE in the summer of 2004 and we haven’t seen her since. At the very least, her final departure was on amicable terms with WWE, unlike the lawsuit that would take place in the late ’90s. In addition, Sable would also meet the man of her dreams during the run, Brock Lesnar. They got married in 2006 and continue to live a quiet life away from the spotlight, over in Saskatchewan.

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Pics of the couple and of Sable, in general, are really few and far between. Clearly, she wants to stay out of the spotlight and we know it’s the same case for Brock, who’s really not into interaction in general. In this article, we’ll take a look at various candids featuring Sable along with edgy moments from her career. These are pics that Lesnar would rather we didn’t see.

17Bday Cake

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This one is a rare gem from back in the day. Both Lesnar and Sable like to live life on the DL out of the ring – so likely, they won’t be too thrilled with this candid picture.

This one comes from their earlier days together. The two met during Sable’s return to WWE on the SmackDown brand.

16Feud With Stephanie

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Her most prominent storyline during her return was up against Stephanie McMahon. The two took part in several edgy backstage vignettes – not to mention lots of catfights, the type of brawls you just won’t see in the current era of the women in WWE.

It was an entertaining rivalry but an edgy one that both would rather keep in the past, Stephanie McMahon included.

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15Candid At The Gym

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Pics of Sable are really few and far between – especially candid photos. She’s living life on the DL these days, raising a family out in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Every now and then, she does travel with Brock and in this photo, she was caught by a fan at a local gym. She even got the free shirt.

14Vince McMahon Romance

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We never thought we’d see Sable again given her previous departure and lawsuit against WWE. Nonetheless, Vince always seems to work his magic with disgruntled Superstars from the past and Sable was no exception. He even got her to work an edgy storyline – alongside none other than himself!

13More Gym Candids

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If someone’s going to spot Sable, chances are it’ll take place at a local gym somewhere. She doesn’t travel with Brock when it is anything WWE-related, but she does for other things, like his UFC matches and heck, just some trips together in general. Travel must be easy for the couple, especially with Lesnar’s private jet.

12Sable & Torrie

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Surely, this is what fans remember most from Sable’s return to WWE. She took part in a steamy storyline alongside Torrie. The angles between the two usually pushed the envelope, even more so than some edgy skits we saw in the Attitude Era. The Ruthless Aggression Era was definitely underrated!

11Jets Appearance

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Fans weren’t too thrilled with Lesnar’s appearance as on the same night, it was Monday night RAW, the show he was supposed to be a part of.

Instead, Brock took his kids and wife to a Winnipeg Jets game. He was a special guest on the night – his kids are huge fans of the team. He took to the locker room before the game, meeting the players.

10Special Referee

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Looking back, we’re not entirely sure how Brock feels in relation to Sable’s steamy referee attire. It was more than revealing, to say the least. This seems to be a lost art in today’s product, using the special referee card – even with a non-talent that doesn’t perform like Sable.

9With Marc Mero

Sable’s true breakthrough in WWE took place alongside Marc Mero. However, it ultimately took the spotlight away from Marc despite WWE having big plans for the talent.

Sable would only rise from then on, becoming a major part of WWE’s thriving ratings at the time.

8Spotted By More Fans

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Although she made a huge impact in the 90s, Sable’s problem seemed to be behind the scenes. According to past rumors, her popularity got to her and she grew a big head backstage – rarely talking to anyone and gloating over the numbers her segments were producing at the time. Clearly, she wasn’t the big “team player.”

7UFC Appearance

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She doesn’t appear when it is something WWE related, however during Lesnar’s UFC days, Sable was usually front and center for the action.

Sable was very supportive of Brock, though ultimately the beast chose to hang them up inside the octagon, given the offer from WWE. Surely, Sable agreed with this move.

6On The DL

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The tough reality? This must be the norm for Brock and Sable’s relationship. Hanging by the back, hoping nobody sees them. Thankfully, it must be a lot easier to tolerate given that they moved all the way to Saskatchewan, which has a smaller population compared to Lesnar’s former home in Minnesota.

5On-Screen Together

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This is a rare shot of the couple on-screen together, behind the scenes. Oddly enough, Sable was with Vince McMahon at the time, in story – which is, yeah, weird.

The two connected and soon enough, they both would leave WWE. Lesnar would also opt out given the brutal travel schedule – something WWE would fix for him during his return.


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Yup, they go out just like the rest of us and they’re actually very popular in their community. This is a rare shot of the couple attending a concert – something we just can’t picture Brock doing.

With WWE’s FOX deal, surely we’ll see more of The Beast on the show, as he’s the current titleholder.

3Candid At School

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Sable knows all about motherhood and attending games. She had a daughter from a prior relationship. Sadly, her ex-husband Wayne Richardson passed away.

She would remarry in 1994, to Marc Mero but the couple would split on amicable terms in 2004, a decade later. In 2006, she married Brock Lesnar.

2Airport Life

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We can see it in Brock’s face, he seems to be disgruntled by the fact that he’s at the airport.

Brock hated that part of the WWE life. Thankfully these days, he isn’t worrying about that any longer – he even picked up Hulk Hogan on his way to the Saudi Arabia event, Crown Jewel, with his private plane.

1Spotted At The Beach

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WWE Superstars hate this type of picture. Undertaker himself admitted that fans should always ask before taking a sneaky pic – we assume both Brock and Sable felt the same way. On the contrary, maybe they didn’t want to be bothered… we just never really know when it comes to WWE’s most mysterious couple!

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