The legacy of Sable sees her remembered as one of the most important women in WWE history. Sable helped introduce the “diva era” of performers for WWE to start a women’s division for the first time in a few years. WWE realized Sable needed to become a bigger part of the show when she was getting huge ovations and rating spikes as a manager.RELATED:Torrie Wilson WWE Top Real Life Things You Didn’t Know AboutSable became a mega-star for WWE once she was on her own. The company pushed her as hard as anyone outside of Steve Austin and The Rock when it came to advertising and marketing. Sable was undoubtedly a legend and huge part of the Attitude Era even though her career ended far earlier than expected. Find out what happened behind the scenes with the most surprising stories about Sable backstage.

Sable WWE Hottest Top 10 OMG Stories Real Life photos and video

10Vince Russo Was Obsessed With Her

The rise of Vince Russo as the head writer of WWE television benefited the push of Sable. Multiple people from WWE at the time like Jim Cornette and Sunny have used the term “obsessed” to describe how Russo viewed Sable.

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The online shows from Russo also showcase him explaining why he loved Sable as a talent and wanted to push her to the moon. Sable was among the favorite WWE stars from Russo during his time in the Attitude Era.

9Petty Backstage Arguments With Sunny

Sable and Sunny were the two biggest female stars for WWE in the ‘90s. Both ladies helped WWE realize they could make huge money by pushing more women and introducing new characters outside of the usual.

The tension between Sunny and Sable existed as they both were competing for the same spot and television time. Sunny has publicly ranted about Sable quite a few times in shoot interviews referencing their backstage arguments and general disdain for each other.

8Cut Off All Contracts From Wrestling

The aftermath of Sable’s wrestling career has seen her outside of the public spotlight. Unlike most wrestlers trying to remain in the spotlight with podcasts or shoot interviews, Sable wanted the exact opposite.

Brock Lesnar and Sable live a quiet life on their own farm in Canada away from the rest of the world. Many of Sable’s best friends from WWE have stated they lost contact with her after she left the industry.

7USA Asked To Book Her On Other TV Shows

The popularity of Sable showed her appearing in other forms of entertainment like movies and television shows. USA Network always had a great relationship with WWE that would see them cross-promoting.

Sable was a hot commodity that USA Network requested to appear on one of their shows. The primetime series Pacific Blue allowed Sable to grow her stardom by having a relevant guest-starring role. WWE promoted on their shows leading up to the episode.

6WWE Didn’t Inform Tazz She Would Pour Water On Him

One of the strangest segments from Sable in WWE featured her taking issue with Smackdown broadcaster Tazz. The hosting duties of Tazz saw him leading a bikini contest segment between Sable and Torrie Wilson.

Tazz named Torrie the winner based on crowd reaction even though Sable received louder cheers. WWE booked a segment on the following Smackdown where Sable danced on the commentary table before pouring water on Tazz. The angry reaction of Tazz further confirmed that he wasn’t smartened up ahead of time.

5NJPW Was Only Wrestling Show To Book Them Together

Wrestling fans don’t think of New Japan when looking back at the careers of Brock Lesnar or Sable. The couple started dating during the last run of Sable in WWE, but their relationship was never used on WWE television.

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NJPW was the only wrestling promotion to book them together. The aftermath of Brock leaving WWE and failing in his NFL tryout saw him trying out NJPW. Sable was booked with him as a valet to make use of two major names in the industry.

4Broke WWE Contract To Appear On Nitro

The one appearance of Sable on WCW television came in a unique manner. Sable was spotted sitting ringside with commentary referencing her. Fans were surprised that Sable never returned and just felt confused about the situation.

Sable was still under WWE contract after leaving the company before it expired and couldn’t legally work for WCW. The appearance in the crowd was used as a loophole to show her on television without getting sued.

3WWE Booked Vince Romance Angle In Return After Lawsuit

Vince McMahon’s ego was on full display when Sable returned to WWE in 2003. The biggest storyline for Sable saw her dating Vince during her rivalry with Stephanie McMahon, but it was even stranger looking at the story behind the scenes.

Sable sued WWE for sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions during her time away from the company. The strange angle of Sable making out with Vince just a few years after suing the company for harassment showed how warped McMahon’s mind was.

2Steve Austin Refused To Wrestle Marc Mero After He Lost To Her

WWE had huge plans for Marc Mero when initially signing him to one of the first guaranteed contracts in company history. Mero however started to become the least popular part of his act when fans cheered Sable louder at ringside.

The two eventually split up on television with an angle feuding against each other. WWE wanted to push Mero as a top heel after the feud with Sable, but Steve Austin refused to work with him. The thought process of Austin was that working with someone who was powerbombed by a woman would hurt his credibility.

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1Refused To Come Back At Evolution

Many longtime fans have wondered why Sable is one of the top female performers in company history to never have a big return. WWE wanted to bring Sable back for various events with the historic all-women show Evolution standing out.

Reports circulated that Sable turned down Evolution and informed WWE that she no interest in returning. Sable’s husband Brock Lesnar is the biggest star in the company, but it has not helped influenced her return.

Sable WWE Hottest Top 10 OMG Stories Real Life photos and video