Back in the 1990s, Sable (born Rena Greek) was the golden girl of the WWE. She defined the Attitude Era for women for her hotness, ego, and style of wrestling. She’s considered a sex symbol of the era and was even featured on the cover of Playboy three times. She was the second WWF Women’s Champion, before becoming a heel (a villain in the wrestling world) and leaving the company. She returned briefly in 2003, before fully retiring in 2007.Sable made her WWE debut in 1996, and people quickly took notice of her, and she was quickly given her own career—which flowered and overshadowed everyone around her. In 2003, she met Brock Lesnar, another “hated” wrestler in the WWE. In a shocking move and after 10 years of marriage to wrestler Marc Mero, whom she managed in real life, she left her marriage to be with Lesnar.

She’s got a lot of skeletons in the closet, so let’s check them out. Here are 18 secrets about Sable that Brock Lesnar probably doesn’t want you to know.

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18She’s A Grandmother

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This obviously isn’t a bad secret, but if Sable’s trying to keep up her smoldering appearance, which got her on the cover of Playboy and such, then Brock probably doesn’t want you to know that she’s a grandmother.

Despite being only 51 years old, Sable gave birth to Maria when she was in her early 20s, whose father is Wayne Richardson (we’ll talk about him later). At 21, Mariah became a mother herself when she gave birth to a baby boy.

17She Tries To Shield Her Kids From The Spotlight

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Many celebrities do this and for good reason. Keeping her kids out of the spotlight will hopefully keep them away from danger, weirdoes, and other undesirable situations. The children are hardly seen in public, and that’s on purpose.

Sable and Brock are already quite the private couples, opting to live in the wilderness of Saskatchewan, so it makes sense they’d shield their kids from the spotlight.

16She Was Brock’s Valet

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Sable became the female face of the WWE during the Attitude Era, thanks to her good looks and wrestling style. The Women’s Champion also guest starred on numerous TV shows and movies thanks to her popularity. But after leaving WWE in 2004 for a second time, she soon found herself back in the fold, joining Brock in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2006.

There, she simply served as a pretty face on the arm of Lesnar, literally, as his valet to matches. She was also Marc Mero’s manager in the ‘90s.

15There’s A 10-Year Age Difference


Age is just a number, as they say, and there’s much less of a stigma between older men and younger women these days, and practically no stigma for older women and younger men. In fact, it’s more of a “You go girl!” for older women to bag themselves younger husbands.

Still, Brock Lesnar probably doesn’t want fans to know that Sable was born in August 1967, while he was born in July 1977. When Sable was fascinating crowds during the Attitude Era, Brock was just entering college on a wrestling scholarship.

14She Doesn’t Have Any Wrestling Friends


Not only does Sable stay away from wrestling WAGS (wives and girlfriends of sportspersons), but she stays clear from them on purpose because she’s had bad run-ins with other wrestlers in her day. Brock is the same way—valuing their privacy over anything else.

Throughout both of their careers, Brock and Sable have made tons of enemies, so they don’t get along with their co-workers too much.

13Rumors Of Her Affair During Marc Mero Period

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Brock and Sable met in 2003, and it was a whirlwind affair. Both of them were involved with other people when they met each other—Brock was engaged to his high school sweetheart Nicole McClain, the mother of his children Mya and Luke, and Sable was married to wrestler Marc Mero.

It was a shocker when Sable and Marc announced they were divorcing after a 10-year marriage. Soon after (too soon, some say) Sable broke the news that she was dating Brock.

12She And Brock Broke Up While Engaged

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Though they’re always by each other’s side, Brock and Sable’s relationship hasn’t been all roses. They became engaged after dating for a few months, in 2004, and some people thought it was rash since both of them were coming off of significant breakups. In 2005, the two hit a rough patch and called off the wedding.

By January 2006, they were back together again, engaged, and they married in May of that year, just five months after getting back together.

11Filed A $110 Million Lawsuit Against The WWE

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After refusing to go along with a performance in the ring, Sable was reportedly sexually harassed in real life by various people in the WWE. She was outraged when WWE execs requested she participated in a lesbian storyline (which she did), and when they asked her to have her gown ripped off to expose herself by “mistake” on a TV match (which also happened, but in a parking lot).

She ended up dropping the massive lawsuit when WWE agreed to settle out of court.

10She Won’t Return To The WWE

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After the bumpy relationship she’s had with the WWE, it should come as no surprise that she’s through with it all. Even though Brock Lesnar returned in 2012, and fans speculated if Sable would make a comeback, it just didn’t happen. There’s been too much animosity between the company and the wrestler to simply patch things up.

A few years after her harassment lawsuit was dropped, she returned for an onscreen storyline with Vince McMahon, but it lasted less than a year.

9She’s Very Private

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As noted earlier, Sable and Brock Lesnar both try to keep their kids out of the spotlight, and they also try to avoid it themselves, whenever possible. They don’t share many details of their life with their fans, the media.

And with very little technology in their rural home, they aren’t airing their dirty laundry on social media. This disappoints some people, but it’s the way they prefer to live their lives.

8She Used To Fear Other Wrestlers

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In the ring, she was fearless, but behind the scenes, Sable worried that other female wrestlers were out to get her.

In her lawsuit, she claimed that she feared other wrestlers would attack and disfigure her. “Sable feared that these girls or others would gang up and attack her,” an insider told The Enquirer during the time of the lawsuit. “She feared taking a shower after matches—and sometimes would shower back at the hotel.”

7She Was Accused Of Being A Fraud

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Other wrestlers were not fond of the golden diva and even claimed that she was a fraud and didn’t know how to wrestle. Her nemesis Sunny said, “I would put her in her place like the company should have done a long time ago… and expose Sable for what she really is—absolutely nothing.”

Wrestling announcer Missy Hyatt told The Enquirer, “Sable wanted to keep her belt but she didn’t want to wrestle. She didn’t want to get hurt.”

6She Had A “Romantic Relationship” With Torrie Wilson On WWE

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In a move that pleased male watchers everywhere, Sable was once engaged in a romantic storyline with WWE star, Torrie Wilson, who also graced the cover of Playboy in 2003 and 2004.

After months of working well together, though, the two had a blowout, and Torrie thought that Sable was convinced she was trying to steal her spotlight. She told Sportskeeda, “[Sable] was the queen when she was in WWE, and then she was brought in to help promote my Playboy appearance.”

5Her First WWE Role Was Escorting Triple H

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Sable is easily the most famous WWE “escort” of all time, seeing as how she also became one of the most famous female wrestlers of all time. Her humble beginnings came in 1996 when the model was tasked with escorting Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H) to the ring for his match against The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XII.

Execs noticed her and saw a money-maker, and the rest is history.

4Her First Husband Passed Away From A DUI-Related Accident

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Sable’s romantic history began not with Brock Lesnar or Marc Mero, but with a man named Wayne Richardson (married from 1987-1991), who she had her first child Mariah with. Little is known about her relationship with Richardson, other than that he died in a drunk driving-related accident in 1991.

We can totally understand Sable not wanting her fans to know that tragic little tidbit about her life.

3She Lost Her WWE Championship Belt Because Of Her Lawsuit

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The lawsuit she alleged against WWE obviously had severe circumstances and backlash in her personal life—most notably being the source of Sable losing her WWE Championship Belt. Her one and only Championship reign came in 1998 when she defeated Jacqueline at Survivor Series.

Her title reign lasted 176 days before losing it to Debra in May 1999. Allegedly, she was not popular backstage during her last couple months with the company, which led to her downfall.

2She Was Exposed During A Live TV Brawl

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Remember when we said Sable rejected the idea of having her dress torn from her body to expose herself on live TV? Well, it happened, in a backstage “altercation” with Stephanie McMahon.

Their feud was a WWE storyline for quite some time, culminating in a 2003 parking lot brawl, where Sable’s bra was ripped off, briefly showing her “assets” before she hopping into a limo and stormed off. But fans got to see the whole thing.

1She Was In The Movie Corky Romano

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One little tidbit about Sable that she probably wants fans to forget is that she appeared in the film Corky Romano, starring Chris Kattan (whatever happened to him?), and which currently has a dreadful 4.7/10 rating on IMDb and a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sable WWE OMG Top 20 Moments pictures and video online