Earlier this year, WWE wrestler Sasha Banks took a hiatus from professional wrestling due to what fans would later discover to be a severe bout with depression. The way similar walkout situations played out in the past (i.e. CM Punk), some were certain that we would never see Sasha Banks on a WWE stage (perhaps a wrestling ring altogether) ever again, but thankfully, as of last month, her beautiful face brightened up WWE television screens again when she returned to Monday Night Raw and will challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship at WWE’s next PPV: Hell in a Cell.Which, speaking of, it’s funny that WWE still calls its tv show “Raw” when after turning PG in 2008, their programming has not exactly been “raw” for a really long time.Thankfully, in Sasha’s exploits outside of the ring, she has found ways to expose her own rawness in not so PG ways through photoshoots and candid shots. Below are some examples.https://vimeo.com/189845553

Sasha Banks – Música Letra En Inglés

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15Throwback To NXT

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Prior to making her Raw debut, years ago, Sasha Banks worked under WWE’s training facility known as NXT. There, she formed real life friendships with fellow wrestlers, Bayley and Carmella. All three have become three of WWE’s hottest superstars in more ways than just one. They’re all quite popular.

14Back On The Road

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All it took was one song by Lil Nas X for every person and their mama to want to put on a cowboy hat and call themselves a cowboy. Clearly, Sasha Banks is no different, but in her case, it is at least apropos now that she is back on the wrestling road full time. Or, rather, back on the Old Town Road, ready to ride till she can’t ‘no more.

13Wilding Out

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Since becoming PG, WWE has put restrictions on a lot of things we used to regularly see in wrestling 10 years ago, like cursing and dirty remarks. But Sasha Banks was allowed to let all of the above hang out when she was a guest star on MTV’s Wild ‘n’ Out a provocative comedy improv freestyling show hosted by Nick Cannon.

12Wilding Out With Justina Valentine

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Following her visit to Wild ‘n’ Out, Sasha Banks seems to have befriended one of the show’s regulars, Justina Valentine, who is a rapper, singer, song writer and model away from the show.

After meeting, these two have been stuck to each other like glue. Maybe if she retires from wrestling, Sasha could become a Wild ‘n’ Out regular.

11Fighting Over A Wrestler

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Little do some people know that Sasha Banks is actually married in real life. No, her husband is not the man in this photo. That is Shinsuke Nakamura, another WWE wrestler, who Sasha and Bayley (who she herself is engaged) seem to be fighting over.

Obviously they’re joking, but WWE may not want to broadcast two married women fighting over a man.

10New Tattoo, Who Dis?

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Among the new restrictions since becoming PG, WWE have been strict over wrestlers getting tattoos. Recently, they reportedly fired a wrestler named TJ Perkins (aka TJP) for getting full body tattoos without their permission.

During her break from the ring, Sasha got a “Protect” tattoo under her lip. We hope she got permission for that, or else she better hope WWE don’t see this pic.

9Denim Darling

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Here is a throwback to Sasha Banks looking like a denim boss in short shorts and White Sox colors. Or maybe she is repping the New York Yankees.

They both have strikingly similar color schemes, as far as black stripes against a white background is concerned. But that does not matter. What matters is that Sasha looks great.

8Look Closer

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There is a lot to take in on this shot. The luscious purple hair, the bikini top, the skirt coming off, the wedding ring on her finger (especially take note to that part, fellas), but one thing that wrestling fans especially might notice is her jacket, as she is wearing an nWo Wolfpac jacket.

7Tongues Out

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While she has not wrestled on NXT in years since being promoted to Monday Night Raw, she still keeps an eye on the newer trainees and recruits down there. Not only to give them advice, but to just hang out and form friendships with them before they get promoted themselves. Here she is hanging out with NXT’s Xia Li.

6Fight Like A Girl

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Just because wrestling is fake does not mean that Sasha Banks won’t give someone a real butt kicking if they tell her that too her face. And do not dare try to tell her what wrestling is or is not while she has a pair of boxing gloves on her fists. Judging by her stance, she most definitely knows how to use them.

5A Rugby Fan

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Just because her main focus is wrestling does not mean she is not a fan of other sports. Well, it might be debatable if wrestling can be considered a sport when it is staged and scripted, but that is beside the point. The point is that she loves other sports and judging by this photo, she loves rugby.

4Chilling On The Couch

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We think it would be a pretty safe bet to say that Sasha Banks enjoyed her recent vacation away from the wrestling ring.

Then again, we would enjoy sitting on the couch for four months, too, if we had a giant purple couch like that to sit on. Looks comfy.

3Work Out Plan

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We said earlier that Sasha Banks knows how to kick real butt despite working in a fake sport. That is because despite the sport being fake, wrestlers need to stay in real shape like actual athletes. Clearly, as she is looking as sweaty as ever at the gym, she is in shape enough to hold her own in actual sports competition.


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If we had to guess, we think Sasha Banks’ favorite color in the world might be blue and we do not just say that because she recently dyed her hair blue before returning to the squared circle. It is also because she knows exactly how to fill out a tight blue dress like this one.


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Sasha Banks basically went into hiding when she took a hiatus from wrestling, which makes it practically almost ironic that she is wearing a full camo get up given that camouflage is often used to hide in plain sight. But now, she is not hiding and this Sunday on Pay-Per-View for WWE Hell in a Cell, she is ready to win a championship.

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