Sasha Banks reckons she’s the true face of WWE and better than both Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. The latter pair are poised to face each other in a champion vs. champion match during Survivor Series this Sunday but their titles won’t be on the line.Banks, the current SmackDown Women’s Champion, is also set for a similar match with Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. Speaking to Bleacher Report ahead of Sunday’s PPV, she claimed fans “can look at the science and the numbers” for proof as to why she’s the best in-ring performer around.RELATED: Becky Lynch WWE Hottest photos and video online GIF Real life

“I’m not afraid to let people know that I’m better than Roman Reigns,” she told the publication. I really am.”

Sasha Banks Hottest Women’s Champion photos and video


“I’m the face of SmackDown. I’m better than Drew McIntyre. I am. There are facts; you can look at the science and the numbers. I am the face of the company. I am the best and that’s just who I am. I’m a legit boss. I’m here to be the greatest, I’m here to make a legacy and I’m here to make so much history.”

Banks is looking forward to her match with Asuka, who she says brings out the little girl in her.

“Any time I can face Asuka, I am so down because of her style and her creativity and her mindset,” she explained during her discussion with B/R. “I’ve always been a huge fan of the joshi style and that was always a big dream of mine: to go to Japan and learn that style. To get a little taste of that with her is so awesome for me because it gets my ‘little girl’ heart so excited. I feel like any time we get in the ring, it’s not the same match and it’s never really the same style, and that’s what I really love about her.”

A Generational Talent

Sasha is definitely a generational talent, possessing both the skills and personality to go to the very top.

Who knows? Maybe she will get the opportunity to prove herself against the likes of Reigns and McIntyre at some point in the future. That would be really interesting to see.



Саша Бэнкс – один из самых выдающихся рестлеров WWE. Она – одна из огромных причин, почему масштабы женской борьбы так изменились. Бэнкс выигрывал шесть чемпионских титулов – бывшая чемпионка NXT среди женщин, четырехкратная чемпионка Raw среди женщин и первая командная чемпионка WWE среди женщин вместе с Бэйли.

Хотя главным претендентом на известность Бэнк была WWE, она очень открыто говорила о его недостатках, а иногда и отвращении к нему. Одна из таких ситуаций произошла, когда она открыто заявила, что не будет появляться в WWE Divas, потому что она не дива.






Sasha Banks Hottest Women’s Champion photos and video