Sasha Banks has finally made her first appearance in The Mandalorian via the second season’s third episode.Wrestlers crossing over into the acting world is becoming more and more commonplace. The most famous actor in the world right now, The Rock is a third generation wrestler. Others to have successfully made the leap include John Cena, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, and Big Show. Plus, Sasha Banks can officially be added to that list after making her debut in The Mandalorian this week.

Landing a role in the Star Wars universe is a very big deal, especially for someone making their acting debut. Also, for anyone who is yet to watch this week’s episode, look away now if you want to avoid spoilers. The article won’t give away major plot points, but we are about to go into detail regarding Banks’s role in the show and her link to The Mandalorian.

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Star Wars fans assumed The Boss would be playing a character called Sabine Wren, a rebellion leader who features in Star Wars rebels. That is not the case. Banks is actually playing Koska Reeves, a new character to the Star Wars universe as far as we can tell. Reeves is one of two Mandalorian warriors working for Bo-Katan Kryze. That’s right, Banks is a Mandalorian.

Sasha Banks MOVIE News photos and video

Any of you that are all caught up on the season so far will know that the show’s leading man is on the hunt for fellow Mandalorians to help him on his latest quest. However, he wasn’t expecting to find Mandalorians like these. For starters, Banks and her fellow warrior are shown without their armor. It turns out that’s not as unforgivable a sin as it has been made out to be thus far in the show.

Apparently, the Mandalorians we had been introduced to before now are actually part of a rather small and obscure section of the wider Mandalore followers. Others, like the character Banks plays, have no issue removing their helmets and armor. Perhaps that will mean we actually get to see more of Pedro Pascal’s face going forward. He’s the actor behind the iconic Mandalorian armor.

Sasha Banks MOVIE News photos and video

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Sasha Banks MOVIE News photos and video online GIF PAPARAZZI