The female WWE roster is stronger than it has ever been. With strong women at the helm of RAW, Smackdown and NXT, there is no ceiling on how well these brands perform. The Smackdown roster, in particular, is a very strong division, and it is being run by a team of women – The Boss n’ Hug Connection, Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Their recent attitude change has turned them against the WWE Universe, but one thing still remains very true whether they are good or evil – they are both absolutely stunning. Wither they are covered in bling, hugging everyone or being a “role model”, both Bayley and Banks rule the division with strength and beauty. They have both had storied careers that will continue for a long time in WWE, and both continue to reign as two of WWE’s most beautiful women.

Here are Recent Photos Of Bayley & Sasha Banks We Can’t Stop Looking At:

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16Beautiful Closeup

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When Sasha Banks took an extended leave of absence from WWE following her loss at WrestleMania 35, it made fans realize how much they missed her. Following four months off of WWE television, Sasha finally returned in grand fashion, and made a big splash attacking both Natalya and Becky Lynch. Sasha is now back in full force, with an Instagram game that is completely on point.

15Cool And Casual

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Bayley has a notoriously private life outside of wrestling, and finding candid pictures of her outside of the ring can be difficult. However, when fans can find pictures of her, it is always an indication of just how striking she is. Bayley’s wrestling personas are either over the top fun or evil, but her candid pictures are always a breath of fresh air.

14Strong Like A Warrior

It is no secret that WWE wrestlers are in peak physical condition. In order to perform in front of millions of people in very revealing wrestling gear, a muscular and toned body is a necessity. Out of all the WWE female wrestlers, Sasha Banks is among the most physically fit, taking great pride in her stamina and strength. Sasha is also among one of the wrestlers who was chosen by Muscle and Fitness to show off her workout routine, as well as her spectacular body.

13First Woman’s Triple Crown Champion

Bayley’s main roster career was initially very questionable, where fans thought she was not fulfilling her potential. However, since then she has actually achieved a spot in the WWE record books, which not every fan realized. Bayley has become the very first female Triple Crown Champion, by winning all available championships designated for only females. This is a huge accomplishment, surely making Bayley a future Hall of Famer.

12Electric Blue

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Despite the wrestling world finally focusing on their female wrestlers as athletes instead of just eye candy, there is no denying the beauty of Sasha Banks (or any female wrestler for that matter). Sasha is not afraid to show off her body, face or anything else on social media, and her fans are very thankful for that.

11Ground Breaking Champion

While this is not a photo that people would necessarily “drool” over, it is a very important piece of wrestling history. Despite WWE’s controversial idea of running shows in Saudi Arabia, one very good thing did come out of it – female wrestlers have been able to put on shows in front of a public audience. At Super Showdown, Bayley was the first female to defend a championship in Saudi Arabia in history, and retained the title when she defeated Naomi.

10SuperFly Lady

If there is one message to take away from pictures of Sasha Banks, it is to thank the person who invented leather pants. Skin-tight leather pants are a staple of Sasha’s wardrobe, and they certainly do the trick of showing off all of her curves. It takes a special body type to pull off such form-fitting clothing, and Sasha’s work out routine certainly gives her the ability to incorporate these into her wardrobe.

9Bayley Candid

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Speaking of having the body type for form-fitting clothing, there is one aspect of Bayley’s body which has become a focal point over the years. Her greatest “asset” is usually on display thanks to her tight ring gear, which has made fans very pleased during her matches. Bayley’s ample posterior is one of the under-rated in WWE history, and photos like this certainly prove it.

8Double The Trouble

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The Boss n’ Hug Connection made history as the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions under the new WWE era, which put them in the history books. While their wrestling accomplishments are certainly impressive, watching them strut through arenas together is certainly a treat as well. Both gorgeous women are a sight to behold separately but put them together and fans almost need to wear sunglasses to protect themselves.

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Pulling off leopard print is not an easy task for most people, but Bayley seems to have done the impossible. Appearing on Smackdown to attack Lacey Evans in animal-print jeans, Bayley turned a lot of heads, and not just for the beat down she gave out. Bayley’s figure certainly allows for this type of clothing choice, and provides a very nice sight for sore eyes to enjoy.

6Throwback Thursday

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WWE wrestlers mainly live their lives on the road. With so many cities to travel to, there is not a lot of time at home, or even time to sit and relax. Sasha Banks cherishes that time off the road, and uses it to unwind. According to her Instagram, she enjoys spending most of that time relaxing with her family including her pets.

5Bayley’s Mean Streak

For anyone who was introduced to Bayley in her NXT days, or even the beginning of her main roster career, they know her as the happy-go-lucky, always hugging and smiling wrestler. However, following her WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship win, she completely changed her outlook on everything. Bayley became a ruthless rule breaker who is more than willing to be dirty in the ring. Watching her throw punches like this is surely something fans are going to get used to.

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4Sasha Looking Fit

Photo by Girls With Muscles

Whether they are male or female, there are few wrestlers who are as fit as Sasha Banks. Some wrestlers struggle to make it through a five-minute match, but Sasha prides herself on being an “iron woman” in the ring who can go the distance. Whether it is a hard-fought Iron Man match in NXT against Bayley, or a Hell in the Cell against Charlotte, Sasha Banks has the strength and stamina to withstand just about anything in the ring.

3Bayley Is In Charge

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The beginning of Bayley’s WWE journey incorporated her “Bayley Buddies,” who were wacky, inflatable tube men which sprouted up from the stage when she entered the arena. This became synonymous with Bayley, and also a spectacular part of her entrance and character. However, once her attitude turned more evil, she took her frustration out on the inflatable men in a shocking moment that most fans won’t forget.

2All Dressed Up But Nowhere To Go

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life for everyone, including WWE superstars. While they would normally be traveling around the world for live events, television tapings and tours, they are just traveling to the WWE Performance Centre for tapings now. However, when stars are not needed for that television taping, they are stuck at home. Thankfully, that means that fans get many more shots like this of Sasha at her home, but still done up beautifully as if she was going to be on television.

1Boss N’ Hug Are Here To Stay

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Following a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship run and a continued run as WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion for Bayley, the Boss n’ Hug Connection has had a great year in WWE so far. While they are much more evil on screen than before, they are still hanging tight together to rule over WWE. The sky is the limit for these two as long as they stick together, but if they split the real question will be, who will reign supreme?

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