For now, this is really all we’ve got in relation to WWE and Sasha Banks. The Boss remains on the sidelines at the moment with no return on the horizon. In truth, since her departure following WrestleMania, the division has taken a serious hit – along with the tag division as well. Losing both Rousey and Banks hurt RAW in a major way. Here’s to hoping both these WWE stars find their ways back to the company sooner rather than later.In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Sasha’s steamiest moments starting from her days with NXT till now. We’ll feature some not so PG selfies, photoshoot pics and some in-ring photos that might be a little too hot for McMahon and WWE.Enjoy, folks!

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16Chilling With Kalisto

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Behind the scenes, Sasha has a couple of close friends, one of them being Kalisto. The two enjoy lots of time together outside of the ring, including trips alongside their significant others as well.

In the photo above, we get a not so PG shot of Sasha in a patriotic bathing suit, one we might’ve seen in the Attitude Era but not on the current programming.

15Candid On Apron

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Ah yes, the candid photos. Sasha, in particular, has a slew online, some more revealing than others.

This one might’ve been an innocent attempt at a photo of The Boss. Though in truth, it could be considered not so PG, given a certain asset in the photo – heck, we can say the same for Bayley. Clearly, these two aren’t skipping glute day…

14Bathroom Selfie

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We feature a throwback photo of Sasha during her earlier days with WWE. She got her start with NXT becoming a pinnacle part of the developmental brand’s success.

Sasha’s heel character took things to the next level – fans are hoping for the character’s rebirth once she decides to return to WWE.

13RAW Malfunction

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In the world of sports and entertainment, this happens a lot. Let’s face it, the wardrobes are quite revealing, not to mention that it is live television. WWE can blur the moment out, however given all the fans in attendance with mobile devices, it is truly hard to get away with anything nowadays.

Banks knows that all too well, especially when this not so PG moment went down.

12Halloween Costume

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With Bray’s recent character refresh, we can imagine Banks joining forces with the Firefly Fun House host while using a similar not so PG look – now that would get a big fan reaction!

Sasha’s alongside former WWE and NXT recruit Raquel Diaz. Sasha idolizes her late father, Eddie Guerrero.

11Recent Photoshoot

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During her time away from WWE, Sasha has kept busy. Given some recent posts on her IG account, one of the ways she has done so is by taking a steamy photoshoot by the beach – definitely not a bad idea.

We can see this picture making it into the old school WWE magazines alongside the likes of Sable and Sunny.

10Standoff With Becky

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With Lynch at the top of RAW, we salivate at this confrontation perhaps once again taking place, this time with Banks returning and under different circumstances, potentially rivaling Becky as a heel.

For now, we’ll admire the possibility along with this not so PG photo… because well, a certain asset of Sasha’s might be pretty noticeable for most.

9All Red Selfie

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Move over Eva Marie, it looks like you’ve got some company. This would’ve made for quite the storyline, the battle for all red supremacy… Okay, maybe for Eva but we can’t say the same for Sasha.

Nonetheless, she’s looking sizzling in the outfit and we’re wondering why she didn’t use this look a little more often.

8In-Ring Fun

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Most WWE stars admit that the most fun they have is during live events. Timing isn’t the biggest focal point and the Superstars are actually allowed to have fun and in some cases, even go off script and out of character a little bit.

That’s what Sasha does in the picture above, having some fun with the audience, while, well, posing in a not so PG position.

7In The Gym

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Like most of the other WWE stars, once she gets off the plane, Banks looks to shake the rust off with a nice workout at a local Cross Fit gym.

Her best friend Bayley has the same mindset; the two typically go back to the same places given all their travel experience in recent years.

6Muscle & Fitness Behind The Scenes

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The Boss worked a photoshoot with the highly coveted Muscle & Fitness magazine. This behind the scenes look gives us a steamy shot of Banks as she’s kissing her pipes.

Banks doesn’t need the fancy photoshop from the shoot to look great – this behind the scenes photo proves exactly that.

5By The Beach

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She used her time away from WWE wisely. Banks spent a lot of the time on the beach, basically gathering her thoughts and getting away from the madness of it all. Clearly, given the picture above, it did her lots of good.

Let’s hope she’ll return with a clear mind, instead of waiting for the current deal to expire.

4Angry Cat

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We can say that the cat in the photo went the not so PG route. Seriously, who else wishes they were that cat? At least for that spilt moment…

It is one of the more lighthearted pics reminding us that Sasha does have this kind of side as well.

3Black Dress Selfie

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Another throwback picture for Sasha’s earlier days, this is a steamy shot of The Boss. She’s come a very long way in general, Banks got her start on the indie scene at a young age.

Like Bayley, she really couldn’t envision doing anything other than wrestling – despite her current hold out, the same still holds true.

2Short Shorts

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We’re reminded of WWE alum Nidia in the picture above – she was an edgy character alongside Jamie Noble during the Ruthless Aggression era.

Without a doubt, Banks could pull off this look in the ring – but yeah, given the current product, that might not be the safest way to go; it is PG after all.

1Trying On The Gear

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Sasha has a big-time advantage when it comes to ring gear. Her husband creates attire behind the scenes for WWE – without a doubt, he puts a little more emphasis on Sasha’s gear.

We definitely approve of this outfit but we’re not sure McMahon or Triple H feel the same given the revealing nature.

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