Sasha Banks and Bayley have become one of the bright spots for WWE in 2020. Both wrestlers are real best friends who have always worked well together as partners or opponents going back to their time together in NXT. WWE currently uses them as a team each playing heels looking to seize control of all the women’s championship belts.RELATED:Sasha Banks WWE News pictures and video online GIF | NEWSBayley and Banks are very different personas despite being close friends outside of the ring. Most tag teams have each wrestler providing a different strength to bring things together. Find out what the strengths are each top star in the Boss and Hug Connection. The following things show you what Sasha is better at than Bayley and vice versa in the WWE landscape.

Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Bayley photos and video online

10Sasha: Entrances

The special entrances from Sasha Banks on big shows have been memorable than any of Bayley’s. Banks started this trend back at TakeOver: Brooklyn 2015 when having security drive and escort her to the ring.

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Snoop Dogg would rap his niece Sasha to the ring for WrestleMania 32 to take her big show entrances to another level. Banks recently did a callback to the first TakeOver entrance when a driver drove her, Bayley, and her pet dog to the ring before an NXT match.

9Bayley: Consistency

One of the biggest compliments for Bayley’s career in WWE has been her consistency. Bayley has always delivered impressive work even when she was struggling with her character. WWE eventually trusted her more than most due to the consistent results.

Sasha Banks’ best moments top Bayley’s, but her low points have been lower. The history of injuries, short title reigns, and struggling to find the ideal role hurt the first few years on the main roster. Banks thankfully has found her groove with the new character.

8Sasha: High Flying Moves

The in-ring style of Sasha Banks features more versatility than the average wrestler. Banks can have a technical wrestling match or utilize the storytelling over the athleticism. However, she also excels at the high-risk moves.

Quite a few maneuvers from Sasha would not work as well if the other women of the division tried it. Banks is one of the more naturally gifted athletes who loves to try new things or take the risks involved in such moves from the top rope or diving to the floor.

7Bayley: Comedy

The recent work of Bayley has shown a new side fans may not have guessed. Bayley’s prior face character had a fun spirit, but she wasn’t the wrestler that would crack jokes on the microphone or make a fool of herself.

The new heel run allows her to experiment with sillier ideas. Bayley has raised her exaggerated reactions after winning matches in hilarious fashion. Sasha Banks and Bayley are at their best together, but Bayley has become the funnier of the two with her one-liners and amusing reactions.

6Sasha: Submissions

The strength of submission wrestling sees very few wrestlers passing Sasha Banks in that aspect of the ring. Banks has loved submissions becoming part of her in-ring style since she grew up a diehard fan of the industry.

The Bank Statement is still Sasha’s most popular move when she rotates a backstabber into a modified cross face that forced many foes to instantly tap out. Banks has implemented a few other submissions in her career, but the Bank Statement is the top one.

5Bayley: Finishing Move

Bayley has found more overall success with her finishing move, the Bayley to Belly suplex. The fans loved witnessing Bayley hitting the move out of nowhere. Bayley’s suplex to Sasha Banks in their infamous TakeOver match showed the emotion involved in the move.

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The heel run of Bayley has seen her adding new moves into the move set rotation, but the finisher remains the best one. Bayley deserves credit for coming up with a finisher that makes a sudden impact and can be used in counters.

4Sasha: Cooler Ring Gear

The real-life relationship between Sasha Banks and her husband Mikaze sees them working together at WWE television every week. Mikaze is a former wrestler who met Sasha on the indie circuit, but he now works for WWE as a seamstress.

A few wrestlers have joked that Banks has the advantage over them since her husband is the person who makes the best gear. Sasha always has some of the best-looking gear and ring jackets with the color schemes and intricate design always on point.

3Bayley: Playing A Face

Bayley achieved a lot more success as a face character than Sasha Banks did in the same role. The NXT runs for both wrestlers saw Bayley thriving as a face that the audience legitimately connected with her and Banks as the hated villain.

Sasha did get over as a face on the main roster, but it always felt like she was not in her ideal role of a heel. Bayley’s face run allowed her to have a legendary NXT stint and a few good years on the main roster before realizing a change was eventually needed.

2Sasha: Promos

The biggest positive of Sasha Banks that has hurt Bayley at some points is the art of the promo. Banks has always come off confident and charismatic in her promos whether playing a face or heel character in her WWE career.

Bayley used to struggle a lot at cutting the generic face promos associated with her character. The promos of Bayley have improved, but Sasha is clearly the better of the two when looking at her track record on the mic.

1Bayley: Championship Reigns

The biggest knock against Sasha Banks is how poorly her singles title reigns have gone on the main roster. Sasha is a four-time Raw Women’s Champion with her unfortunately losing the title on the first defense every time.

The main roster run of Banks has seen her never once successfully defending a singles title. Bayley has found more success with both the Raw Women’s Championship and Smackdown Women’s Championship. The career of Bayley has already seen her become a grand slam champion and a Money in the Bank winner.

Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Bayley photos and video online