When the women’s revolution began in 2015, Sasha Banks, one of the horsewomen, was a pioneer to the success of the division. Carrying her reputation from NXT, Banks made an instant impact by forming Team BAD and leading the stable.RELATED:Torrie Wilson WWE Top Best XXX photos and video online Real lifeIn the past five years, Banks’ career has gone through ups and downs. While The Boss has won many titles, she has also experienced substandard runs as a singles competitor. It’s debatable where Banks stands among four horsewomen of WWE. Let’s discuss five times Sasha Banks was the best of the four horsewomen, along with five times she was the worst.

WWE RAW Women’s Championship FULL Match – Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

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10Best: A Four-Time RAW Women’s Champion

Sasha Banks started chasing the RAW Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair in 2016. The two women had a fierce, lengthy feud, perhaps one of the best feuds in women’s wrestling.

While fighting with The Queen, Sasha won the belt three times. She had the red belt around her waist for the final time in 2017 after winning it from Alexa Bliss. However, the title reign only lasted eight days. Being a multiple time RAW Women’s Champion, Banks certainly showed her mettle.

9Worst: Short Title Reigns On The Main Roster

Sasha Banks might have worn the most prestigious women’s belt of RAW a few times around her waist, but none of her title reigns were impressive. All her title reigns ended within a month.

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Having won the red belt, Banks dropped the title to Charlotte at 2016’s SummerSlam. She won the title again on RAW but lost the belt again at Hell in a Cell, remaining champion for just twenty-seven days. Her third and fourth reigns were also homogenous.

8Best: First-Ever Women’s Hell In A Cell Match

When Charlotte and Sasha were having their iconic rivalry, they delivered some astounding bouts, including the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell match. Banks, then the RAW Women’s Champion, put the belt on the line inside a colossal steel structure, and the match main evented the pay-per-view.

As expected from two horsewomen, the match stole the show with some jaw-dropping maneuvers. Even though The Boss lost the battle, her valor was enough to call her the best horsewoman.

7Worst: No Singles Title Reign In Last Three Years

Sasha Banks is the reigning Women’s Tag Champion along with her best friend, Bayley. Though she has won this title twice in the past couple of years, she hasn’t held a singles championship since 2017.

After winning the red belt thrice against Charlotte, her next reign happened in 2017, as she beat Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam 2017, only to lose the belt within a week. Such a subpar run in the past three years as a single competitor makes her the worst horsewoman.

6Best: Supremacy In NXT

Out of all four horsewomen, Sasha Banks was certainly the most dominant one in the developmental brand, winning the NXT Women’s Championship once. As a matter of fact, Banks made her main roster debut while still NXT Women’s Champion.

Banks’ title reign lifted the women’s division of the black and yellow brand because she regularly produced incredible matches against top challengers of the brand. Banks stayed NXT Women’s Champion for 192 days until Bayley dethroned her.

5Worst: Boring As A Babyface

A top Superstar should be equally entertaining as a babyface or a heel. However, Sasha Banks doesn’t fit well in this category because she has been an underwhelming babyface on the main roster.

Banks was never as convincing of a babyface as Bayley. On the other hand, Banks rejuvenated herself after turning heel last year, showing all of the dirty tricks in her arsenal. In addition, Banks had an amazing run as a babyface in NXT.

4Best: Two-Time Women’s Tag Team Champion

Sasha Banks and Bayley have been dominant champions since the inception of Women’s Tag Team belts last year. They were the inaugural tag team champions, winning the twin belts at the 2019 Elimination Chamber.

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Since grabbing the twin titles for the second time a few months ago, they have hoisted the tag team division. Charlotte and Becky Lynch, the other two horsewomen, have never won the twin titles; therefore, it puts Banks ahead of them.

3Worst: Considered Quitting WWE

In 2019, Sasha Banks was frustrated with her position in WWE, and it reached the boiling point after losing the Women’s Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 35. Rumors speculated that she wanted to quit the company, although she altered her mind a few months later.

Banks had every right to consider quitting WWE if she was not happy with her role, but this also highlighted the fact that her stock in the company at the time was not quite as high as the other Horsewomen.

2Best: The Historical Iron Man Match

Fighting in the first-ever Women’s Iron Man match, Banks made history in NXT. It was a rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, where Banks wrestled then NXT Women’s Champion, Bayley.

Although Banks lost the bout, it was eulogized by a myriad of fans as well as critics. The match also won the NXT Match of the year, beating several other awe-inspiring matches.

1Worst: Loses Crucial Matches

Unlike her fellow horsewomen, Banks has a habit of losing crucial matches. There have been numerous instances when Banks failed to live up to her potential under pressure. Unfortunately, this booking style makes her the worst horsewoman.

Banks won all three RAW Women’s Championship matches against Charlotte on different episodes of the red brand, but not on pay-per-views. Moreover, she didn’t succeed in defending the Women’s Tag Team Championship at the Grandest Stage of Them All in 2019. She also lost a singles match to Lacey Evans this year, which was a qualifying match for the Women’s Money in the Bank match.

Sasha Banks Hottest Top photos and video evolution pictures