Sasha Banks may not look like one of the strongest women in the WWE, but don’t let her size fool you. She might be just 5-foot-5 and she definitely is one of the lighter wrestlers in the women’s division, but she is one of the most athletic and well-conditioned women in WWE today and it’s a major reason why she has been given a lot of the ‘firsts’ in WWE history, like being in the women’s Hell in a Cell twice and being the first entrant into the very first women’s Royal Rumble.If these photos of Sasha Banks don’t get you into the gym, you probably would never go. And while we don’t suggest bothering someone while they are in a workout, you can definitely learn from them. And of course, when Sasha walks into a gym, between her great looks, hair color and pure strength, she is definitely going to turn some heads multiple ways.Sasha Banks WWE News pictures and video online GIF | NEWS

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15Full-Body Workout

Photo by Muscle and Fitness

Sasha Banks WWE News pictures and video online GIF | NEWS

Sasha Banks may not look the strongest, as she is a pretty small wrestler compared to the likes of Charlotte Flair, but like the rest of the women she is strong and she puts in a full-body workout to get her in ring shape. If she can do this full workout, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be hitting the gym as well.

14Workout Boss

Photo CelebMania

It’s not all big weights when it comes to Sasha Bank’s workout, as she works out her abs on the plastic ball to get a more lean look than a muscled one. It’s probably why her cardio is so good and when she can go long distances in matches, like when she was in the Royal Rumble for nearly an hour.

13Strong And Steady

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You don’t need large weights to be a strong person, as Sasha Banks proves her by balancing a 20 pound weight on her forearms. This squat routine is definitely challenging with a moving weight on her arms, and gives her a full body workout, including arms for an exercise that is generally for core and butt.

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12Power Lift

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For Sasha Banks, a clean lift with a lightweight is enough to get he muscles moving. Again, no huge weights are needed if you do the right workout. For a small women, doing more lifts with lighter weights is just as good as doing big weights, and helps her keep her great shape.


Photo by Muscle and Fitness

Sometimes the simplest workout is the best. Sasha Banks adds a little incline for her push-ups, which does create a little more power needed to get her body higher and is a great way to work the shoulders and back muscles. Start with the simple things when you need to get into the gym and work from there.

10Stiff Strikes

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A great cardio workout is actually boxing, and it’s one of the reasons Sasha Banks is able to have longer matches, as her conditioning is prime. Though you might want to work out yourself before getting into the ring with the boss, as she could probably TKO you pretty quickly.

9Flexibility And Strength

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WWE superstars need to be flexible and strong and with this workout, Sasha Banks is combining both, once again using light weights to help with her strength and flexibility. This could be a great little workout to get started and doesn’t require much to begin for anyone who wants to get into the gym.

8The Ropes

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If you think Sasha Banks is tiny and has no muscle, think again. Using the ropes she shows off her arm strength, proving that she is definitely strong enough to take on anyone. This a great workout to work the arms and cardio, a running theme in her workouts as she looks to get more strength, and more air capacity.


Photo by Wattpad

Most guys who go to the gym love to order themselves a Tapout shirt and think they look cool in them. But they will never be as cool as the Boss Sasha Banks, as he sports the pink women’s Tapout shirt. We bet she could run and lift circles around most of these grunts at the gym.

6Arm Strength

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Working with the pull ropes, Sasha Banks holds her balance and works the arms by pulling and pushing the ropes. This workout is great to work different parts of the arm with different motions all in one. Don’t just look at a workout as a single motion. Add in different motions for different resistance.

5Upside Down

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Sometimes you need to take your workout upside down, as Sasha Banks find an interesting way to work the legs and glutes by doing inverted crunches. This takes plenty of power, not just in the legs and core, but in the arms as well to hold yourself up. Good luck to anyone trying this for the first time. A true test of strength.

4Core Work

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The hanging core workout is one of the toughest to do, as your arms are burning from your body weight, and your core muscles hurt from bringing your legs up. It’s a great workout and Sasha Banks works her core muscles perfectly, showing off her body strength wit this exercise.

3Kettle Ball

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Free weight kettle balls are great to use in the gym and can really help build your arm muscles and tone them as well. Just look at how powerful Sasha Banks looks and she is a smaller wrestler who isn’t really known for massive arms. Except for after a kettle ball workout that is.

2Gym Figure

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Sasha Banks works her body and for that, she has an amazing figure because of the amount of time she puts in at the gym. Not all big weights, as even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference. She definitely wouldn’t need purple hair to be a knockout at the gym.


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Sasha Banks has a lot more muscle than what people probably think she has on television. She isn’t a power wrestler at all and is known for her quick attacks and submission finish. But she can flex with the best of them and has a powerful figure, to say the least.

Sasha Banks WWE News pictures and video online GIF | NEWS