“The Boss” Sasha Banks recently defeated her former tag-team partner Bayley to capture her very first SmackDown Women’s Championship. The rivalry between Bayley and Banks has been simmering for months now, and things finally came to a boil inside Hell in a Cell.RELATED: Lana WWE NEWS 2021 photos and video onlineAfter carrying the SmackDown woman’s division for just over a year, it’s fair to wonder if Bayley’s dominant reign should have continued. Sasha Banks is a world-class performer in her own right and her victory was certainly well-deserved. Now that The Boss has the title she’s coveted for so long, the debate can begin on whether or not WWE made the right call by having Bayley drop the championship that she has carried for over a year.

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10Bayley: Sasha Came Back From Injury Too Quickly

Sasha Banks in a neck brace

Following the loss that cost Bayley and Sasha’s Women’s Tag Team Championships, an irate Bayley betrayed Sasha and laid waste to her partner in the middle of the ring. Banks’ was the victim of a brutal assault that should have kept her out of action for weeks.

Instead, Banks was back on SmackDown almost immediately. Having Sasha spend more time away from the ring would have really sold the impact of Bayley’s assault. It also would have allowed Bayley to cut a variety of promos about Sasha while still taking on new opponents. This would have made the moment where Sasha returned to face Bayley an even bigger occasion.

9Sasha: Had Never Won A Hell In The Cell Before Her Match With Bayley

Sasha Banks lost to becky Lynch in a Cell match last year

There has only been three Hell in a Cell matches that have featured women, and Sasha Banks has participated in every single one of them. The inaugural women’s Hell in a Cell match saw Banks defending her RAW Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair in 2016.

Banks’ next turn in the Cell wouldn’t come for another three years when she faced Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship. Banks was unsuccessful in both of her past attempts inside the Cell, so a loss here would have given her an all-time record of 0-3. There’s only so much losing a star can do before the audience stops seeing them as a threat.

8Bayley: There Could Have Been A Rematch

Bayley Smackdown Women's Champion

This was Bayley and Sasha’s first real title match, as their first clash was just a standard SmackDown main event, one that ended in a disqualification at that. This story between Sasha and Bayley has been building for almost three years now, so there’s no need to rush it now. Bayley could have easily retained the title in an underhanded way.

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Perhaps this even sends Sasha to the back of the line, forcing her to work her way up to Bayley’s championship again. The slower the burn, the bigger the payoff. Whether it was next month or next year, Sasha could have won the SmackDown Women’s Championship in a rematch of this Hell in a Cell clash instead.

7Sasha: Was The Only Babyface To Win

Roman Reigns destroyed both of his cousins at Hell in a Cell

Most of the arguments for one competitor or another are made in a vacuum, but WWE officials have to consider the entirety of their show when making booking decisions. Remember that Roman Reigns had just finished beating his cousin half to death, while Randy Orton was set to win the title later in the night.

The impression of Hell in a Cell on a whole would have been quite different if Sasha lost as well. If you include The Miz’s win against Otis for the Money in the Bank contract, then that’s four major heel victories in a show with only six matches in total. Banks’ win provided a much-needed feel-good moment in the middle of the show to break things up.

6Bayley: Sasha Could Have Gone To A Different Brand

Roman Reigns destroyed both of his cousins at Hell in a Cell

The emergence of NXT on USA Network has brought many main roster stars back to the black-and-gold brand. Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Charlotte Flair, and Finn Balor have all won NXT gold since returning to their former stomping grounds.

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Banks could have easily done the same should she have lost to Bayley at Hell in a Cell. The women’s division in NXT is filled with young performers who would benefit from working with a veteran like Banks. Sasha could have also taken this as an opportunity to reinvent her character, while Bayley continued to dominate the title scene on SmackDown.

5Sasha: Has Never Held The SmackDown Women’s Championship Before Hell In A Cell 2020

Sasha Banks makes her entrance

It’s hard to believe that Sasha Banks’ win over Asuka this past July was her first singles championship victory since August of 2017, making her a five-time RAW Women’s Champion. She’s also held both the NXT and Women’s Tag Team Championships, meaning her victory over Bayley made Sasha Banks a Grand Slam Champion.

The only other women to accomplish this feat are the current RAW Women’s Champion Asuka, and the very opponent Sasha took her newfound title belt from. Bayley also secured her Grand Slam with the SmackDown Women’s title, putting these two competitors into a group that is truly elite.

4Bayley: Should Have Been Beaten By A New Star

Bayley’s championship reign lasted over a year, coming in at a record-setting total of 380 days. Whoever was able to defeat her would get an insane amount of credibility by beating such a dominant champion, on top of being rewarded with a women’s world title run of their own.

Sasha Banks is a well-established star who has already proven herself to the WWE Universe. She is a record five-time RAW champion and has consistently been one of the best performers on the WWE roster. Having Bayley retain and eventually give the win to an up-and-coming performer could have created a brand new main event star for WWE’s women’s division. Bianca Belair is the first person that comes to mind.

3Sasha: Is One Of WWE’s Most Popular Wrestlers

While a new star certainly could have benefitted from defeating Bayley, it’s hard to argue that Sasha Banks wasn’t the right call. She remains one of the most popular stars in WWE despite some questionable booking decisions in years past.

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Banks is one of WWE’s top merchandise sellers and is well ahead of Bayley on that list. The story that was told between Sasha and Bayley was a fantastic one that only had one logical conclusion, and that was a Sasha Banks victory. Her new SmackDown Women’s Championship helps a proven performer like Banks reestablish herself amongst Charlotte and Becky Lynch as the most popular women in wrestling without costing Bayley any credibility in the process.

2Bayley: The Breakup Happened Too Soon

It can’t be understated just how well WWE has executed the story between Sasha and Bayley. It is has been a highlight of WWE programming for months now and is certainly a contender for the rivalry of the year.

The storyline was so good that many fans would argue that it deserved to have a match at WrestleMania. Delaying the breakup of Sasha and Bayley as a tag team by just a few months would have allowed for this title match to take place on an even bigger stage. There’s no question that Sasha and Bayley both deserve the spotlight at WrestleMania, so here’s hoping that they both end up with exciting matches otherwise.

1Sasha: Deserves A Long Championship Run

Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks’ championship woes are a well-documented issue that she has faced throughout her entire main roster career. While Banks has won the Raw Women’s Title on a number of occasions, she has never been able to successfully defend it. The most notorious instance of this shoddy booking took place in 2016, when Banks traded title wins with her rival Charlotte Flair.

Sasha Banks deserves a long and meaningful championship run, period. She is one of WWE’s brightest stars, but there is no doubt she could shine even brighter should she be given the opportunity to do so. Time will tell if Banks is able to get this monkey off of her back and successfully defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Hopefully, she can at least have a successful title defense on a pay-per-view.

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