Sasha Banks has her sights set on a different champion versus champion match after she faces Asuka at Survivor Series.Survivor Series will take place later this week. The second longest-running PPV still active on WWE’s calendar. Since its introduction in 1997, a number of different things have happened on the show. The WWE Title tournament in 1998, and any number of elimination tag team matches. The latter is what the PPV has become known for, and why it is named Survivor Series.In recent years, Survivor Series has given WWE the opportunity to pit Raw Superstars against their SmackDown counterparts. That includes champion versus champion matches, as well as two or three of those elimination tag matches. This weekend, one of the card’s matches will see SmackDown Women’s Champion take on her Raw equivalent, Asuka.

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As entertaining a match as this one will almost definitely be, it’s nothing new. The two of them feuded as recently as this summer, at which point The Empress won the title she currently holds from Banks. That might be why The Boss has her sights set on another champion in WWE, as she revealed during an interview with BT Sport. The Superstar in question is NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray.

“Kay Lee Ray, I got a private jet sweetie, I’m making millions. I don’t mind flying over there. Or we can meet halfway. I can buy an island,” Banks bragged. Considering the restrictions currently in place in the UK and the US, an island midway between the two nations might be Banks’s best shot at making a match happen between the two. It’s a match we would love to see, but we’re not sure to what extent NXT UK is on Vince McMahon’s radar.

What makes the match seem even less likely to happen is NXT’s omission from this year’s Survivor Series. The black and gold brand won the night last year but has not received an invite this time around. Since NXT UK is even lower on the pecking order than NXT, it seems unlikely that Banks will be afforded the chance to have a competitive match with Ray anytime soon. Even worse, Ray isn’t on WWE 2K20, so we can’t even have the match take place virtually.

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