It might be hard to believe but Sasha is still only 28, despite her already decade long experience in the business. Most of us know about The Boss and who she is inside of the ring. However, when the cameras stop rolling, Sasha is a different person and we’ll see evidence of that throughout the article.We’ll feature pics of Sasha in different scenarios, whether it be with family, the fans or even back at home. After you’re done scrolling through these pics, you might have a different view of the former Women’s Champion. Maybe she isn’t as harsh as her Boss gimmick?Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Sasha Banks WrestleMania Stamp

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Sasha Banks WWE Rare pictures and video online

15Private Relationship

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We don’t hear all that much when it comes to Sasha’s relationship to WWE seamstress Mikaze.

Banks admitted in the past that she avoids posting about her relationship online due to the fact that fans can be way too harsh about her man. Rarely do we ever hear anything about the two and the dynamics pertaining to the relationship.

14Getting Emotional

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She has a thick skin and a mean streak on WWE television, however, when she’s acting like her real-life self, Banks has a delicate side. We saw a lot of that during her WWE Chronicle special.

We also saw that side of Sasha during her discussion alongside Vickie Guerrero, the two spoke about Eddie’s legacy which took an emotional twist.

13Always Learning

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Although she’s one of the best with WWE, Banks continues to learn, which is a major plus. She discussed the impact of training alongside Dick Togo via IG;

“There’s only one way to learn. It’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey. You need to learn only one thing more. Got to learn from @dicktogo wow.”

12With The Revival

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Sasha is close to several wrestlers outside of the ring and that includes The Revival. When posting the pic via IG, Banks coined the phrase, “tag team wrestling.”

Sasha seems to be in WWE’s good books nowadays constantly praising Vince McMahon. As for The Revival, their days seem to be coming to an end, with no contract extension announcement.

11The Home Life

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That’s Sasha living her best life at home alongside her best bud, Ryu Maivia. He has quite the following online via IG with a near 40K followers.

During her days off, Sasha loves to chill with her pet, she also takes him on the road from time to time – we’ve seen photos of the two alongside one another backstage in the past.

10Steak Night

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Speaking of Sasha’s close friends out of the ring, you can add Kalisto to that list. That two do lots of traveling together, they even hit up Andiamo Steakhouse in Vegas.

The two enjoy spending time with one another, including their partners as well.

9Work Ethic

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Once Sasha gets off a flight and lands at the destination of the WWE show, she isn’t camping out at the hotel. Instead, Sasha hits the gym ASAP, to shake off that plane rust.

Sasha usually opts for Cross Fit type gyms, which feature more of a family type vibe. In this particular workout, she joined Sheamus on his YouTube channel.

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8Chilling With The Family

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It really isn’t a secret, Snoop Dog and Sasha are cousins. Banks admitted in several interviews in the past that she always looked up to her cousin from a younger age.

We get a rare glimpse of the two spending time with one another in the studio. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see Snoop sing Sasha’s entrance theme once again in the near future.

7Early NXT Days

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She didn’t use The Boss gimmick from day one during her NXT days. Like lots of other talent, Sasha had to find herself early on, working with veterans like Emma, as we see in the pic above.

Banks would also form a stable alongside Summer Rae and Charlotte. Soon after, The Boss character was created and as they say, the rest is history.

6Fan Interaction

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Okay, so maybe Sasha isn’t the biggest advocate for fan interaction at the airport. She has spoken about this in the past and has even put fans on blast via Twitter for approaching her.

We understand that at a certain point, you just want your privacy. However, with the stardom comes a lot more attention, something most WWE stars learn to understand.

5Getting Hitched

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The couple tied the knot in the summer of 2016, in what was a private outdoor ceremony. Banks and Mikaze, both rarely spoke about the night, deciding the keep it private.

Some WWE stars took part in the festivities and of course, that includes Bayley, the two are inseparable backstage.

4Rental Car With Bayley

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Their friendship isn’t just for show, the two are very close and that continues to be the case year after year. They were caught leaving the arena together, in a rental car by the fans.

They grew a close bond together with NXT, changing the women’s division together with an unforgettable match at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn.

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3Role Model To Other Talent

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The tide has turned and nowadays, Sasha is a role model to younger talent trying to make it in the business.

Although she has a bad reputation with the fans, the opposite holds true when meeting other talents in the business. It is also said that Sasha is great when the meet and greet is organized and not in some random airport.

2Making Her Return

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She finally returned to the ring after a lengthy hiatus, following WrestleMania 35. Lots of fans thought we’d seen the last of Sasha Banks.

WWE documented her return on the Chronicle special. She was extremely nervous prior to the return – prior to the comeback, she embraced both Vince and Triple H.

Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Rare pictures and video online