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Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Real life photos and video paparazzi

Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Real life photos and video paparazzi 5 Wrestlers Loves (& 3 She Doesn’t)

Who does “The Boss” Sasha Banks love when it comes to wrestlers? And who isn’t on the SmackDown Women’s Champion’s love list?

The return to the top of the women’s division for Sasha Banks has fans excited about her future in the company. Banks has always been a strong performer going back to her time in NXT with a strong run on the main roster at the start of the women’s evolution. The outstanding in-ring work along with her character evolution gave WWE another top star.
RELATED:Alexa Bliss WWE Top 15 photos and video online GIF | Real life picturesSasha has had a few noteworthy stories about her interactions with others in the wrestling industry. Many performers developed bonds with her by either working with Banks or enjoying what she brings to the table. Others would find issues to create tension publicly or privately. The following wrestlers are either loved or disliked by Sasha.

Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Real life photos and video

8Loves: Roman Reigns

Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns

The stories of Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks saw them both working from the WWE developmental system to the main roster. Banks was always a big supporter of Reigns and often stood up for him when fans would insult him on social media.

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The time working together saw them developing a friendship behind the scenes. Sasha has praised Roman in interviews many times for her respect for his work in the ring and his presence in the locker room offering help to her and others.

7Does Not: Booker T

Booker T in WWE

The recent quotes of Booker T have shown his criticism towards Sasha Banks for her on-screen work. Booker believed Sasha was missing something from getting to the next level which led to her responding she was better than him partially in character.

The two had a strange interaction on Talking Smack with Booker claiming he was “testing” Banks. Booker doubled down on his dislike a few days later, claiming he doesn’t like Sasha on his radio show. Banks holding her ground shows that she doesn’t care to mend fences with Booker’s attitude rubbing her the wrong way.

6Loves: Kalisto

Sasha Banks and Kalisto

Kalisto and Sasha Banks developed a friendship from their time in NXT to the main roster. The duo lived close together in Florida and often shared pictures on social media spending time together on their rare off days.

Banks has always been fond of the high-flying wrestlers and the skill set of Kalisto saw them sharing that bond. Both wrestlers also listed some of the same influences in their careers like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.

5Does Not: Alexa Bliss

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss

The most public instance of Sasha Banks not liking a wrestler was Alexa Bliss. Both ladies traded insults during their time on the main roster after a few awkward moments in NXT. Bliss suffered an injury in a match against Banks that many believe started the tension.

Sasha has called out Alexa for being a phony behind the scenes and pretending to be lifelong fan of the industry for clout. The most memorable moment featured Banks claiming that Bliss didn’t know the difference between Matt and Jeff Hardy when cutting a promo on Raw Talk.

4Loves: Naomi

Sasha Banks and Naomi

Sasha Banks became friends with Naomi during her start on the main roster when forming a faction together with Tamina. All three ladies loved working together as the Team BAD stable feuding with PCB and Team Bella.

Banks enjoyed getting to work with someone as kind and talented as Naomi with many compliments thrown her way. The WWE fan base rallying behind Naomi on social media following bad booking has seen Sasha stating her support as well for the underrated star.

3Does Not: Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba Ray Dudley

The Busted Open Radio podcast of Bubba Ray Dudley has seen him making his opinions known as he fades out of relevancy in the industry. Sasha Banks was criticized by former hated heel Bubba for her rant about the fans who show up at the airport in the early mornings asking for dozens of autographs.

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The fans in question are the ones who typically resell which caught the ire of Banks when getting called up to the main roster. Bubba singled Sasha out and made comments about her needing to show more humility. Banks has never spoken out publicly about Bubba, but she held her ground for her opinion afterwards.

2Loves: AJ Styles

Sasha Banks and AJ Styles

The signing of AJ Styles by WWE saw many wrestlers on the roster wanting to work with him. Sasha Banks has been a diehard wrestling fan and still watched shows from outside of WWE after she signed her contract.

Styles’ work in New Japan was specifically praised by Banks before he joined the company. The two formed a friendship with Styles having a reputation for offering advice to those who want it. Sasha has expressed happiness whenever on the same brand as AJ and even once called him the best wrestler in the world.

1Loves: Xavier Woods

Sasha Banks and Bayley play video games

The members of New Day instantly developed a friendship with Sasha Banks due to having similar interests. Xavier Woods had the closest association to Banks thanks to her appearances on his Up Up Down Down.

Sasha’s shared love of video games, anime, and various other interests allowed her to continue appearing on the show. Woods and Banks have become close friends as she’s among the more frequent guests on his program. There was even a fun instance of Woods cosplaying as Sasha at a convention.

Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Real life photos and video paparazzi

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