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Over the years, Sasha Banks has built an empire for herself and accumulated quite the fan base. These pieces of art have been created in honor and as tribute to her phenomenal career and the influence she has had on aspiring wrestlers. Below is a list of pieces that encompass the most important elements of Sasha’s career and how fans perceive them.

Sasha Banks WWE Top 10 Fan Art Pieces and video online

10Four Horsewomen

This piece of art encompasses some of the strongest and most successful female wrestlers. It captures the match between tag teams Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch Vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks. This moment was monumental for women’s wrestling as it brought together a powerhouse of wrestlers that hadn’t shared a ring since their time in NXT.

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This Fan Art by Andrew Powers is a playful depiction of the comradeship between the wrestlers, despite being in the midst of a competition. Carefully capturing the attitudes of each women, this piece is a tribute to Sasha Bank’s influence in WWE.

9The Queen

A key aspect of being a good Diva is walking the line between savage and suave. Sasha Banks is a prime example of both a reigning champion and a reigning queen of style.

This art work is an elegant tribute to the ruler of the ring. LNG has created a stunning piece that reminds the fans of how powerful and sensational Banks is in the ring.  It captures all the grace of royalty with and dash of the brutal Banks.

8All In One

From Becky Lynch’s vibrant hair to Alexa Bliss’ pink punch, the women of wrestling know how to catch the eye with not only their skill but their style. Whether it is a crazy character trait or wild moment on camera, each wrestler likes to be known for something unique.

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Sasha Banks has made her hair a large part of her gimmick by making it is as fierce as her flare in the ring. A stunning tribute to the many bold colors of Banks.

7The Evolution

Over the course of time Sasha Banks has transformed herself into the Diva fans have come to love. WTFGFX has perfectly laid out Bank’s evolution in becoming the wrestler we know today.

As her success came to fruition and she became a fan favorite, Sasha evolved into a polished Diva. This piece of fan art evokes both nostalgia for her origins in wrestling and an excitement for what is coming for Banks. The detailing is almost as crisp as Sasha in the ring.

6Sasha’s Got Mail

A humbling and humanizing moment for Banks was when she received a piece of anonymous artwork from one of her many fans. Connections such as this between a celebrity and their fans are few and far between.

The piece is a combination of two championships photos taken of Sasha Banks and Eddie Guerrero. On many occasions, Banks has accredited her love and passion for wrestling to Eddie. Sasha has been a massive Guerrero fan and claims that he is where she finds her inspiration for wrestling.

5Legit Boss

Not princess, darling, or honey; she is the BOSS. Sasha prides herself on her assertiveness and outright authority and power she has in the ring.

Banks wears her studded ring set and glasses almost anytime she makes an official appearance, and over time it has become her thing and a defining factor of her gimmick. This artwork done by Muge Art captures Bank’s fierceness and legit boss energy that follows her every step of the way.

4Bayley Tag Team

This fan art depicts the Boss and Bayley teaming up for what became one of the most important matches for women wrestling.  WWE has had its challenges getting it’s women’s divisions up and running, however, this match was monumental in pushing women’s wrestling to the next level

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This piece is a tribute to Bayley and Sasha’s teaming up for the inaugural Women’s Tag Team championship, which they ended up claiming. This is a moment deserving of the immortality of Fresco’s art.

3Finn Balor Fan Fiction

Fans support their favorite Divas and Superstars in many different forms. Whether they show up to matches, send mail, or make fan accounts, they will always find a way to show their dedication.

A major piece of this culture is fan fiction. Developing plot lines and unlikely scenarios is a way for fans to interact with their favorite wrestlers. A lot of hype was created around these two as an ‘impossible love affair’; their chemistry caused a lot of welcomed drama. Who knew posting such an innocent piece of fan art by Oniwanbashu would cause so much intrigue.


Sasha Banks has been wrestling since 2010, and since her WWE debut in 2015, she won the Women’s Title 4 times and was apart of the inaugural Women’s Tag Team match. Throughout her career, she has acquired quite the collection of championships.

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This piece of art ties together her iconic orange gear, Banks studded jacket, and the women’s championship belt. Comic Vine’s Dave4u2 created this perfect depiction of the vibrancy Sasha has brought to the ring throughout her career and the success she’s accumulated.

1Signature Stance

The famous stance. It doesn’t matter where Banks is walking from, who she is talking to, or what is about to come; she will also strut the legit boss stance. One hand up and one fist punching out has become her stance.

ChaoticColor has captured and recreated a perfect depiction of the infamous stance. If there is any piece of art the wholly encompasses this wrestler, it is this piece. From the hair color, the legit boss rings and her two-toned gear are telltale signs that the Banks is near.

Sasha Banks WWE Top 10 Fan Art Pieces and video online