Sasha Banks has been one of the best women’s wrestlers in WWE since she signed with the company in 2012. She has provided some of the best matches on WWE programming and always makes fans take notice when she is on their TV.

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Throughout her career, she has made her name as being the fan’s biggest hero or the fan’s worst enemy, and on of the most special things about Banks is that she is great in both roles. She has proved she can’t be trusted, providing some of the most treacherous acts seen in the women’s division, and, on the flip side, she has done many heroic acts in the past.

Sasha Banks WWE Top 10 Most Treacherous Acts photos and video

10Heroic: Supporting Bayley Against Stephanie McMahon

On the February 20th, 2017 edition of Monday Night Raw, Bayley was confronted by Stephanie McMahon, who tried to convince her to relinquish her Raw Women’s Championship after controversially winning the title the week prior.

It seemed like Bayley was about to do it, but then Sasha came out to have her friends back. She stood up to her boss and told Bayley to not listen to the “garbage” Stephanie was saying. Bayley ended up listening to Sasha and not relinquishing the title.

9Treacherous: Attacking Paige After Their Match

On the September 13th, 2013 edition of NXT, Sasha Banks took on NXT Women’s Champion Paige in a hard-fought match. Banks would end up losing the match and became frustrated.

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Paige attempted to shake Sasha’s hand after the match as a sign of respect, but Sasha refused and attacked Paige when she turned her back. This was Banks’ first heel turn and ultimately brought fans the version of Banks that she became famous for.

8Heroic: Saving Asuka From Absolution

On the December 11th, 2017 edition of Monday Night Raw, Absolution was in the middle of beating down Asuka after they took out her opponent Alicia Fox. That is when Sasha Banks’ music hit and she led the Raw Women’s Division out to save her.

Banks and her newfound companions made there may to the ring and stopped the attack. They made Absolution retreat and Asuka was saved from suffering too much damage.

7Treacherous: Attacking Bayley Backstage

For many weeks, the friendship between Sasha Banks and Bayley was on thin ice, and then on the March 26th, 2018 edition of Monday Night Raw, it fell apart.

Sasha was trying to extend an olive branch to Bayley, which she didn’t accept, and this led to an argument that ended with both Sasha and Bayley taking jabs at one another. When Bayley turned around to walk away, she was grabbed from behind by Sasha and was attacked by her so-called friend.

6Heroic: Stopping Team BAD From Attacking Becky Lynch

On the February 1st, 2016 edition of Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks had a match against Becky Lynch. Banks and Lynch were in the middle of a good battle when Sasha’s Team BAD teammates, Naomi and Tamina got involved.

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Sasha would go on to stop Naomi and Tamina from attacking Lynch, knowing it wasn’t right and wanting to do it herself. This signaled the start of Sasha’s first run as a face on the main roster which turned out to be very successful.

5Treacherous: Setting Tamina Up For An Attack

On the May 1st, 2020 edition of SmackDown, Tamina was in the middle of doing an interview when Sasha Banks interrupted. Sasha would go on to explain to Tamina how important she has been to her career and extended an olive branch.

This would all turn out to be a setup, as Bayley would try to attack Tamina from behind, and then Sasha would join in. Sasha is a talented deceiver, a trait that helps to make her such a good heel, and her partnership with Bayley only makes her better.

4Heroic: Defeating Alexa Bliss And Nia Jax By Herself

Sasha Banks teamed with Bayley on the July 3rd, 2017 episode of Monday Night Raw to take on the very dangerous team of Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. During the match, Bayley was injured and had to be taken to the back, which left The Boss to go at it alone.

Sasha fought valiantly and courageously against Nia and Bliss and ended up coming through with the win. This is not only one of the most impressive victories of Sasha’s career, but one of the most impressive in the entire WWE in recent memory.

3Treacherous: Attacking Natalya And Becky Lynch In Her Return

After WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks took a hiatus from WWE, and no one knew when or if she would be back. That was answered when Sasha made her much-anticipated return on the August 12th, 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw.

Sasha interrupted Natalya while she was giving a speech about her late father. She made her way to the ring and hugged her, and then after Natalya turned her back on her she attacked. She first brutalized Natalya before Becky Lynch came down for the save and then she attacked Lynch with a steel chair.

2Heroic: Helping Bayley Win The Raw Women’s Championship

In the main event of the February 13th, 2017 episode of Monday Night Raw, Bayley challenged Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship. It looked like Bayley was about to win the title when she locked Charlotte in the Figure Four. This caused Charlotte’s protege Dana Brooke to get involved and rake Bayley’s eyes without the referee seeing.

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Sasha Banks then came down to even the odds and help her friend. She took Dana Brooke out, and then hit Charlotte with her crutch, allowing Bayley to hit the Bayley-To-Belly and win the Championship.

1Treacherous: Betraying Bayley Inside The Elimination Chamber

During the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber 2018, Sasha Banks and Bayley were in a good spot, with the two friends being two of the final three competitors left along with the defending champion Alexa Bliss.

Bayley and Sasha were working together to eliminate Bliss to ensure one of them would become champion. But, in the end, it turned out Sasha had other plans. It looked as though she was going to help Bayley onto the top of a pod, but, instead, she kicked her off, turning on her friend for the first time. This shocked everyone who was watching and was one of the most treacherous moments in the history of the WWE Women’s Division.

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Sasha Banks Hottest WWE Top 10 Most Treacherous Acts photos and video