Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans are two of Hollywood’s most prestigious actors, and rightfully so! The two gained massive notoriety after joining the MCU nearly a decade ago to play the roles of Black Widow and Captain America.

While you may know their friendship mostly from their time working on the ‘Avengers’ franchise, both Chris and Scarlett have worked together on a handful of films prior. From ‘The Perfect Score’ to “Nanny Diaries”, ScarJo and Chris go way back, and their relationship is proof of just that.

There is no denying that Chris and Scarlett are two peas in a pod, and we certainly cannot get enough of it. When it comes to their friendship, there isn’t anything we’d change. Here are 15 facts that we know about these twos off and on-screen friendship.

Scarlett Johansson And Chris Evans Love Story photos and video online

15Their First Movie Together Was Over 16 Years Ago

Scarjo Chris Evans The Perfect Score

Many fans of ScarJo and Chris Evans might think that the MCU is the first time these two incredible actors have worked together, but that’s not the case. Scarlett and Chris both worked together for the very first time back in 2004 on ‘The Perfect Score’, which was released over 16 years ago.

14They Do Not Mind Kissing On Camera

Chris Evans ScarJo Kiss

Despite being friends in real life, both Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans have managed to keep things cool when it comes to kissing on screen. The duo has had to share a smooch a number of times, including their moments as Black Widow and Captain America, and luckily for the two, they know how to keep personal and professional life separate.

13They Have A Lot Of Back & Forth Banter

ScarJo Chris Evans Banter

If there are two people who joke around the most in Hollywood, it is without a doubt Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans. The duo is known to constantly joke around on set, or during a film promo tour. Their back and forth banter is unparalleled and proves just how close these two are.

12ScarJo Convinced Chris Evans To Join The MCU

ScarJo Black Widow Chris Evans Cap Ameirca

ScarJo and Chris Evans have been some of the best MCU castings ever! We could not picture anyone else playing Black Widow or Captain America other than these two, however, it appears we almost didn’t get Chris Evans. When it came time to Evans being offered the role, Scarlett told Variety that she spoke to him about it, and went back and forth on the pros and cons ’till he finally agreed to it!

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11They Consider Each Other To Be Like Brother & Sister

Scarjo Chris Evans Brother & Sister

After working together for over 10 years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone, it is no secret that these two share quite the bond. Despite the never-ending dating rumours, Chris Evans and ScarJo have been able to set those aside and focus on their friendship, which has turned into a close enough bond where the two considered each other to be brother and sister.

10Chris Evans Took Things Too Far One Time

Chris Evans Apologizes For Black Widow Comments

Although Chris Evans can do no wrong in our eyes, it appears he took things too far during a press interview alongside cast member, Jeremy Renner. After being asked by an interviewer about Captain America’s relationship to Black Widow, Evan and Renner decided to answer in a joking way, the used misogynistic slurs to shame Black Widow. This obviously didn’t go over well with anybody, leading to the two’s apology, says LA Times.

9ScarJo Wants Chris Evans To Perform In Musicals


While this may sound like a joke, it is certainly not! After both working together for over 16 years, both Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson have gotten exceptionally close, so much that ScarJo has plans for Chris’ future. The actress has voiced her opinion about her wanting Chris to join a musical as his next career move. The star claims that because he is so “strong and manly”, it would be something that people would least expect and want to see happen.

8They Make Sure Their Characters Stayed In The Friend Zone

ScarJo Chris Evans MCU FriendZone

Although actors are given one job, it appears Chris and Scarlett have gotten a lot more comfortable with MCU writers. When it comes to Black Widows and Captain America’s on-screen relationship, both Evans and Johannson played a role in ensuring their characters remain completely platonic and “in the friend zone”, says ScarJo.

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7They Both Love To Prank Each Other

Chris Evans ScarJo Ellen Prank Scare

If there is one thing thee two are known for both off and on set, is pranking one another! Chris Evans declared a prank war on ScarJo years back when they first started working in the MCU together, and it has yet to end. Evans took things to an all-time high after scaring Scarlett during her ‘Ellen Show’ interview, which definitely takes the cake.

6Chris Evans Played A Role In ScarJo Getting Her Own Movie

Black Widow Captain America Movie

After becoming the world’s most loved superhero, Chris Evans held a lot of power in the MCU, and rightfully so! While he doesn’t control the entire franchise, it appears as if Chris had a big role in ScarJo scoring her very own Black Widow movie. Chris openly discussed just how great an actress ScarJo is, and how he thinks she’d be great at starring in her own flick, and as it turns out, Disney agreed!

5They Both Adore Children

MCU Characters With Kids

Considering both Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson play on-screen superheroes, there is no denying that they have a huge number of children looking up to them. Despite having a child of her own, ScarJo and Chris Evans both love kids, the two are extremely natural when it comes to being around kids, and have expressed their desire to expand their already existing families or start a family of their own.

4They Make Each Other Laugh Non-Stop

ScarJo Chris Evans Laugh

If they are not pranking one another, lifting each other up or having a blast on-screen, then you bet that Chris and Scarlett are always making one another laugh. Their co-stars have commented on just how much these two get one another going, and it happens while shooting scenes too!

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3They Ignore The Dating Rumours

ScarJo Chris Evans Dating Rumours

Despite everybody and their mother wanting these two to be a real thing, it appears as if we won’t be getting any ScarJo and Chris Evans action ever. Both actors have allegedly made a pact to ignore the rumours and not let it affect their friendship, which they have both clearly executed brilliantly.

2They Both Shaped Their On-Screen Characters

Chris Evans ScarJo INterview

After taking on the role of Black Widow in 2010, and Captain America in 2011, both ScarJo and Chris Evans have had a hand in shaping their on-screen characters. While an entire team of writers gets down to the nitty-gritty, both stars have mentioned that they are always advised and provide their own ideas when it comes to a new film.

1They Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Chris Evans ScarJo Friendship

Despite the ‘Avengers’ series coming to an end last year after ‘Endgame’, it does not look like Chris Evans or ScarJo and their unparalleled friendship is not going anywhere anytime soon. The two remain closer than ever and have revealed that they don’t think there will ever come a time where they aren’t in each other’s lives.

Scarlett Johansson And Chris Evans Love Story photos and video online

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