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Shevchenko Olga ‍biography photos videos | Instagram (olya shelby)

Shevchenko Olga ‍biography photos videos | Instagram (olya shelby)


Shevchenko Olga ‍biography photos videos | Instagram (olya shelby)

Olya Shelby

is a famous Ukrainian singer, actress, blogger, and also a member of Dream Team House. The girl became famous thanks to the series School, where she played the role of Tanya.

Full name Olya Shevchenko
Nickname Olya Shelby
Date of Birth December 18, 1998
Place of Birth Ukraine , Slavutych
Age 21 goals Sagittarius by horoscope
Growth 168 cm
The weight 48 kg


Age where you were born. Olya Shevchenko (real name) was  born   on December 18, 1998 (now she is 21 years old). The place of birth was the small city of Slavutych, which is located in  Ukraine .

Now the girl lives in Moscow and has recently become a member of the Dream Team House (joined on November 15, 2020). According to the sign of the zodiac – Sagittarius, nationality – Ukrainian.

Height and weight . The growth of the tiktoker is 168 cm, and the weight is 48 kg.

Education . Olga combined classes at school with dancing, drawing, journalism, and also visited a modeling agency in her free time.
Trying to be active in all endeavors, she did not know what she wanted to devote her life to. But by the age of 15, the girl began to seriously get involved in vocals and after graduation she entered the Institute of Arts.

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Fame . The first breakthroughs in creativity occurred in 2018, after the release of the song “Me and your cat”. It was the debut song that brought the girl little fame and the first fans. In the same year, she received the role of Tanya in the TV series “School”. This role brought Olya not only wide popularity, but also presented a new image.

Appearance . From birth, the young star was a brunette, but having started experimenting with hair color, at the age of 18 she settled on a red color. All her life, the girl avoided dresses and shoes with heels, preferring pants and sneakers.
The image of the heroine from the series greatly influenced Shelby, he liked not only her fans, but also liked the girl herself.
Now you can observe a graceful and feminine style that suits the tiktoker very much.

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Songs . At the end of 2020, Olya has already recorded several songs: “Me and your cat”, “To the sky”, “Hear”.

Personal life . The girl hides some facts from her personal life, it is only known about her relationship with Dima Yevtushenko, who is part of the Magick Five channel team.

Interesting Facts

  • Since childhood, she has been trying to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle, thanks to which she has never had problems with being overweight.
  • She became a deputy of the organization “The Future of Slavutych” as a high school student.
  • Became the 15th member of Dream Team House.



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Shevchenko Olga ‍biography photos videos | Instagram (olya shelby)

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