For the most part, wrestling is meant to be taken seriously, with this being seen as a combat sport between great athletes. However, as any WWE fan will know, that isn’t always the case, as the company often likes to cram in lots of funny moments that don’t always quite work out.

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This can lead to some very embarrassing storylines and moments that simply make people cringe to watch. Whether it’s a mistake, an accidental comment, or just a story idea that is so stupid that fans cannot take it seriously, there are moments that don’t make WWE look good. SmackDown has had its fair share of cringeworthy and embarrassing moments, which fans may have tried to block out of their memories.

SmackDown WWE OMG Moments History photos and video

10A Tranquilizer Dart

Big Show and Kurt Angle

How do you take down the World’s Largest Athlete? With a tranquilizer dart, of course. Big Show is obviously a huge wrestler, so the idea of taking him down isn’t easy, but Kurt Angle shooting him with a tranquilizer dart was just ridiculous.

It took things to a whole new level and was certainly an embarrassing moment as this felt like Big Show was being treated like an animal in a zoo and while him being shaved bald was a fun payoff, the build to it was ridiculous.

9Matt Morgan’s Stutter

Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan had all the potential and ability to be a huge star in WWE. He had the look, the in-ring talent, and the ability to cut a convincing promo. So naturally, WWE turned his gimmick into someone with a serious stutter.

Whether it was an attempt to get cheap laughs from people or to try and make Morgan sympathetic wasn’t really clear. However, what was obvious was that this gimmick was embarrassingly poor.

8Edge Tortures Paul Bearer

Edge and Paul Bearer

During Edge’s feud with Kane, Paul Bearer quickly became a big part of the storyline which led to some ridiculous moments. Edge ended up kidnapping Bearer, and as the babyface, went around torturing him throughout the evening.

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The Rated R Superstar launched a fake version of Paul down some stairs while he threw dodgeballs at him in a wheelchair. It was all about mind games, but it was just very silly.

7Piggy James

Piggy Jame

Heels being bullies is something that always happens and that makes sense as it gives fans a reason to dislike them. However, the Piggy James angle was a step too far and just opened up a world of bullying and fat-shaming that was really unpleasant.

It was an embarrassing storyline that WWE felt it could get away with, yet all it did was just offend countless people. It was clearly something those involved didn’t feel comfortable with either, and overall it became one of WWE’s worst storylines.

6Al Wilson’s ‘Death’

If you ever forget just how far women’s wrestling has come in WWE, go back and watch the storyline between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson. This heavily involved Torrie’s father, Al, who ended up being married to Dawn in a storyline.

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As part of this angle, Al Wilson was killed and it is the manner in which that happened that was ridiculously embarrassing. It came through Dawn Marie sleeping with him, with the excitement bringing an end to his life which, of course, led to a brawl at his funeral.

5Natalya’s Farting Problem

Natalya Farts

It is quite well-known that Vince McMahon enjoys toilet humor, but that doesn’t mean that it translates well into storylines. Natalya’s run having farting problems was a brilliant example of that.

She would randomly pass wind backstage in segments while others stood and stared at her. It was a really stupid storyline that did nothing for anyone, in particular, Natalya.

4Dog Food

Roman Reigns and King Corbin

This is a very recent example of a terrible storyline that was truly embarrassing and left fans scratching their heads, questioning why they watched the product. Roman Reigns and King Corbin feuding could have been interesting as two physical wrestlers, but that wasn’t the case.

Instead, dog food became the most important part of this story. Pouring big batches of it over the top of each other was something that left everyone frustrated, as the stakes were just so poor that it was impossible to take it seriously.

3Al Snow Eats A Dog

Al Snow

Everyone remembers Al Snow for carrying around the head, but during SmackDown’s early moments, he switched that out for a small dog. He carried Pepper around as part of his gimmick and Al Snow entered a feud with Big Boss Man that would certainly be embarrassing.

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Things ended up going to the next level when Big Boss Man brought Snow into his hotel room and they shared a meal. Yet Boss Man had somehow killed Snow’s dog and then forced him to eat it without him knowing. It’s an angle you have to really see to believe as it’s so ridiculous, yet it did really happen.

2Boogeyman Eats Jillian’s Mole

Boogeyman and Jillian

Everything about this storyline was embarrassing and was WWE at its absolute worst. The Boogeyman was supposed to be a scary character who did crazy things, and that was showcased when he ate the massive mole on Jillian’s face.

The mole itself was a huge, ridiculous looking piece of make up that was a stretch too far for anyone to find believable. So when he simply just ate it off her face, fans were just left laughing at WWE, hoping their friends didn’t ask them about why they watched this particular moment

SmackDown WWE OMG Moments History photos and video