Stephanie McMahon has been a part of the WWE as long as most modern wrestling fans can remember. She has proven to be a force both in front of and behind the camera over the years. If you watched WWF during the Attitude Era, you know how big of a role she played in many storylines.RELATED: Sasha Banks entrance news movie photos and videoThese days, Stephanie is better known for her work in the corporate aspects of WWE than her work in the ring.  And she has had a lot of positive impacts in that role. But not everything Stephanie McMahon has done was a great idea.

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10QUESTION HER: Who Is Vince McMahon’s Better Offspring?

Stephanie McMahon WWE

Both Stephanie and her brother Shane have played a big role in their father’s company over the years. Each one of them has grown up in front of the camera to an extent.

But Shane was gone from WWE for a few years while his sister hung around. Reputedly, this was because of bad blood between the siblings. Shane ended up being the one who left, though he did eventually make his return to WWE. If the backstage stories are true, their relationship is still quite awkward. Regardless, those were a few years that fans didn’t get to see Shane awkwardly fall off of really high objects.

9GENIUS: Saying No To Bad Vince Ideas

Stephanie McMahon WWE

Stephanie has had a lot of questionable on-air moments over the years, not to mention some truly terrible storylines. But this is WWE and everyone involved has had bad on-air experiences. Stephanie is no different. Thankfully, she did reject one idea her father had for her.

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During one of her pregnancies, Vince apparently suggested a story that involved either him or Shane turning out to be the baby’s father. Stephanie threw a flag on the play and shut that idea down before it went too far. Fans should be eternally grateful to her for that.

8QUESTION HER: “B+” Daniel Bryan

Stephanie McMahon WWE

Possibly the biggest storyline in the last decade or so of WWE was Daniel Bryan’s fight against The Authority. On-screen, they didn’t see him as a main event player and did everything they could to keep him down. Despite the odds, Bryan rose above them and became a double champion at WrestleMania XXX.

But the story was very close to reality. Stephanie and Triple H initially did not believe in Daniel Bryan, and reputedly concocted the whole concept to prove Bryan didn’t belong in the main event. Fans didn’t buy it, and he became a top dog with their support.

7GENIUS: Award Winner

Stephanie McMahon WWE

Stephanie has picked up numerous awards over the years, not including her incredibly dubious reign as the WWF Women’s Champion. As the Chief Brand Officer for WWE, she has been a huge part of the company, pushing it further into charity work than it ever had before. This has helped their corporate image.

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While these awards don’t necessarily resonate with wrestling fans, they do speak to the caliber of her work behind the scenes. Stephanie is someone who certainly deserves to be taken seriously in the boardroom.

6QUESTION HER: The Authority

Stephanie McMahon WWE

When an angle runs its course, everyone involved should be ready to let it go. Unfortunately, the WWE has a nasty habit of beating dead horses until they’re virtually unrecognizable. This was certainly the case with The Authority.

While it was a good heel faction headed by Stephanie and Triple H, the concept ran its course long before it came to an end. It worked until it didn’t. The husband and wife duo should have moved on much sooner but at least they eventually did.

5GENIUS: Women’s Evolution

Stephanie McMahon WWE

The Women’s Division in WWE is one of the key elements keeping the company on top of the business. Some of the best matches in the last 10 years have been women’s matches.

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Stephanie was part of the push behind the scenes to get female competitors more screen time and better matches. Through NXT, Triple H also played a huge role in this evolution, fostering an environment for the female wrestlers to succeed.

4QUESTION HER: Women’s Evolution

Stephanie McMahon WWE

That being said, Stephanie’s contributions to the Women’s Evolution movement have been overstated in the past few years. Her initial attempts to jumpstart the Revolution that became an Evolution landed with a thud. This was due in no small part to her trying to be at the center of it, which made no sense.

In the end, it was The Four Horsewomen of WWE and a variety of other women in NXT who organically pushed the entire division forward. Still, WWE documentaries about that time tend to place Stephanie square in the middle of events she may not have been involved in.


Stephanie McMahon WWE

The “Be A STAR” anti-bullying campaign has proven to be an incredibly successful program for WWE. Its main focus is fostering an environment of inclusion and respect in all aspects of life and stamping out bullying.

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While WWE doesn’t always practice what it preaches backstage at shows, the intent of the program is still honorable. Stephanie has been the face of the campaign for years, bringing in many WWE Superstars and other notable figures to help promote and implement the program.

2QUESTION HER: The Chyna Saga

Stephanie McMahon WWE

For quite some time, Triple H and the late Chyna were on-screen partners as well as a romantic couple backstage. That all changed when Stephanie came into the picture. As many people know, she and Triple H have been married for years and have a family together.

Both Triple H and Stephanie have said in the past that their relationship began after Triple H and Chyna’s relationship ended. Chyna disputed that, reportedly claiming that Stephanie broke them up. Regardless of the truth, it was a messy situation involving two prominent wrestlers as well as the daughter of the owner of the company.

1GENIUS: Connor’s Cure

Stephanie McMahon WWE

Connor Michalek was an eight-year-old child fighting cancer. He had a huge impact on several members of the WWE family, particularly Stephanie, Triple H, and Daniel Bryan. Connor’s passing in 2014 was a huge blow for many in WWE.

Stephanie and Triple H were inspired by Connor to help support pediatric cancer research. They created Connor’s Cure, an organization that raises awareness and funds for said research. With the support of the WWE Superstars and Universe, Connor’s Cure has done a lot of good work under Stephanie’s supervision.

Stephanie McMahon Hottest Top photos and video online BIO