Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are wrestling’s power couple. The two were paired in an onscreen romance in the fall of 1999. Sparks flew between the two and before long they began dating in real-life. In October 2003, Triple H and Stephanie married. The couple lives in Stamford, Connecticut with their three daughters. Aside from raising their children, the couple is also busy running WWE and will take over the company one day.Triple H and Stephanie’s love story is well-known, especially the stuff with Chyna. However, there are some things fans don’t know about their past love lives. For instance, fans may not know that Stephanie thought Triple H was involved with another WWE star when she first met him. For today’s article, we’re going to take a journey back in Stephanie and Triple H’s lives. So let’s see some facts about their love lives before the couple met each other.

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14Triple H Had A High-School Girlfriend

Long before he met Chyna, Triple H had another girlfriend. Although her name was never revealed, Triple H did mention her in his 2005 book Making the Game. Triple H’s girlfriend would often accompany him to his wrestling training and tryouts. Following the couple’s break up, Triple H put his focus on pursuing his wrestling career.

13Triple H And Chyna Trained At The Same School

In the early ’90s, Triple H began his wrestling training at Killer Kowalski’s school in Massachusetts. While at the facility, Triple H met fellow classmate Joanie Laurer aka Chyna. The two began dating in 1996 and in the years to come, fans would become familiar with their onscreen and offscreen relationship.

12Stephanie Wasn’t Allowed To Date Wrestlers

Vince has always been protective of his children, especially Stephanie. He had a rule that his children weren’t allowed to hang out with the talent. For Stephanie, Vince was adamant that she didn’t date any wrestlers or any other employees in the company. As fans know, Stephanie didn’t follow her dad’s advice.

11Triple H Helped Get Chyna Hired

Triple H played a big part in Chyna’s WWE career. Of course, she debuted as his bodyguard and later became a member of DX. But if it hadn’t been without Triple H’s help, Chyna may never have been hired.

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After some convincing from Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon decided to sign Chyna.

10Chyna And Triple H Kept Quiet About Their Relationship

Chyna was already dating Triple H when she signed with WWE in 1997. But early on, the two kept their relationship a secret. In her autobiography If They Only Knew, Chyna explained the reason for keeping it a secret is because she didn’t want the other wrestlers thinking she was using Triple H to further her career.

9Stephanie Thought Triple H And Shawn Were More Than Friends

Triple H and Shawn Michaels‘ friendship has spanned over 20 years. Fans love the bond the two men share. However, Triple H’s wife Stephanie once thought the men were more than friends.

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According to Stephanie, when she first saw the two, she believed they were a couple instead of good pals.

8Chyna Didn’t Get Along With Triple H’s Mother

Family has always been important to Triple H. Early in his career when he was traveling from city to city, he’d call his mother to tell her he arrived safely. Chyna didn’t like Triple H constantly calling his mother and thought he was a mama’s boy. This was just one of the many issues plaguing the couple’s relationship.

7Vince Thought Stephanie Should Marry Someone Like Triple H

Before Stephanie started dating Triple H, Vince thought the two would be perfect for each other. According to Stephanie, she and her father were having a conversation when Vince mentioned that she should marry someone like Triple H. This is one piece of advice of her father’s that Stephanie did follow.

6Triple H And Chyna Were Featured In A Documentary

During the height of their popularity, Triple H and Chyna were featured on the MTV documentary series True Life. The episode focused on Triple H and Chyna’s careers as wrestlers. The cameras followed the two at work and on the road as they traveled to the next stop on their schedule.

5Stephanie Was Dating Someone Else

Wrestling fans know that Triple H was involved with Chyna before Stephanie came along. But what most people don’t know is that Stephanie was dating someone else before her real-life relationship with Triple H started.

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In an old interview with Howard Stern, Stephanie revealed that she was with another man prior to dating Triple H.

4Triple H And Chyna Disagreed About Children

While Triple H and Chyna seemed happy together, like other couples they had their problems. One of the issues that plagued their relationship is their disagreement over having children. Being a dad was something important to Triple H, but Chyna was against the idea of having kids.

3Chyna Revealed Details About Her And Triple H’s Love Life

Every wrestling fan knows about Chyna and Triple H’s relationship. However, Chyna went a bit further when she revealed details about her love life with Triple H. She made a few references in her autobiography, and when the couple broke up she spilled details about Triple H to radio host Howard Stern.

2Test Was Stephanie’s First Onscreen Romance

Stephanie’s been involved in plenty of romantic angles throughout the years, but her first onscreen romance was with Test. Their onscreen relationship began in 1999 and would later lead to an engagement. However, on the night of their wedding, Triple H interrupted to reveal that he had drugged Stephanie and married her.

1Engaged Rumors

Triple H and Chyna started dating in 1996 and their relationship started to get more serious as the years went by. Chyna moved into Triple H’s home in New Hampshire and there were rumors the two were engaged.  However, the couple broke up in 2001 after Chyna discovered Triple H and Stephanie’s affair.

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