Stephanie started as a 13-year-old modeling for the WWE catalog. In the ‘90s, she would start working for the company as a receptionist and Accountant Executive at the HQ in New York. In ’98, she was thrust into the mix on-camera and by the end of ’99, she was already among the more hated villains after siding with Triple H.Along the way, she would grow both on-screen and behind the scenes, becoming a force with the company. As Triple H would admit on WWE Backstage, Stephanie is next in line to run the company;

“When this is all said and done, if you take Vince out of the equation, Steph is the WWE, in every level. She is the family of it. She is the heart of it. She is the soul of it.”

On the following list, we’ll take an in-depth look at her evolution with the company, as a teen modeling to her days in a corporate role behind the scenes.

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13First WWE Job

Stephanie McMahon throwback
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Stephanie posted this photo to Twitter – she made mention that it was her first official WWE gig, modeling the merchandise for the magazine.

McMahon was 13-years-old at the time of her first work with the company. She would continue on in high school and university, earning her diploma before returning to WWE once again.

12’98 On-Screen Cameo

Stephanie McMahon and stone cold throwback
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Following her graduation, Stephanie started working for WWE at the head offices in New York. She wore many hats at the time and that included receptionist and Accountant Executive.

Her first appearance was alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, as the Rattlesnake asked Stephanie if she had seen The Undertaker. It was a subtle cameo, likely getting her comfortable for what was lying ahead.

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11The Innocent Daughter

Stephanie McMahon debut
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Surprisingly, it wasn’t Vince that made the call to have his daughter debut. Another Vince was backing the idea, Vince Russo that is.

Stephanie got her start in early ’99, playing the role of an innocent babyface alongside her dad. She would get involved in a feud that featured the Corporate Ministry, with The Undertaker as the lead on the other end.

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10The Heel Turn

Stephanie McMahon turning heel
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In mid-December, on the heels of the year 2000, Stephanie made a shocking heel turn, siding with Triple H against her own father.

It changed the landscape of the business completely, as Stephanie and Triple H became the dominant heel figures in 2000, they were coined as the McMahon-Helmsley Era.

9The End Of Her Heel Run

Stephanie McMahon and chris jericho throwback
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Stephanie’s heel run came to an end in 2002, entering WrestleMania X-8. She worked alongside Chris Jericho, the Undisputed Champion. The two feuded with a babyfaced Triple H who was fresh off a return from a quad injury.

Stephanie was at the prime of her villainous ways at the time – she drew heat like no other talent could in the company.

8Stephanie Revamped

Stephanie McMahon smackdown gm
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Stephanie’s hiatus in 2002 would only last a couple of months. She returned in July, completely revamping her look and character, becoming the GM of SmackDown.

As the GM, Stephanie seemed to be a babyface with the audience. We also saw a different side of her, as she was very flirtatious with some of the talents, likely all due to the fact that she needed to fit with the times during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

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7Final Run In 2003

Stephanie McMahon no mercy ppv
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This was Stephanie’s final MATCH for a while. Following her defeat to her own father, we wouldn’t see McMahon on television permanently for nearly a decade, aside from a few cameos.

McMahon had other plans out of the ring, marrying Triple H just a week after her defeat. The power couple would start a family, adding three daughters into the McMahon-Levesque household along the way.

62005 Return

Stephanie McMahon blonde
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Stephanie would make a few returns along the way. One that caught fans completely off guard was in 2005 when she returned rocking a new blonde look.

McMahon took part in a segment alongside Stone Cold at the RAW Homecoming show. We all know how the segment ended, with Stephanie on the wrong side of a Stone Cold Stunner.

5Pregnant In 2006

Stephanie McMahon and HBK
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Another different version of Stephanie, this one coming in 2006 when she played a part in a storyline alongside HBK, pretending to be ill from her pregnancy.

That was a tame storyline at the very least. Vince wanted to push the envelope even further, pitching a storyline that would reveal him as the father of Stephanie’s child. Thankfully, Stephanie turned down the idea and we don’t blame her.

4Finally Back

Stephanie McMahon with triple h
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A couple of years prior, she took part in a storyline alongside her husband and Randy Orton. However, she would finally return for good in 2013, reprising the role of a bossy villain as a member of The Authority, alongside Triple H.

It didn’t take long for Stephanie to hear the boo-birds. She played a pivotal role in Daniel Bryan’s epic rise on the road to his championship victory at WrestleMania XXX.

3Back To Being GM

Stephanie McMahon raw GM
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Whether fans like it or not, the McMahon family brings in the viewers. Stephanie was a draw as the GM back in the Ruthless Aggression Era and thus, she was slotted in the position once again in 2016.

Mick Foley was also added to the equation as the two worked alongside one another briefly.

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2WrestleMania Debut

Stephanie McMahon WM 34
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After two decades of being an on-screen talent, Stephanie would finally make her WrestleMania debut in 2018. It was her first match in four years, the last taking place at SummerSlam.

Stephanie thrived in the spot, succeeding on the goal of making Ronda Rousey look like a million bucks.

1Present Day

Stephanie McMahon WM 36
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Nowadays, Stephanie has taken a backseat to the action, rarely appearing on-screen, and doing most of her work at the corporate office in Stamford.

Given the current lockdown, she’s spending most of her time at home, educating her children – providing them with some homeschooling during these tough times.

Stephanie McMahon Hottest Paparazzi photos and video online BIO