She started off working at the head office over in New York. It was Vince Russo that pitched the idea of Stephanie making her debut on camera – she went from a part-time act to one of the greatest villains of the 2000s.However, due to WWE suppressing these moments, Stephanie took part in several forgettable segments during her time, especially early on. On this list, we’ll go through a bunch of those – surely Triple H would agree that most of these need to stay in the past.In addition, we’ll also take a look at some of Stephanie’s edgier moments from the past – again, Triple H wants us to ignore those throwback segments.

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15Flirting With Rob

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Looking back, both Stephanie and Triple H won’t be too thrilled with this segment, featuring Stephanie doing some flirting with RVD, while getting snubbed.

Stephanie closes off the segment saying she was good at doing favors… According to the rumor mill, WWE also considered a romance between the two, though RVD would ultimately decline.

14Cringe Dog Segment

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The buildup between Jericho and Triple H, centered a lot around the rivalry between Stephanie and The Game instead.

It featured lots of forgettable moments, like Triple H and Stephanie sharing custody of their dog. WWE tried to use the scenario as added heat, especially at the end when the dog had an incident with a limousine, because of Y2J… not the most thought-out segment.

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Stephanie had a few weddings during her time in WWE, both didn’t go as planned. The first, was meant to elevate Test, though all it did was make Triple H an even bigger star, while Stephanie also received a huge push from it.

On the road to the wedding, we saw some forgettable throwback moments, including Stephanie spending time with her bridesmaids.

12Proposing To Test

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Fans might forget, especially because WWE never replays this segment or talks about it – but it was Stephanie that proposed to Test during an episode of RAW.

The moment was well-received by the crowd, however given the way everything turned out in story, it turned into an irrelevant moment and one WWE wants us to forget.

11Flirting With Jericho

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These two had a lot of questionable skits behind the scenes. Although they were partners, some indicated that there might have been more.

Bruce Prichard confirmed this rumor, claiming WWE was planning an angle that saw Jericho constantly chase Stephanie – though Stephanie would have no interest and pursue RVD instead. That could have made for an entertaining storyline.

10Moments With Kurt

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We counted at least five segments between these two in the past, in which things got a little too flirty, especially for Triple H’s liking.

Now, this rumor was nor confirmed or denied, however, it is said that Triple H was the one that put a halt to this on-screen relationship.

9Verbally Abused By Her Husband

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Speaking of moments WWE won’t show us again, we can add this one to the list, featuring Triple H having some choice words for his future wife calling her a, well, we can’t really say, this is a PG site!

The verbal abuse would continue as Triple H endured a babyface run at the time, while Stephanie stayed as the biggest villain in the business.

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8On Howard Stern

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Nowadays, Stephanie certainly would not appear on such a show. However, despite her younger age, even back then, Stephanie was such a great talker, despite the numerous touchy questions that were thrown her way during the interview.

Years later, she would climb up the WWE ranks as the brand ambassador, a crucial position for global expansion.

7Put In The Ring With Brock

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Not only was she cornered by Brock on an episode of SmackDown but making matters worse, her dad was the mastermind behind the idea. This was during Stephanie’s final days as the leader of SmackDown.

The segment was an uncomfortable one, as Lesnar cornered Stephanie. We won’t see anything similar in the current era.

6Rivalry With Sable

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This rivalry featured everything Triple H wanted to move away from as it pertains to the women’s division.

The feud between these two was filled with edgy drama backstage along with catfights, both in and out of the ring. Hunter moved away from those days and we can safely say it was all for the best.

5Putting Over Cena

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Nothing wrong with Stephanie putting over John Cena, it was just the way this segment played out. Looking back, it is more than forgettable.

The crowd totally ate up, as Cena gave Stephanie a gentle spanking. It truly was the Ruthless Aggression Era, we really can’t see than ever happening again.

4Women’s Title Run

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Speaking of moments that Triple H would rather keep on the DL in the ring, what about that time Stephanie held the Women’s Championship? Not for a couple of days but actual months…

It just showed the state of the women’s division at the time, in complete disarray. When speaking about former champions, Stephanie is never mentioned.

3GM Run

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With Paul Heyman running things behind the scenes, SmackDown was at its prime during this era in the early 2000s.

Stephanie would also switch up her character, leading SmackDown as the GM. She kicked things up a notch in terms of her flirtatious ways and provocative outfits – both WWE and Triple H want us to forget about that.

2Halloween Costume

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This was arguably Stephanie’s steamiest ensemble in the history of her WWE run. The moment took place on a special Halloween edition of SmackDown.

Although most fans remember the night, Stephanie has said otherwise. She closed the show off by kissing Eric Bischoff, she called the moment the most regrettable from her entire career.

1Pregnant Angle

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Of course, during her pregnancy, Vince felt the need to include Stephanie in the story. Thankfully, Stephanie stepped in when things almost got way too far.

It is said that McMahon pitched an angle that would reveal him as the father of Stephanie’s child. Although Stephanie goes along with most of her dad’s antics, she pulled the plug on that one real quick.

Stephanie McMahon Hottest Love story top 15 photos and video BIO

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