As the daughter of Chairman Vince McMahon, Stephanie has become a prominent figure in WWE. Of course like her father, Stephanie has been a feature regularly on television since the ’90s. Whether she’s a babyface or a heel, fans still pop for The Billion Dollar Princess whenever she comes out.When Stephanie’s not on television, she’s behind the scenes helping to run the company. As the chief brand officer, she’s one of WWE’s top executives. Part of Stephanie’s job consists of helping with WWE’s publicity and marketing. She’s come a long way from the shy girl that first popped up Monday Night RAW over 20 years ago.

Stephanie has experienced many changes in her personal and professional life. Her physical appearance has also faced many transformations throughout the years as well. Today, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane as we examine how much Stephanie McMahon has changed since the ’90s.

Stephanie McMahon 2003 Smackdown GM

Stephanie McMahon Hottest real life early years Rare pictures and video BIO


15WWE Debut

Stephanie made her WWE debut on an episode of RAW in a backstage segment with Stone Cold. A few months later she was part of a big storyline, which had The Undertaker kidnapping her to make her his bride. However, his plan was derailed when Stone Cold came to Stephanie’s rescue.

14Onscreen Romance With Test

Early in her career, Stephanie was placed in an onscreen romance storyline with Test. The two were set to have their wedding ceremony on November 29, 1999. Before the couple could say “I do,” Triple H came out to reveal that he and Stephanie were already married. The moment is considered one of the greatest in WWE history.

13McMahon-Helmsley Era

Stephanie got to show off her bad girl side when she turned on her father and aligned herself with her onscreen husband Triple H. Together the two along with a few of their friends asserted their dominance in WWE. Anyone who dared stand in their way received harsh payback from the couple.

12Women’s Champion

In March 2000, Stephanie got to hold one of WWE’s most prestigious championships. Stephanie became Women’s Champion when she pinned Jacqueline. Of course, she had some help from DX members to score the win. However, her luck would eventually run out when Lita defeated her, thus ending Stephanie’s 146-day title reign.

11End Of McMahon Helmsley Era

All good things must come to an end in WWE. In early 2002, fans saw the end of the McMahon-Helmsley marriage. After discovering Stephanie lied about being pregnant, Triple H dumped her at the altar.

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A scorned Stephanie unleashed her fury in the next few months as she sought revenge against her ex-husband.

10Smackdown General Manager

During the 2002 WWE Draft, Stephanie was appointed General Manager of Smackdown. She made the switch from heel to babyface as she battled RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff. The two would often fight over signing wrestlers to their brands. A majority of the time Stephanie would get the upper hand on her nemesis.

9Real-Life Wedding To Triple H

Stephanie’s onscreen romance with Triple H led to a real-life relationship. While their marriage combusted on WWE television, they continued to go strong in real-life. In October 2003, the two took the next big step when they married. Stephanie looked like a princess as she and Triple H exchanged vows in an elegant ceremony.


Stephanie and Triple H both wanted children, and two years after their wedding they began expanding their family. In 2006, Stephanie was pregnant with the couple’s first child. She made a few pop-up appearances on television, and if Vince had things go his way he would’ve turned Stephanie’s pregnancy into a WWE storyline.

7The Authority

After taking a break, Stephanie made her full-time return to WWE television when she and Triple H formed the stable known as The Authority.

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Together with Randy Orton and Kane, they set out to rule the RAW brand and keep fan favorite Daniel Bryan from becoming champion. The group got major heat as they kept attacking Bryan every week.


Throughout the years, Stephanie has had many roles at WWE. Early on, she was head of the creative team, where she was responsible for storylines. These days Stephanie’s new job is the chief brand officer. Her responsibilities include helping to build WWE’s reputation by doing public relations and partnering with new advertisers.

5SummerSlam Match

It’d been nearly 11 years since Stephanie’s last match in WWE. At the 2014 SummerSlam PPV, she returned to in-ring action she faced off against Brie Bella. Stephanie proved she still had the moves as she destroyed her opponent. In pure McMahon fashion, Stephanie had to resort to heelish tactics to win.

4Media Rounds

Being the chief brand officer, Stephanie is always doing the media rounds. Often she can be found giving an interview for a magazine or news show, where she discusses WWE’s plans for the future. Other topics Stephanie tends to discuss is the importance of women breaking barriers in a male-dominated business.

3Women’s Revolution

After receiving criticism about the female wrestlers not receiving enough airtime, WWE created a Women’s Revolution. Stephanie got the movement going by announcing the arrival of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks to the main roster.

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Since then Stephanie has gone on to reveal many historic moments for the division, including a Woman’s Royal Rumble match.

2Red Carpet

WWE stars are always getting invited to red carpet events. Stephanie and Triple H attend awards shows and other premieres to represent WWE. Last year, the couple was all smiles as they attended The ESPYS. Later in the evening, they joined Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch to watch the broadcast.


Stephanie is known for being a wrestling figure and executive, but her greatest role is being a mother. She and Triple H are the proud parents of three daughters. Unlike other parents, the couple tries to protect their children’s privacy. Even though Stephanie’s career keeps her busy, she always makes time for her daughters.

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Stephanie McMahon Hottest real life early years Rare pictures and video BIO