In the late ‘90s, Vince McMahon made the bold decision to make his daughter debut on the program. It was the right call as Stephanie fit in perfectly, serving as one of the better heels for over a decade.We’ve seen her character undergo many twists and turns throughout the years. During the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era, things were different for Stephanie, as she had an edgier character. Looking back, some of those outfits and antics just wouldn’t fly in the current era.In this article, we’ll strictly look at those types of pics, featuring photos of Stephanie Vince wouldn’t want to show the younger audience, especially given that the product is PG.

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Stephanie McMahon Hottest Top pictures and video online PAPARAZZI

16Flirty GM

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She pushed the boundaries during her run as the GM on SmackDown. It was an edgier Stephanie and dare we say, a flirtatious one.

We rarely see WWE show the fans footage of her GM run in the early 2000s and the overall edginess might be the biggest reason.

15Halloween Costume

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Stephanie calls this moment the most regrettable one from her entire career. During an episode of SmackDown, Eric Bischoff showed up dressed as Stephanie’s dad, which only made everything else that much more bizarre.

The segment ended with a kiss between the two GMs, one Stephanie, and the WWE won’t show us again.

14Bikini Workout

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A throwback picture featuring Stephanie McMahon training in a bikini. Surely, we won’t see something similar again. She was working a photoshoot alongside trainer Joe DeFranco and Triple H.

Stephanie remains in remarkable shape in her 40s getting most of her workouts done in the comfort of her very own home.

13The Blue Dress

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We’ve seen McMahon with more than a few memorable dresses in the past. Especially during the Attitude Era, in the words of Jerry Lawler, she wasn’t afraid to show the “puppies.”

She toned things down in recent years, especially with WWE’s change in how they perceive women in their program. This dress, however, got everyone talking and it wasn’t suitable for a younger audience.

12Leather Pants

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She’s still grabbing our attention in the late 2010s, this time with a pair of tight leather pants – definitely not suitable for the PG era. Fans had some fun with the outfit via Twitter, nothing gets passed the WWE Universe.

We haven’t seen Stephanie on television for quite some time, here’s to hoping she not only returns but brings back the outfit altogether.

11She’s Got Legs

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Move over Stacy Keibler and make some room for Stephanie McMahon. This is a throwback pic from the early 2000s taken backstage.

During that time frame, WWE was promoting an edgier product, SmackDown was soaring at the time with the likes of Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, and Sable pushing the envelope. Stephanie does the same in this candid shot with quite the wardrobe choice.

10Edgy Ring Attire

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During the same time frame, right around the early 2000s, WWE put Stephanie to use in the ring as well. Not only that but her ring gear caught everyone’s attention, let’s just say she wouldn’t be wearing this in the current era.

She was gone from WWE shortly after, getting hitched to Hunter and starting a family shortly after that.

9Commentary Work

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We can all admit, the commentary booth doesn’t look this good, especially nowadays. Stephanie played the role of a guest commentator on a few occasions. In this instance, her outfit of choice was the correct one for the Attitude Era but likely not the current era, which is PG.

She wore some edgy guest referee attire as well right around the same time frame.

8Promo With Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner entered the WWE with a world of hype. He got a huge ovation at Survivor Series in MSG, though after that, it was downhill.

A lot of his moments are cringe to watch looking back, and that includes this one, with Scott groping Stephanie in the middle of the ring. His match against Triple H was just as bad at No Way Out, it ended his push and he was out the door soon after.

7Women’s Championship Run

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WWE rarely mentions this but at one point, Stephanie McMahon was a Women’s Titleholder. She held the belt for a couple of months till she finally dropped it. Not the most memorable title run, especially for someone with a background in the ring.

Given all the talent in the division today, WWE wants to keep this title run on the DL.

6RVD Angle

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Oh, what could have been. The original idea for this one was to create a love triangle between Stephanie, RVD and Chris Jericho. The result would’ve seen Stephanie crushing on Rob, while Jericho crushed on Stephanie.

Ultimately, Van Dam refused the storyline as it would have made his wife uncomfortable watching from home.

5More Bikini Workouts

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This time she’s using a hammer which brings a smile to Triple H’s face. Another pic from her outdoor workout, alongside Hunter and DeFranco.

Stephanie would also work on a fitness DVD alongside the other WWE Divas. What WWE doesn’t tell us is how badly the DVD sales went…

4Fighting With The Family

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Vince loves to push boundaries, that was especially true during the late ‘90s and early 2000s. In this instance, he booked himself in a match against his daughter at No Mercy.

Heck, he even wanted to be revealed as the father of his daughter’s baby at one point… After the defeat, Stephanie was written off in storyline.

3Marrying The Game

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WWE weddings never go to plan. Stephanie can attest to that on a few occasions. This one won’t be replayed especially considering that Hunter basically drugged his future wife and she had no other choice but to marry him.

Shortly after, Stephanie would turn heel and become one of the best villains in the business.

2Cena & Stephanie Throwback

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This one is a bad look for WWE, especially when it comes to their younger fanbase. John Cena, who is a role model to millions of kids, spanks Stephanie McMahon at her request, the Brand Ambassador of the company.

Again, it was a different time with WWE pushing the envelope during the Ruthless Aggression era, one that saw Paul Heyman in charge behind the scenes.

1Pedigree Botch

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Hilariously, Triple H was the person behind this botch. As he went to hook Stephanie’s arm, out popped a bit of her chest area.

It was a rare wardrobe malfunction for Stephanie, though we’ve seen so many other Divas suffer from the same circumstances in the past.