Not every wrestler can get over to the point of being a main event star, as it simply just isn’t possible. There’s not enough time to give everyone a slot at the top, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t underrated wrestlers who deserve bigger opportunities. That has always been the case in wrestling and it still is today, with WWE’s huge roster not being able to accommodate everyone.

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There are a lot of top talents right now who aren’t able to get the opportunities they deserve, simply because WWE management doesn’t see anything special in them. There’s plenty of underrated wrestlers on the roster right now who’d be able to take their careers to the next level if given the proper push.

Superstars WWE Most Underrated Current Top 10



It’s been said before and it will continue to get said until Cesaro gets the World Championship push he deserves, but he is very underrated. Inside the ring, Cesaro is one of the very best in the world as he can truly do it all.

While his microphone skills might not be as strong as others, they’ve improved massively and he is able to be very entertaining. Cesaro always has a place on a card, because WWE clearly sees his talent, but sadly a lot of that is wasted by restricting him to the tag team division.


Sheamus' gimmick in 2020

Cesaro’s former tag team partner is another man who is very underrated in WWE. This is more so by the fans than WWE itself because people often don’t appreciate how good Sheamus is. He’s a true allrounder who can perform well in the ring and on the microphone.

Sheamus is a very physical wrestler who really lays his stuff in and that makes him compelling to watch. He’s aggressive and someone who should be taken seriously as a top main event contender, but the fans don’t see him in that way so he doesn’t get the push.

8Chad Gable

Chad Gable in the ring

Speaking of athletic in-ring ability, Chad Gable is a beast inside the ring. He should constantly be involved in the title picture because he’s that good. Gable is also hilarious and entertaining on the mic.

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He has tons of charisma which he happily showcased throughout his run with Jason Jordan. Gable just needs to be given the right time and storyline to shine, and there’s no doubt he will make it work.


Lana cutting a promo

Is Lana the best in-ring worker in WWE? No. It’s clear that she’s not, but what is also obvious is that she works incredibly hard to try and get better, and she has made huge strides inside the ring.

Lana throws herself into everything WWE gives her and always gives 110%. No matter how ridiculous the angle might be or what is asked of her, she always finds a way to make things entertaining and that’s a skill she deserves more credit for.

6Titus O’Neil

Titus O’Neil is a veteran of the WWE roster and someone who is barely ever used on television. He has a massive personality and is an excellent talker and that’s a skill WWE should be making the most of.

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Whether it’s working as a manager or putting him in the ring to be a dominant big man, Titus could easily offer more than he is doing. His charity work outside of the ring makes him an easy babyface, but WWE needs to invest the time to make fans connect the dots.


Carmella Smackdown Women's Champion

The wrestling world seems to have forgotten about Carmella over the past year, allowing her to fall into the underrated category of WWE’s roster. It’s a shame, because when she was a top heel as SmackDown Women’s Champion, ‘Mella was shining bright.

She’s great at working her gimmick and ensuring that people react to her in whatever manner she wants, whether that be cheers or boos. Plus, inside the ring, she is always entertaining which is why she deserves more credit.

4Robert Roode

Sure, Robert Roode always has a spot on the card for WWE, but he could easily be doing so much more. Just looking back to his time in NXT proves that, but even more so, his spell within TNA showed his ability as a main event talent.

Roode has a really old-school, methodical style and it’s one that makes him stand out. While his matches may not be fast-paced or flashy, they are very entertaining and build nicely. Plus, his promo ability is remarkable yet underutilized, which is why he deserves a serious singles run at some stage.

3Ruby Riott

Ruby Riott

This is one name that WWE management really needs to do a better job with. Ruby Riott has all the talent in the world and she should be a top member of the women’s division, yet that is rarely the case.

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The division is crying out for some fresh faces at the top which isn’t the usual suspects and Riott could fill that gap very easily. On the microphone, she’s confident and inside the ring her technique allows her to work with any style and guarantee a fun match.


Kalisto is a really talented wrestler and someone who can put on amazing matches with anybody. He is just often overlooked by WWE and not really give a storyline to sink his teeth into in order to showcase that.

As a singles star, there’s no reason why Kalisto couldn’t thrive and become a major name in WWE. His high-flying style is one that the fans love to see and he has a lot of personality to showcase as well.

1Akira Tozawa

Because he is always put into 24/7 Championship segments, a lot of fans have forgotten how talented Akira Tozawa is. As a wrestler, he’s very entertaining and, if he was given a more serious gimmick, there’s no reason why Tozawa couldn’t thrive.

He has amazing strikes and a very fast-paced style which worked really well on 205 Live. If he was able to have some more competitive matches he would be sure to connect with the fans and be taken more seriously, which is what his talent deserves.

Superstars WWE Most Underrated Current Top 10