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Tenderlybae biography photos videos | Instagram tiktok | age height

Tenderlybae biography photos videos | Instagram tiktok | age height


Tenderlybae biography photos videos | Instagram tiktok | age height

popular streamer who releases videos under the nickname Tenderlybae. Known for appearing in her videos wearing a half-face mask. Her Twitch channel has over a million fans and her videos have hundreds of thousands of views.

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Real name: Amina Mirzoeva Nickname: Tenderlybae

Occupation: Blogger Date of birth: May 5, 2002

Place of birth: Azerbaijan, lives in Moscow

Zodiac sign: Taurus Sign of the eastern horoscope: Horse

Nationality: Azerbaijani

Relationship status: Single

Income: No reliable data.

Childhood and youth

The future star grew up in a strict religious family. Amina’s name means “reliable, faithful.” When the girl was 5 years old, she and her parents moved from Azerbaijan to Moscow. The girl has an older brother, Ramiz, who sometimes appears in her videos. Amina grew up as an obedient and modest child. During her school years, due to her soft nature and shyness, she did not develop relationships with classmates and she often had to change her place of study. But from the 10th grade, the girl moved to a prestigious private school, where she no longer had problems with her peers.

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Alias ​​history

The pseudonym Tenderlybae is translated from English as “tender baby.” Baby is short for bae. Amina admits that this pseudonym reflects her essence, because the mysterious brunette is a very fragile and vulnerable girl with a soft character.
Present and creative plans for the future

Amina considers streams on Twitch to be her main activity. She tries to go on air 3-4 times a week to connect with her fans. On the streams, Amina notes that in the near future she would like to reveal herself as a creative person and record her own music album. Amina also plans to continue her education, in the summer of 2019 she entered the university with a degree in management.

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Personal life

Amina Amina was credited with an affair with blogger Vladimir Bratishkin. Mirzoeva and Bratishkin conducted joint streams and posted shared photos on social networks. But then Amina admitted that there was nothing between them, and the romance was played out to the public “for the sake of hype.” A young girl says that she does not have time for a relationship, because she devotes all her free time to live broadcasts, promoting accounts and studying. The star admits that she dreams of meeting her love and hopes that this will happen soon.


Amina prefers sporty style. Usually the girl wears voluminous sweatshirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts. The girl rarely wears dresses and shoes. The streamer loves bright manicure and black arrows, which have already become Amina’s hallmark.
Height 158 ​​cm Weight 42 kg Eye color Brown Hair color Brunette Tattoos No Plastic surgery None

Interesting Facts

Tenderlybae is a mysterious and multifaceted personality. We have collected the most interesting facts about the idol of the new generation. On Amina’s fifteenth birthday, her mother gave her a little kitten. At the family council, the name Zeus was chosen for him.

The girl loves her pet and tries to give him as much time as possible, walks around the city with him, buys various cat accessories. On streams, Tenderlybae often swears, but in everyday life the girl does not use swear words. Amina also has a negative attitude towards cigarettes and alcohol. The celebrity gives money earned on streams to his mother. Amina also helps her brother pay for his studies at the university, and the rest of the funds are transferred to a card for future education and buying a home.

The star is afraid of heights and admits that she would never have dared to make a parachute jump. According to the streamer herself, they don’t recognize her on the street without a mask, and she doesn’t feel her huge popularity in real life, unlike the virtual world.

Amina Mirzoeva is a vivid example of how you can achieve huge popularity in your youth. Thanks to her strong character and determination, the girl found her own style and was able to create a huge fan club. Hundreds of thousands of fans are constantly waiting for her streams and hang on her every word. The popularity of video blogger Tenderlybae is growing rapidly, and she is not going to stop there. The mysterious brunette plans to go beyond live broadcasts and make a musical career on the big stage.


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Tenderlybae biography photos videos | Instagram tiktok | age height

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