In an unexpected twist to the Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon storyline, The Undertakerappeared to save “The Big Dog” from a two-on-one attack on Monday Night RAW.

While Reigns tried to fend off both Shane and Drew McIntyre in a handicap match, the two would overwhelm the former Universal Champion and hit him with multiple finishers. Shane would hit Roman with a Spear, while Drew hits two Claymores. McMahon would go to the top rope to prepare for a Coast to Coast when the Undertaker’s iconic gong hits while the lights go dark.

When the lights come back up, Undertaker appears in the ring and chokeslams Shane McMahon. Drew tries to take out the Undertaker, but “The Deadman” throws him out of the ring.

Once Shane and Drew are on the apron, Undertaker helps Roman Reigns up to end the segment. Take a look at The Undertaker’s return below.