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TikTok has 100 million followers: who is Charlie D’Amelio

16-year-old Charlie D’Amelio in a year and a half on TikTok crossed the milestone of 100 million subscribers, thus becoming the most popular TikToker in the world

The life of Charlie D’Amelio from Connecticut, who, in her own words, “started dancing before walking,” changed dramatically in May 2019, when almost all of her friends downloaded TikTok. For a while, Charlie watched 15-second and one-minute videos over the shoulder of her friends, asked to download the ones she liked, and then she got tired of begging and registered herself on the social network. I didn’t immediately understand the format: the first videos with the dances were horizontal – the girl thought that it was important to clearly demonstrate the movements and they are best seen in this version.

On The Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie D’Amelio recalled “getting her phone torn from the first ninety likes.” It was on the way to the dance camp. Charlie sarcastically that she arrived there already with the full feeling that she took place as a star.

In another interview, the dancer admitted that at first she felt ill at ease: “At first there was a reaction like” Oh, are you shooting tik-tok? It’s weird “, so I tried not to talk about my new hobby. They were already starting to approach me on the street, asking for a selfie, and people around were surprised: “Where are you from? Why are they taking pictures with you?” I shrugged it off, they say, I don’t know myself, I’m just running social networks. Then my videos appeared in the recommendations of friends, and I gradually got rid of my embarrassment. ”

Soon D’Amelio began to proudly declare: “Yes, I’m a Tiktoker.” Uncomplicated dances (mainly Charlie uses his arms and body and does not introduce any movements new for tiktok dancers) instantly activated the subscriber counter: by November 2019, D’Amelio was already a millionaire. And soon she pulled up her older sister Dixie (45 million subscribers) on TikTok.

Although Dixie is 19 years old, the girls look like twins, which especially captivates the Zoomers. “Gen Z’s particular passion is siblings, especially twins,” explained New York Times chronicler and buzz specialist Taylor Lorenz. In terms of content, Dixie did not go far from her sister: she also shoots dances in which she looks a little squeezed, lyp-sync and her boyfriend Noah Beck (as you might guess, also a Tiktoker – he has 21 million subscribers).

By the way, Charlie is not alone: her heart was won by 18-year-old Chase Hudson, co-founder of the most famous TikTok house Hype House, whose sisters became residents in January 2020.

If you have read through the rest of the text and still have not found the answer to the question “What is the secret of the sisters’ frenzied popularity?”, Do not be surprised: this formula has not yet been derived. As The Atlantic wrote with reference to TikTok specialist Eugene Wei, “the more subscribers Charlie gained, the faster she became an irritant for other TikTokers, a kind of meme.”


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