Torrie Wilson getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame showcased just how important her impact was in the wrestling business. Despite not being a strong in-ring performer, Wilson thrived as a personality that was massively over in both WWE and WCW. The physical nature of wrestling wasn’t fun for Torrie by her own admission. Managing was the area she felt most comfortable and confident in portraying.We will look back at the ten wrestlers that had runs with Wilson as their manager. All the talents involved played a role in Torrie’s rise to superstardom since she needed wrestlers to represent. Some of the talents had strong chemistry with Wilson that led to huge success while others couldn’t find much success with her. Find how things worked out for all with the ranking of these wrestlers managed by Torrie Wilson throughout her career.RELATED:WWE Top 10 Superstar Dismissed photos and video online

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First Ever Bra & Panties Tag Team Match – (2001): Torrie Wilson &. Stacy Kiebler VS. Trish Stratus &. Lita

10David Flair

WCW tried everything to get David Flair over. Both Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson had stints dating and managing David since management thought the popular ladies would improve his standing. Flair was initially introduced during a heel turn on his dad to join the New World Order.

The story revealed Kevin Nash essentially hired Torrie to manipulate David into the act and joining the heel group. Wilson and Flair eventually branched out on their own as the nWo fell apart in 1999. There was little chemistry and David flopped immensely during this push.

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9Jimmy Wang Yang

The final few years of Torrie Wilson’s full-time run in WWE saw her battling injuries. Managing was pivotal for her to get television time leading to a few short-term ideas. One of them saw Torrie uniting with Smackdown’s Jimmy Wang Yang.

The partnership formed due to them having mutual enemies of the heels Victoria and Kenny Dykstra. Wilson only managed Yang for short time before their run ended. They didn’t get time to make an impact, but their short work together provided fun entertainment.

8Rey Mysterio

The success of the Filthy Animals faction in WCW allowed Torrie Wilson to find her first consistent role as the group’s manager. Wilson’s romantic storyline with Billy Kidman saw her join the group of Kidman’s close friends.

Rey Mysterio would get the help of having Torrie ringside for his matches. The boost was needed after WCW took away a lot of Mysterio’s appeal by unmasking him. Rey and Torrie formed a friendship behind the scenes that always made them enjoy working together.

7Shane Douglas

WCW hoped that Shane Douglas would find the same success he did in ECW on the bigger stage. Douglas was missing having a love interest valet like Francine that added to his overall act in the ECW main event picture.

Torrie Wilson was selected to turn heel on Kidman and align with Douglas as the new heel couple. It just never worked, and they lacked the chemistry needed to play a convincing pair. Wilson never was effective as a heel and that showed with her time managing Douglas.

6Billy Gunn

The long WWE career of Billy Gunn allowed him to have quite a few changes. One of his biggest additions would be receiving the managing skills of Torrie Wilson. WWE hoped to get more success from Gunn as a singles star this time with one of the most popular characters as his manager.

The two did have some chemistry and provided some entertaining segments. Their best run came in a feud against the couple of Jamie Noble and Nidia. Once that ended, the couple started to lose momentum and WWE ended their time together.

5Eddie Guerrero

Torrie Wilson only spent a short time managing Eddie Guerrero in WCW, but they had great chemistry. Guerrero was part of the original Filthy Animals faction and wrestled the most singles matches of the group. It led to Wilson appearing ringside for his matches along with the rest of the group.

One memorable moment between them came when The Revolution heel group abducted Wilson and kept her caged. Guerrero won a match to retrieve the key and save Wilson. The storyline was horrible on paper, but they both did a good job in expressing the emotion to get it over.

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WWE paired together Carlito and Torrie Wilson as a romantic couple when both were in need of a new storyline in the face roles. The duo had little chemistry, but they were each popular enough to make the on-screen romance matter in the grand scheme of things.

Carlito turned heel shortly after entering a feud with Ric Flair. One of his first actions was dumping Wilson in heartless fashion to start the new chapter of his character. Carlito even defeated Torrie in a singles match on Raw meant to get him more heat.


The run of the trio known as Vince’s Devils would see Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Victoria playing a heel parody of Charlie’s Angels. Each woman would have their own moments wrestling, but Torrie spent most of her time managing Victoria.

There is no arguing that Victoria was easily the best wrestler of the trio. Wilson enjoyed this chapter of her career working with her best friends and spending a lot of time managing. All three ladies remain extremely close to this day.

2Billy Kidman

Torrie Wilson’s career will always be linked to Billy Kidman when looking back at her success. The two were tremendous together in WCW. Their real-life romance added a lot more chemistry to the equation making it a perfect pairing.

Kidman achieved some of his best moments in WCW with his love interest managing him. WWE eventually paired them together again due to their real-life marriage, but the run ended shortly as their characters were placed in different directions.


The first huge storyline for Torrie Wilson in WWE saw her turn face to leave the WCW Invasion side. A relationship with fan-favorite Tajiri is what influenced Torrie to become the first WCW star to jump ship. Tajiri and Wilson had instant chemistry together leading to great entertainment.

The odd couple often took part in comedic angles. Heels would make it a point to attack Wilson at certain points to get in Tajiri’s mind which added more depth to his feuds. The eventual end would even have a great payoff as Tajiri become a terrible boyfriend made him an even bigger heel since everyone loved Torrie.

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