Torrie Wilson created a legendary legacy during her time in WWE and WCW. The 2019 Hall of Fame induction saw Wilson have her career honored in the ultimate manner on the biggest stage. Wrestling fans have strong nostalgia for Torrie’s time in WWE. The reactions for her occasional returns to WWE in recent years have been huge and as such, talk about her would never die down.RELATED:WWE Divas Who Are Notorious Flirts And Who Are Complete Prudes

In the time since, stories about Torrie’s work ethic and who she is outside of the ring have surfaced. Everyone has backstage gossip shared about them at some point when working for major wrestling promotions, and Torrie is no exception. From her early WCW days to her unforgettable run in the WWE, find out more about the legend with some surprising stories about Wilson behind the scenes.

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10Her Dad Asked To Ride With Vince In His Limo

Torrie Wilson’s real father, Al Wilson, was the person fans saw on television every week during the storyline with Dawn Marie. WWE wanted to have Dawn marry Torrie’s dad to make her life miserable as part of their feud.

Al enjoyed living the WWE lifestyle of being on television with millions of viewers watching. Recently, Torrie shared her most embarrassing story about Al’s WWE run by revealing he once asked Vince McMahon to give him a ride to the airport in Vince’s limo. Poor Al had no idea about the unwritten rules of wrestling!

9Kevin Nash Convinced Her To Join The Wrestling Business

The start of Torrie Wilson’s wrestling career wasn’t something she planned until it was offered to her. Kevin Nash had mutual friends with Torrie and noticed her in a fitness magazine. Using his connections and contacts, Nash soon asked about her interest in signing with WCW.

This was around the time WCW was handing out major contracts to anyone that wanted to join. Torrie took the risk of starting a new career path and instantly found success as a magnetic personality on WCW.

8Linda McMahon Awkwardly Watched Torrie’s Romantic Segments With Vince McMahon

Torrie Wilson’s WWE start was a bit more stressful than her WCW debut. Her first appearance on WWE television saw her trying to have a romantic moment with Vince McMahon during RAW. This, however, was revealed to be a ruse to set him up for the WCW Invasion storyline.

Plans called for Torrie to make out with Vince along with a few other romantic moments. What made the scenario even stranger was that Vince’s wife, Linda, was part of the bigger storyline, where she caught Vince in the act. Linda was there with the rest of the film crew as Wilson had to engage in romance with her husband just a few feet away.

7She Lived With Stacy Keibler During Her First Few Years In WWE

The close friendship between Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler still exists today. Keibler made her one WWE appearance since leaving the company to induct Torrie into the 2019 Hall of Fame class with a beautiful speech.

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Torrie and Stacy grew close in WCW and even closer when they joined WWE during the Invasion. The best friends lived together in the early 2000’s, sharing a Los Angeles apartment. It allowed them to also travel together when on the same WWE schedule.

6She Helped Gene Snitsky Get A Job With Alex Rodriguez

The personal life of Torrie Wilson saw her ending up in a relationship with MLB star Alex Rodriguez shortly after leaving WWE. Wilson even attended a few major WWE events with Rodriguez alongside her sitting in the crowd.

Another wrestling tie-in was Rodriguez hiring former WWE star Gene Snitsky as a bodyguard when he traveled to public events. Since Torried worked with Snitsky before, it’s highly likely that she recommended him for the job.

5She Was Caught In A Love Triangle With Billy Kidman & A Spirit Squad Member

Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson started dating during their time together in WCW. The couple got married at some point in WWE before they grew apart. Wilson began dating Spirit Squad member Mitch before the divorce with Kidman was official.

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The odd love triangle showed how fast relationships could change in the world of wrestling. Kidman and Torrie spoke positively about each other a few years after splitting up, but the timing of her relationship with Mitch had many fans shocked.

4WWE Turned Her Face Because She Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Torrie Wilson was always more natural in the face role instead of trying to play a heel. WWE introduced Wilson as a heel in 2001 since everyone from WCW played a heel in the Invasion storyline, but this didn’t really work for Torrie. The primary reason for this was because she couldn’t stop smiling.

A combination of her discomfort as a heel and fans cheering her no matter what convinced WWE to go with a face turn, which was a better fit for a smiling wrestler. Torrie spent most of her WWE run as a face, with only a short heel run in a faction.

3She Hated The In-Ring Part Of Wrestling

Even the biggest fans of Torrie Wilson would agree she wasn’t the most talented in-ring worker. The strengths of Torrie saw her thriving in the managing world along with the bikini contests and other stipulations that went with eye candy or comedy. The actual wrestling in pro wrestling just wasn’t her forte.

WWE phasing those matches out saw Wilson struggling towards the end of her run, since she didn’t improve like Trish Stratus or Lita did. The pain that came from wrestling along with various injuries saw Torrie admitting she preferred to have any roles outside of the ring in WWE.

2Macho Man Randy Savage Really Slapped Her In The Face

The storyline of Kevin Nash vs Randy Savage in 1999 saw Torrie Wilson getting involved. Nash abducted Savage’s girlfriend Gorgeous George with Torrie helping out. One strange segment saw Savage trying to find their location. Instead, he found Wilson laughing at him for not finding the right place with Nash and George.

Enraged, the Macho Man slapped Torrie with one of the rare instances of male on female violence in televised wrestling. This slap wasn’t planned and Savage did it on the spot, leading to fans feeling genuine discomfort with the segment.

1WWE Planned A Relationship For Her & Trish Stratus

Recently, Jim Ross revealed a big scoop on his podcast that a few important people in WWE wanted a storyline of Trish Stratus dating Torrie Wilson. Stratus was not happy about the idea and felt it would be done for the wrong reasons.

The unhappiness of Trish caused WWE to bail on the plans since she didn’t feel comfortable with their vision. Instead, WWE later went forward with a segment of Torrie making out with Dawn Marie. It was a middle ground of the idea they wanted with Stratus that never made it to television.

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