Can you imagine what the WWE Divas would have looked like if Torrie Wilson had not stumbled into the business a few years prior? In one her craziest and most life-changing moments, Torrie Wilson attended a WCW event in 1999 with her boyfriend as a fan. Following the show, she and her boyfriend managed to get backstage and hang out with the wrestlers. That was when she met Kevin Nash, who proceeded to offer her a job for the next few months in a storyline he had been working on. She happily accepted and the rest as they say is history.Since that very fateful night, Torrie Wilson has exploded into one of the most recognizable figures in pro wrestling and women’s fitness history. Her body was, and still is, a masterpiece and is proof that working out and taking care of your body can bring some amazing results. At 42 years young, she continues to impress us with her beautiful smile, long legs, and amazingly fit figure.

So let’s honour the gorgeous Torrie Wilson with the 20 hottest photos of the ageless wonder.

Torrie Wilson Indecent Proposal Match

Torrie Wilson Hottest WWE Top 20 moments Photos and video online

18Clothing Designer


After spending most of her life trying to be a world champion female wrestler, Torrie Wilson had larger ambitions for the future. She had other ideas and plans for herself besides simply being a beautiful woman in a bikini so she got together with a former WWE wrestler, Nick Mitchell, and the two formed a clothing line called, “Officially Jaded” in The Woodlands, Texas where she opened the first and only store.

Just two years later, the business had to shut down, officially closing the store in The Woodlands in 2009. The store originally closed to move to a larger location but never returned. She might not have a clothing store anymore but that does not mean she is still not going to try and open one in the future.

17Growing Up In Boise, Idaho


Long before the days of Fatal Four Way Bra & Panties matches and Wet T-Shirt contests, the beautiful former WWE Diva was just another girl growing up in the very spacious farm lands of Boise, Idaho where she knew very little about professional wrestling. She did not have cable as a child so she learned about wrestling as if she was waking from a coma 75 years in the future.

After watching her spend her entire career improving and growing into an international female wrestling icon, it is hard to believe that she did not grow up with the television blaring Hulk Hogan’s theme song or the early days of the WWF programmingthat started to hit the air waves on a weekly basis. When she finally left town and met a man that was into the sport, that led to a life as a Diva.

16Fitness Saved Her Life


Professional wrestling is more than just storytelling and championship belts. It is about an image that these wrestlers are portraying. They are living in a world of fantasy and a huge part of this fictional world is their looks. However, a pro wrestler’s appearance is not as important for the men as it is for the WWE Divas, who are constantly running around in string bikini’s and little skirts.

So when Torrie Wilson was in the WWE, there was constant pressure to stay fit and be perfect, which was not easy for her. As a young adult, Torrie battled anorexia and bulimia. It got so bad she even ended up in the hospital. Being front and centre on the WWE’s main stage on a daily basis made it tough for her not to dip back into another dangerous eating disorder. She got away from it by joining the Ms. Galaxy competition and training her mind and body to be perfect. That has helped keep her out of the darkness she once battled  through that almost cost Wilson her life.

15Inspiration To All Women Over 40


After retiring from the WWE in 2008, Torrie Wilson was 33 years old and was facing a new future for herself that did not involve prancing around in her skimpiest outfits while kissing other woman or mud wrestling other Divas.

She was still among the hottest names in the industry when she retired and that allowed her to get a few gigs on reality shows like “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”. But her biggest accomplishment following her retirement from wrestling was getting back into the pro fitness world. She has not only returned, she has embraced her time as a professional fitness model over the age of 40, making her someone to aspire to. She did not let the injury to her back or her age ever once stop her from doing what she loves to do most, which is stay fit.

14From Humble Beginnings


After growing up in Boise, Idaho, Torrie Wilson decided to pursue a career in acting, moving to L.A. in the process. Her story started much like anyone else’s story of becoming a superstar in Hollywood. She started taking acting classes and going to auditions but things were not progressing as quickly as she had hoped.

But then on a whim she decided to go to a WCW wrestling show with an ex-boyfriend, who was a huge wrestling fan. Following the show, she went with him backstage and got to meet some of the wrestlers including Kevin Nash, who suggested that she be hired to do a storyline with him at the time. The offer was real and she jumped all over it and in 1999 Torrie Wilson officially joined the professional wrestling world, debuting with WCW as a seductress for David Flair.

13FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women Of 2007


Since 1995, the British men’s magazine FHM has been listing the hottest 100 women in the world, calling it “FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women of…” followed by the year. It grew into a sensational list that featured the hottest female celebrities from all across the planet and was considered a good measurement of what people considered to be sexy that year.

In 2007, FHM finally decided to start adding female wrestlers on the list with the addition of Torrie Wilson, who debuted at number 43 on the Hot 100 list that year. It was not very long after she entered the list that other female wrestlers followed including Maria the following year in 2008.

12The Dawn Marie Lesbian Storyline


At the height of the WWE’s popularity in the fall of 2002, there was very little that the company could do wrong. Almost everything they created was a solid gold back then, including the time they decided to turn another WWE Diva (Dawn Marie) into a crazy stalker that was head over heels in love with Torrie Wilson.

The storyline was more than just a way to tease the audience with a lesbian relationship between two of the sexiest ladies in the business. It was the moment Torrie Wilson was propelled into international fame. It was the original storyline that helped get Torrie Wilson from being just a hot body to  a superstar in the business. It led to one of the most memorable moments in WWE Pay-Per-View history when the two Divas met in a hotel room and proceeded to kiss one another, sending ratings through the roof.

11The Magazine Photoshoot Queen


In October of 1997, Torrie Wilson made her debut on the cover of All Natural Muscular Development magazine. She was featured with a male model, promoting fat-loss and diet programs. Two years later, she appeared on the cover of Oxygen magazine in their March/April issue in 1999.

She continued her magazine cover success throughout April of this year when she popped up on Women’s Health & Fitness magazine. All told, she has appeared on the cover of over 39 magazines, with only 13 of them being for professional wrestling. Most of her cover appearances happened in fitness and men’s magazines. As she continues to defy all the odds and get more attractive with age, she will continue to get on the covers of these magazines. She is an inspiration to all and shows that age is nothing but a number.


9WWE Releases Torrie From Her Contract


On television, fans never noticed that something was wrong with Torrie Wilson during her final few months as a professional wrestler. They never noticed that her back was seriously injured and that it was causing her more pain than anyone can imagine during her matches. But she never once let that stop her. She would not disappoint her fans like that.

However, after one of her final matches ended, she immediately ran to Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace to let them know that she did not think she can wrestle anymore. For almost nine months prior to that incident, she was seeing chiropractors and specialists that were giving her epidural shots and anything else that could try to fix it to no avail. In the middle of 2008, she explained her situation to Vince McMahon and knew that she was done with wrestling for fear of crippling herself even worse down the road. They understood and granted Wilson her release.

8A Pro Wrestling Marriage


From being a fan in the stands to a wife to one of the men she watched wrestle that night, Torrie Wilson had quite the wild ride coming from the fields of Idaho. It was almost as if she was moving much too fast for her own good and started dating Billy Kidman for four years, shortly after joining the WCW.

On July 11th, 2003, however, the relationship between Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson became official and the couple got married. Sadly though, it lasted only 3 years before things spiralled out of control on both fronts. It got so bad that Torrie will not say much else about him besides, “I have absolutely nothing nice to say about that individual. His views and morals are very different from mine.” Kidman does not say much else about the situation besides that it really messed him up.

7Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!


Torrie Wilson was beautiful in anything she wore in the ring. But shortly after she arrived in the WWE, an idea came up that instead of simply dressing her up in skimpy outfits or tiny bikinis, she should start wearing costumes and participating in matches where costumes are required. What is hotter than Torrie Wilson wearing a bikini? The answer to that question is simple… a costume.

Torrie Wilson rocked each and every one. She dressed up as an All-American Girl for the Great American Bash, a pilgrim during Thanksgiving, and countless other costumes for various special matches including a cowgirl, cheerleader, schoolgirl, lifeguard, and then, on multiple occasions nothing but a bra and panties.

5Personal Time Off From Wrestling


In 2005, Trish Stratus returned to the WWE and immediately jumped into a feud with Torrie Wilson along with Ashley Massaro and Victoria. The battle between the four women ended up creating some memorable moments on Raw and led to an eventual Bra & Panties match at WWE Homecoming in which Torrie Wilson, Victoria, and Candice Michele took on Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro. It was the first time we got to enjoy a Bra & Panties match that was three on two.

Shortly after, following a WWE tour in Australia, Torrie Wilson disappeared from the WWE leading to rumours that they had fired her. The rumours were false and she released a message to her fans that she was not fired and she was simply attending to some personal issues. The most anyone could come up with was that it was related to a family member, but she would not say anything beyond that. She returned a few months later, joining Candice Michele and Victoria for a match on an episode of Raw.

4Simply… Flawless


Working out and staying fit is not an easy task for a human being. There are too many distractions and easier options than busting your butt and working out to force people to choose the harder one. But for Torrie Wilson, the idea of staying in shape and being a perfectly fit human being is much easier when you have a plan.

Torrie Wilson devised a plan for anyone to use called Diva Trim. It is a six-week program that tells you what to eat, what not to eat, gym workouts, cardio workouts, and several detailed workouts devised specifically for shaping your bikini areas. This book gives you a detailed description for getting your body in shape in less than two months. With a recognizable name like hers, people have already started lining up to order this new product from her.


2A-Rod’s Lover


Former MLB superstar, and New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez, started dating Torrie Wilson in 2011. It was one of those relationships that made everyone jealous. All men wanted to be Alex Rodriguez and all women wanted to be Torrie Wilson. They were like the Prom King and Queen of the country. It lasted three years until something came between them, causing the couple to break-up for good.

According to all of the reports at the time of the break-up, the split had something to do with Alex Rodriguez’s failure to commit to a relationship and his relationship with his ex-wife Cynthia, whom he remained close to for multiple reasons but mostly because the couple share two children. Whether it was simply Torrie Wilson being jealous of Cynthia getting all of his attention or that he was doing something else, we will never know. All we do know is that one of the sexiest couples in Hollywood separated in 2014.

1The Playboy Covers


This one is more of a celebratory throwback. One of the WWE’s most memorable moments was when Torrie Wilson made her debut on the cover of Playboy Magazine in May of 2003. It was the second time a female wrestler was featured on the cover of the infamous men’s nude magazine. Chyna made the first and only appearances before Torrie Wilson, in November of 2000 and January of 2002.

But Torrie Wilson being on the cover of Playboy was a huge deal that year. The WWE turned it into a storyline that they setup with a big reveal during an episode of SmackDown. It would go on to become one of the best-selling issues in Playboy history but that was before she graced the cover a second time. The second time was with legendary female wrestling Diva Sable, as the two women posed together on the cover, and in the issue, creating sales numbers that remain among the biggest ever, for a single month and issue.

Torrie Wilson Hottest WWE Top 20 moments Photos and video online