The wrestling career of Torrie Wilson ended over seven years ago but wrestling fans still remember her fondly. Wilson is one of the stars that found relevance in the final few years in WCW that would get signed when WWE purchased the company. The momentum of Torrie following her WCW success allowed her to break out to new heights of popularity in WWE. Wilson had the look WWE wanted from their female performers at the time. Fans loved her as well making her one of the top faces of the Women’s Division. Almost a decade of work in WWE gave her a legacy in the wrestling business.Following her retirement from the sport of wrestling, Torrie has remained in the news for various reasons. The life of Wilson is clearly rather interesting with stories from wrestling and real-life each making her a personality worth discussing. We’ll take a look at the life of Torrie spanning from her journey into the wrestling industry to her highly successful career to life after the squared circle. The career of Wilson in wrestling may be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate her. These are fifteen fun facts about Torrie Wilson you may not have known about.Torrie Wilson WWE Top Real Life Things You Didn’t Know About

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13Married Billy Kidman


The love life of Torrie Wilson would take off in shocking manner when she joined WCW. Torrie instantly connected with wrestler Billy Kidman backstage. The two started dating and quickly fell in love with each other. Wilson has revealed that Kidman helped calm her concerns and doubts about entering the wrestling business. Both wrestlers worked closely together and kept each other sane in the wild backstage environment of WCW.

Kidman and Wilson were two of the wrestlers to have a job in WWE after the purchase of WCW. The couple would get married while working together in WWE. It was rather impressive that their relationship lasted through two major companies and a merger of sorts. Kidman clearly was the luckier of the two in the romance as his career never took off like hers did.

12Was On Baywatch

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Torrie Wilson has made appearances on other television shows outside of the wrestling world. One of her first television appearances came as an extra on Baywatch. The show that often featured attractive women in swimwear reached out to Wilson since she fit the bill. Torrie wanted to get an acting career going in addition to wrestling like many others in the business but it never worked out.

The Rock starring in the recent film adaptation of Baywatch could have given Wilson another chance but they went for actors with valid experience. Torrie however will always have her moment of appearing on Baywatch. We would see her appear in a bikini many more times throughout her career as the WWE’s queen of winning bikini contests. Wilson appearing on Baywatch didn’t lead to much else in acting but it did help her add something cool to her resume.

11Kevin Nash Got Her A Job In WCW


The wrestling career of Torrie Wilson all started thanks to Kevin Nash being impressed with her look. According to Torrie, Nash noticed her in a fitness magazine and reached out thanks to having a mutual friend. This was around the time Nash started to get power backstage in WCW booking the shows. Nash reached out to Wilson and she joined the company.

During this time period, anyone to get signed by WCW was getting a six figure contract. Torrie was definitely not going to pass that up and joined the wrestling business with no experience. Despite the lack of knowledge for wrestling, she understood the business quickly enough to become an on-screen manager. The debut storyline saw her align with David Flair as a way to convince him into joining the New World Order.

10Was A Member Of The Filthy Animals

The relationship between Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson led to them working together as an on-screen couple in WCW. Torrie joined Kidman in the Filthy Animals faction with Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Konnan. WCW’s version of D-Generation X saw them play pranks on the other wrestlers with their juvenile sense of humor. The four wrestlers would have tremendous matches and Wilson was a great manager at the time.

Torrie started to stand out as a personality during her time in the Filthy Animals as Kidman’s girlfriend. It was a huge upgrade from having to work alongside the failing David Flair. The time in the Filthy Animals was among the most underrated and important of her career. If Torrie didn’t get the chance to be a personality and have fun performing, her WWE tenure may not have gone as well as it did.

11. Dated Member Of Spirit Squad While Still Married To Kidman


Torrie Wilson’s relationship with Billy Kidman unfortunately did not last in the long run. The married couple got divorced in 2008 ending their relationship after about a decade together. However, the weirdest thing about this is that Torrie started dating fellow wrestler Nick Mitchell of the Spirit Squad in 2006 while still married to Kidman.

The likely situation here is that Wilson and Kidman grew apart after he left WWE. She then fell in love with Mitchell while separated. Kidman and Wilson claimed to be on good terms after their breakup. Torrie dated Nick for five years until the couple split in 2010. It seemed fate would prevent Wilson from finding long-term happiness with a wrestler. Fans remember her time with Kidman more fondly than her tenure with Mitchell.

9Dated Alex Rodriguez For Years


The next relationship for Torrie Wilson saw her date her most famous love interest yet after she left WWE. Wilson started dating MLB Superstar Alex Rodriguez in 2011 to enter the high profile romance. Rodriguez was one of the biggest names in sports and a controversial figure due to his enhancement scandal. Torrie was spotted next to A-Rod during many of his lowest moments as a public figure.

Rodriguez and Wilson dated for four years and never hid it one bit. The couple even appeared together at a WrestleMania event. It was odd seeing Torrie in the crowd as a fan rather than performing in the ring. Wilson stated he was very misunderstood and a better person than anyone would know from his public persona. Rodriguez has somehow upgraded in celebrity lovers as he’s now dating mega-star Jennifer Lopez.

8Got Snitsky A Job With A-Rod


Gene Snitsky is a forgotten wrestler after his WWE stint. The most memorable stories for Snitsky saw him cause a miscarriage and develop a foot fetish. It comes to no surprise that he wouldn’t last long in WWE with such writing behind him. Following his WWE release, Snitsky tried his luck in various fields as well as continuing his wrestling career on the independent circuit.

Torrie Wilson apparently developed a friendship with Snitsky during their time together in WWE. The connection allowed Snitsky to get a job working as a bodyguard for Alex Rodriguez. Considering Rodriguez was one of the wealthiest athletes in sports, the pay for his security likely was very impressive. Snitsky only worked with A-Rod for a short time period but it most likely benefited his bank account quite well thanks to Wilson.

7Started Clothing Line


Many wrestlers try to branch out with business ventures when reaching the end of their WWE careers. Torrie Wilson did her best as well to launch a clothing line during the final year of her time in WWE. Officially Jaded was launched by both Torrie and her love interest at the time Nick Mitchell. The relationship between Wilson and Mitchell led to them merging their creative juices for the project.

They opened a store in the Woodlands, Texas hoping to find success that way, but it just never took off. From the outside looking in, the project appeared to be a bust. Torrie switched directions into convention appearances and other opportunities once the clothing line experiment was over. The Bella Twins are currently trying to launch a clothing line in hopes of ending the curse for female wrestlers in WWE doing this.

6Appeared On Girls Gone Wild PPV


One of WWE’s most questionable decisions came in 2003 when they decided to partner with Girls Gone Wild for a PPV. The Girls Gone Wild brand consisted of PPV and DVD releases of drunken young women flashing their breasts and other things while on Spring Break. It’s impossible to envision WWE partnering with a brand like that today, but times were clearly different about fifteen years ago.

The biggest selling point of the live PPV special was the promotion of Torrie Wilson stripping nude as advertised on Raw and SmackDown. Instead, the reveal was Nidia attacking Torrie before she could give the PPV audience a show. The bait and switch was meant to sell a storyline going down on WWE television. Wilson likely regrets ever appearing on this show.

5Didn’t Like Playing Heel


The majority of Torrie Wilson’s WWE career featured her playing the face character. Fans loved cheering for Torrie and she clearly loved the role. WWE would use her as a heel a handful of times and it just never felt right. Torrie was one of the first WCW wrestlers to turn face during the Invasion storyline. WWE couldn’t deny her genuine face tendencies and made the right call.

In various interviews, Wilson revealed she never felt comfortable playing a heel character and it was often the toughest part of the job. The heel trio of Torrie, Candice Michelle and Victoria did have a little success, but Wilson always looked out of place. Some wrestlers can only play one character role effectively. Torrie was one of those wrestlers as she did a far better job as a face rather than a heel.

4Hated To Wrestle


Despite being a highly popular wrestling personality, Torrie Wilson never enjoyed the actual wrestling aspect of the job. Most of Torrie’s WCW career was spent as a manager with very minimal in-ring work. WWE split the Women’s Division into two genres on Raw and SmackDown following the brand split during her prime. Wilson was the face of the original SmackDown Women’s Division which featured mostly bikini contests rather wrestling.

The rare matches would be torture for Torrie. One of the most important things in becoming a wrestler is having a high threshold for pain. Wilson stated in multiple interviews that she wasn’t blessed with that leading to lots of terrible moments during matches. The current Women’s Division revolves around the belief that the ladies should be allowed to have athletic matches rather than show skin. Torrie is one of the few that preferred it the other way.

4. Appeared On Jungle Reality Show


Torrie Wilson received one of her biggest opportunities when appearing on the reality series I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. The show was a competition between celebrities living in jungle conditions as the world looked on. Wilson was offered a spot on the show thanks to her fame on WWE television. This program aired on NBC and had mixed results with the ratings taking a dip as it went on.

WWE fans were treated to Torrie doing very well lasting all the way until the end. Unfortunately, she fell just short finishing in second place to winner Lou Diamond Phillips. Wilson showed toughness and lacked drama that the other celebrities brought to the show. It was a very nice opportunity for her career. If the show was produced better, Torrie may be a bigger star today thanks to it.

3You Likely Didn’t Realize She Was A Part Of Her Final Match


The end of Torrie Wilson’s WWE career came in 2008, but that wasn’t her final match. Wilson and WWE came to a mutual decision that she would be released in 2008 due to injuries bothering her. Torrie didn’t want to risk further injury and chose to leave. WWE gave her the opportunity to have one final match a year later at WrestleMania XXV in the “Miss WrestleMania” Battle Royal.

Many fans didn’t even get to see her since all of the women walked to the ring together as Kid Rock performed. We didn’t get a good look at the surprise names returning for one night only like Sunny, Joy Giovanni and Wilson. The elimination of Torrie came out of nowhere when active star Beth Phoenix tossed her out of the ring. A high profile name had her final match on the biggest stage and you probably didn’t even notice it.

2Al Wilson Was Her Real Dad


The most ridiculous storyline of Torrie Wilson’s career came when her rival Dawn Marie married Torrie’s father Al Wilson to get to her. During the story, Dawn convinced Al to get married in the middle of the ring after stripping to his underwear. The big ending to this was Al “passing away” on their honeymoon while having intercourse with Dawn. It delivered some of the worst comedy segments in WWE history.

A huge surprise from this entire ordeal was that Al was Torrie’s father in real-life. WWE gave her the option of bringing her actual father or hiring an actor. Torrie decided her dad joining her on television was a good idea and she’d regret it. The awkward segments and poor acting from Al just made it all the more difficult for her to get done. At least the paycheck stayed in the family.

1Real-Life Best Friends With Stacy Keibler


Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler developed a bond in WCW that would see them become lifelong friends. Both women were among the select few new stars to find success during the dying days of WCW. It led to WWE investing in both beauties as part of the show when WCW wrestlers joined the company. Wilson and Keibler portrayed rivals on television for many months but were the best of friends backstage.

They actually lived together as roommates for a few years during their time in WWE. Stacy and Torrie each relied on each other during tough times in wrestling and stayed closer afterwards. Wilson revealed they still talk all the time and have dinner together whenever they can. If either or both women enter the WWE Hall of Fame, the other is likely the person that will be selected to induct.

Torrie Wilson 18+ photos and video online WWE Real life BIO