Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the King and Queen of wrestling. The couple’s on-screen romance blossomed into a real-life relationship, and now they’re helping to run the WWE empire. As the daughter of Vince McMahon, Stephanie learned the ropes of running a company from an early age. Meanwhile, Triple H has transitioned from being a wrestler to being an executive.The two have been in the business for over 20 years. Whether they’re on television or working in the office, they’re always in the spotlight. Like other celebrities, the couple isn’t prone to having fans dig up old photos of them. Fans love to post old pictures of a wrestler from their childhood and their early days in the business. Triple H and Stephanie have lots of throwback photos that surfaced on the web. In today’s article, we’ll look at some throwbacks of the couple that are too good to ignore.

Triple H And Stephanie McMahon early years photos and video online

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15Triple H Childhood Photo

Often a childhood photo pops up of a wrestler. When fans view these pictures, they get a glimpse at how their favorite stars have changed over the years. Triple H’s looked like a sweet boy, however his signature smirk makes one wonder what type of mischief he got into as a kid.

14Modeling WWE Apparel

At a very early age, Stephanie began working for her father’s company. As a kid her first job was modeling for WWE apparel. In this throwback from her modeling days, she smiles for the camera as she shows off the latest shirt and headband from the popular tag team Teh Rockers.

13Early Wrestling Days

Triple H began his wrestling career in the early ’90s. His appearance back then is different from what fans see today. Of course he had his signature long hair, although it was fluffier. He also wore purple trunks, a far cry from the black attire he wore during his WWE matches.

12Hanging With Andre

As a child, Stephanie often went to WWE events and got to meet the wrestlers. During one show, she posed for a picture with the legendary Andre The Giant. Despite his tough exterior, Andre was known as a gentle giant, and young Stephanie wasn’t scared as she smiled for the camera.

11With Killer Kowalski

Triple H began his wrestling training in 1992 under the legendary Killer Kowalski. The star attended Kowalski’s school in Massachusetts, where he quickly learned the ropes. Triple H was close to Kowalski and credited him with helping him break into the wrestling business. When Kowalski passed away in 2008, Triple H was one of the pallbearers at his funeral.

10Stephanie And Vince

Stephanie is known to be a daddy’s girl. She and Vince have a close relationship. In this old pic, father and daughter are all smiles as they embrace in a hug.

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Vince was dressed in one of his business suits, while Stephanie wore a black dress and a signature ’90s hairstyle complete with bangs.

9Blueblood Gimmick

When Triple H made his WWE debut in 1995, his gimmick was different from the Cerebral Assassin fans are used to. He was introduced as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a snobbish blueblood. His ring attire consisted of tights and a tailcoat. He would also cut promos on the importance of using the right etiquette.

8Wedding To Undertaker

In early 1999, Stephanie made her debut on WWE television. One of her first storylines was being stalked by The Undertaker, who eventually kidnapped her and tried to make her his bride. Stone Cold came to her rescue before the wedding ceremony could be performed. One thing fans can’t forget about the segment is Stephanie’s less than stellar acting.

7Birth Of McMahon Helmsley Era

The 1999 Armageddon PPV brought the creation of the McMahon Helmsley Era. Stephanie sat ringside as she watched her father fight Triple H. At the end of the show, fans were shocked to witness Stephanie turn from a good girl into a villain as she aligned herself with her new husband.

6Championship Couple

In the early 2000s, Triple H and Stephanie were the top wrestling couple on television. The two ruled both RAW and Smackdown as they asserted their dominance over the rest of the roster. During their era in power, the two were champions with Triple H holding the WWE Championshp and Stephanie having the Women’s Title.

5Media Appearance With Chyna

Every wrestling fans know about the real-life triangle with Stephanie, Triple H, and Chyna. In this photo, the trio gathered for a media appearance to promote WWE. At the time, Triple H was still with Chyna. But years later the two would break up when his relationship with Stephanie was discovered.

4Vow Renewal

Like all good things, the McMahon Helmsley Era came to an end. In 2002, Stephanie tricked Triple H into believing she was pregnant so they could renew their vows.

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However, he discovered her deception and dumped her at the altar. Triple H’s destruction of the set and Stephanie’s reaction made this an iconic WWE moment.

3Pregnant Stephanie

After marrying in 2003, Triple H and Stephanie wanted to start a family. In 2006, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. In this throwback, Triple H and a pregnant Stephanie attend a charity soccer game. The parents-to-be are all smiles as they cheer on the players from the sidelines.

2Pool Day With The Family

Stephanie and Triple H are the proud parents of three daughters. Even though they try to protect their children’s privacy, a few candid pics of them have surfaced over the years. In this throwback, the couple is enjoying a day at the pool with their daughter Aurora while grandpa Vince looks on.

1Partying With The Roster

It’s not uncommon to find wrestlers hanging out after a show. During the ’90s the WWE rosters loved to unwind with food and a few drinks. Triple H joined his buddy Shawn Michaels, Paul Bearer, and a few other WWE as they relaxed before the next show on their tour.

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