Triple H and Stephanie McMahon get a lot of credit for the work they put in at the WWE. The COO and Brand Officer will someday take over the WWE from Vince McMahon and when that day comes, they need to be sharp and ready for it. So the two maintain a constant gym routine to stay in shape because the couple that works out together, stays together, and also inherits a billion-dollar business. Their minds need to be focused and many people will say, take care of your body and your mind follows.In these photos, here are Triple H and Stephanie pumping iron and crushing workouts, even after long days working in the WWE. Early morning workouts are all part of the game, no pun intended, especially if you want to be the best in every area of your life, including in the ring and in the boardroom.

Triple H And Stephanie McMahon training photos and video online

15Do You Even Lift?

Via Wrestling News

C’mon Triple H, do you even lift, bro? Stephanie pumping some serious big iron here and showing off her arm strength that looks nearly as big as Triple H. Of course we know he can lift more, but it’s impressive to see a side by side of the game and the Billion dollar princess and how they measure up together.

14Unleash Stephanie


Stephanie McMahon doesn’t get the credit she deserves for being in this great shape, especially after three kids and she is jetting around the country putting on WWE shows. Working with a personal trainer is a great way to keep her focused on her fitness goals with such a hectic schedule every week.

13Guys Who Lift

Via Muscle And Fitness

Triple H is definitely known for his physical appearance and chiseled look in the ring. And here you can see he has picked up some seriously heavy-duty weights to crush a peck workout. Considering his age and that he’s now 50 years old, this is amazing to see that he still has his body in amazing shape.

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12The Best Spotter

Via Sportskeeda

When lifting large weights, it’s always a good idea to have a spotter with you to help you through those last couple of moments. Triple H always has one in his wife Stephanie, and they have said their gym time together is their personal time where they really get to have some one-on-one time just with each other.

11Workout Video

Via Best Of Comicbooks

Stephanie McMahon is so big into fitness that she actually created her own workout video and used the people of NXT at the time in the video. That’s Alexa Bliss behind her if you don’t notice. COO, mother of three and yet, still has time to knock off a workout video as a side hustle.

10At-Home Workouts

Via Pinterest

With such a busy lifestyle, Stephanie McMahon is not always able to find a gym to crush some weights. With three kids and a crazy job, sometimes home is the only option. So here she is completing a home workout with Larysa Didio from, showing that you can still stay fit doing the little things at home.

9Early Morning Workout

Via Twitter

Here is Triple H, tweeting out this photo of him hitting the gym at 7:30 a.m. When you got a busy life and a late show to put on almost every single night, you get your workouts in when you can, and that means early mornings. It’s a great way to kick start the day and get your mind alert for what is to come.

8No Flips Just Lifts

Via Twitter

You constantly have to remind yourself that he is 50 years old but here is Triple H just going beast mode on a deadlift set. More impressive, he has no shoes on and just going it barefoot. Be careful about dropping that one on your toe. But it’s supposed to improve balance and it’s better to go no shoes when working out.

7In Fighting Form

Via YouTube

The best way to stay in ring shape is to get in the ring, and while it may not be a wrestling ring, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon use a boxing ring for a great workout. It helps with the cardio and of course throwing a very strong punch looks good on television.

6Put The WWE On Her Back


Stephanie McMahon has a lot of burden on her shoulders being part of the WWE’s upper management. And she can clearly handle a lot on her back, as this photo shows just have muscular she actually is, doing a band workout that shows off how incredibly strong she actually is.

5The Simple Game

Via Wrestling News

Triple H keeps it pretty simple here, lifting dumbbells to get the most out of her arms. And by the looks of it, his arms are massive. It’s amazing just how big he has got with a lot of hard work, especially for someone who is in an office position and doesn’t get in the ring much anymore.

4Just Before The Curtain

Via Joe DeFranco

Just before going out into the ring area, wrestlers generally stimulate their bodies with simple exercises, like Triple H is doing here with the bands. It warms up the muscles and gives them that great definition in their body before the camera hits them. It’s just a little trick of the trade for wrestlers.

3Core Strength

Via Scoopnest

Any athlete will tell you that working the core muscles is very important for your health and to achieve great fitness goals. So here is Stephanie working on her core muscles. We don’t know if she is rocking a six-pack at all, but the rest of her body looks great because of the routine she commits to.

2All About Planking

Via Dean Somerset

Triple H might be a long ways off from getting the planking world record at over eight hours, but planking while very simple, is a great workout for the core muscles. And Triple H is pretty well known for his amazing looking abs and core muscle groups, so planking is a must in every workout.

1Bicep Curl

Via Twitter

This photo comes from a Stephanie McMahon tweet where she says even after only an hour sleep on the red-eye from Nevada, Triple H is in the gym busting himself to do his workout. That takes a lot of dedication to commit to that level of training and it’s showing in the results. You only have to look at his arms to see it.

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