At the age of 43, Trish is still grabbing all the headlines not only for her flawless looks but also for her remarkable consistency in the squared circle. She recently had a farewell match against Charlotte and Stratus once again delivered and more in the spot. The match was given the chance to thrive, going longer than the SummerSlam main event itself.In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Trish’s most revealing outfits in the last couple of months and years. These ensembles definitely belong in the Attitude Era and not the current PG label. We’ll definitely miss Trish but surely, WWE will welcome the Hall Of Famer for several more cameos in the future, even if they’re not in-ring related.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started!

Best Of Trish Stratus Tribute

Trish Stratus Hottest pictures and video online GIF BIO Real Life


Trish Stratus 3rd Titantron (Remake)

16Evolution Photoshoot

Trish Stratus' Best, Worst and Most Outrageous Moments in WWE ...
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Oh, Trish, she just gets better with age. This promotional shot for the women’s Evolution PPV has us on the edge of our seats.

This type of outfit could work in any era, whether it be the Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression Era or heck, even the current era, though chances are it wouldn’t make a PG-rated program… Too bad.

15Bikini In Turkey

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Prior to making her WWE return, Trish wisely decided to take a little trip with the family to Turkey. Her bathing suit attire was one reminiscent of her Attitude Era days. Here’s what she had to say on IG in her photo caption;

“We enjoyed the last of our cottage trip enjoying the sand between our toes and a warm summer breeze on our sun-kissed skin. It was glorious.”

14She’s Got Legs

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When she returns to WWE, Trish not only appears on WWE programming but she does several PR pit stops along the way as well. That was especially the case following her recent SummerSlam return – the event took place in Toronto, her hometown.

The photo above is from a different interview a couple of years back; Trish is flaunting her well-toned legs.

13Confronting Charlotte

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This SmackDown Live confrontation had the fans talking, however it was Trish stealing all the headlines, especially given her throwback look. It reminded us of the old Trish when she first entered the business alongside the late Test and current NXT head trainer Albert.

This recent outfit belongs in a Hall of Fame somewhere!

12Photoshoot Ready

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We really wouldn’t mind if Trish decided to rock this ensemble during a live RAW telecast. She already made quite the statement in her yoga pants most recently but we’ll have more on that a little later.

Trish might be reminded of her former days with the outfit above, she got her start as a fitness model – that’s how WWE found Stratus.

11Posing With Lita

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She was supposed to take on Alexa Bliss, though Alexa’s untimely injury derailed those plans. The bout was changed to a tag match featuring Trish alongside her bestie, Lita.

Not only did the duo pick up the W on the night against Fox and James, but man did both these gals ever shine in terms of giving the fans nostalgia – they looked and performed flawlessly.

10RAW Ready

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Trish would prolong her stay with another match, this one taking place on RAW. Stratus had so many memorable matches on the show throughout her career. In truth, before the current Evolution took place, Trish was the one laying the groundwork well before.

Remarkably, years later, she still looks flawless in her attire. And yeah, she can still move just as well in the ring, if not, dare we say even better.

9Yoga Pants

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Throughout the years we really didn’t see much of Trish on the blue brand. After her segment with Charlotte, most fans were likely wishing this wasn’t the case.

Trish not only added excitement to the show with her rivalry alongside Charlotte but she also got hearts racing with her attire on the night. Quite clearly, the veteran isn’t missing any workouts…

8‘Mania Appearances

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She wasn’t competing at ‘Mania but she was backstage rooting on the women. Trish was rumored to take part in the event alongside Lita, taking on the likes of Sasha and Bayley for the Tag Titles – though WWE finally went the other way.

Trish took part in lots of appearances on the week and let’s just say her outfit of choice is one suitable for the ‘90s.

7Royal Rumble Outfit

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During the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble, Trish had the honors of being the first-ever female number 30 entrant.

Some fans were expecting Ronda Rousey in the spot but they ultimately got the best of both worlds with Trish showing up in the final spot while Rousey took part in the after-match celebrations.

6Red Dress At The Hall Of Fame

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She was inducted into the 2013 Hall Of Fame class – Trish would choose Stephanie for her induction. Just a year later, best friend Lita got her induction as well.

Most recently, the two besties took to the Hall of Fame, rocking some great look ensembles. They celebrated Torrie’s induction as well into the HOF last year.

5Backstage At ‘Mania

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Speaking of Torrie, here’s a backstage shot featuring our favorites from the 2000s. Every single one of the women look like they can step foot in the ring – who wouldn’t want to see a tag match between these four beauties!?

It was a treat to see Wilson inducted into the Hall while Keibler also made a return to WWE after years of being away.

4Flowers & Lace

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What a combination: flowers and lace. This looks like an outfit Trish can rock while managing a wrestler or tag team.

Although she recently took part in her farewell match, we wouldn’t mind seeing Trish in the new role – WWE needs more managers and what better way to keep Trish around than in the new position?

3Black On Black

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Ah yes, she doesn’t have to wear ring gear to get our attention, even a basic black on black outfit has us frozen. Heck, even the security guard in the back happens to turn around, sneaking a peek at Trish’s pure perfection.

We’ll miss these moments – the outfits were cool added bonuses.

2Women’s Evolution Attire

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For the current era, this ensemble might be considered a little too risky, but hey, Trish more than earned the right to do whatever she pleases.

The outfit had everyone talking but her performance really triumphed everything else as Lita and Trish kicked off the show in style with a big victory. The two trailblazers won’t forget that moment.

1The Last One

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We’ll forever remember this outfit as the last one. In her final match, Trish and Charlotte were given more than enough time to thrive – the match was only five seconds short from being the longest bout of the night – it even exceeded the main event. Charlotte and Trish went at for almost 17 minutes.

Trish Stratus Hottest pictures and video online GIF BIO Real Life