While Stacy Keibler was known for a lot of her skits backstage and in the ring, Trish Stratus was known for what she did as a wrestler. As beautiful as she is, she’s also known as one of the best WWE diva wrestlers in the history of the franchise. She had everything the WWE wanted in a diva, which helped drive more fans and helped open the path for women wrestlers of the future.During her time, women wrestlers were used for sex appeal to drive more males to drive television ratings. It definitely worked, but eventually, things needed to change where female wrestlers were used to actually fight. Well, Trish Stratus was the very beginning of that.

However, that doesn’t mean she’s not stunning. While she was a great wrestler, she was gorgeous. She still participated in photo shoots and wore skimpy outfits, she was also just good as fighting in the ring.

Trish Stratus Hottest Rare photos and video online XXX BIO

Trish Stratus Talks WWE Return and ‘Tough Enough’

Trish Stratus Rare photos and video online

15 Taking In The Skyline

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When Trish Stratus was wrestling, she was extremely bulky. Her muscles were huge even compared to other wrestlers. After she had children and calmed down after years away from wrestling, she became much slimmer. Not only is she slimmer, but she has really nice curves. She showed them off while taking in the Toronto skyline.

14Are You Ready To Rumble?

Trish Stratus To Be Interviewed By Jerry Lawler On Smackdown
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There you can see the days when Trish Stratus was ripped. Some of her outfits didn’t include skimpy clothing, but a typical wrestling outfit that other females would also wear. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t look good in them. Her abs look great, she’s got just enough makeup on, and it’s still just a short top and short bottoms that she’s wearing.

13Match Tease

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As you can tell, Trish Stratus looks much different from how she looked during her wrestling days. Back then, she had pure blonde hair where now she has brunette streaks. Her skin is much tanner, she isn’t as muscular, but she also loves smiling. Even 15 years after she’s done wrestling, she looks amazing.

12Enter, Trish Stratus

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Even after her original days in the WWE, Trish came back and had some chances to wrestle. It almost felt like she was a new person with how much different she looked physically, but she did bring out a pretty amazing outfit one day. She went away from the typical wrestler style and wore a very open outfit with what appears to be a netting material above it.

11Stylish Champion

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What made Trish so fun to watch in the ring, is she was a champion. As you can see in this photo, she’s holding a WWE champion belt as she’s crowned the winner of a match. This photo perfectly represents a lot of her career, as she was always competing for different belts, and winning them. While she was doing that, she was looking stylish.

10Red Carpet On Smackdown

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Style changes over the years, but luckily Trish Stratus had no issue adjusting to the new wave of styles in modern-day. Trish wasn’t necessarily known for being a style queen when she was younger, but she brought out a bedazzled outfit on to the premiere of SmackDown on FOX. Let’s just say, she shined amongst everyone that was there that night.

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It went from dressing up half-naked, preparing to beat up other women, caring about family and making sure her makeup is on point. It was so hard to truly appreciate her smile back when she was a wrestler because she always had an attitude. Now that she’s not on stage anymore, she can let everyone see the beautiful smile she has.

8Tough Chick

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Speaking of attitude, you could clearly see Trish Stratus’ attitude with the way she stood, spoke, and sometimes, even the way she dressed. It wasn’t a bad thing, it was part of her brand as a wrestler. Standing next to two massive wrestlers definitely shows that “tough girl” attitude that she always showcased, why also looking great.

7Walk-In Style

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Then current day Trish Stratus came back to the WWE, and it was much different. When she wasn’t playing the part of this strong wrestler with an attitude, she was smiling and happy as she got to be in front of the crowd again. At this point she was a brunette, her style was on point, and she really changed her type of beauty for her age.

6Tag Team With Lita

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While Trish changed her brand when she was done with WWE, she did jump into the ring with Lita with her new look. From the angle that the photo was taken, you could see just how tight and good her outfit looks on her. Just by looking at pictures of her at 44-years old, you could tell she’s done a great job at staying in shape.

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5Cowboy Girl

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Do you like cowboys, because Trish Stratus liked to dress like one occasionally? Maybe it was something that Vince McMahon was in to, as they had a little thing going on. There was even a moment on the WWE where Stratus took her clothes off for McMahon while broadcasting. Or maybe it was part of Trish’s attitude style.

4Hall Of Fame Moment

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It was well deserved when Trish Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2013. It was definitely weird to see someone who had a specific attitude in the ring, to come all dressed up in a dress to a WWE event. It was nice to see Stratus get dressed up with her makeup and dress to be recognized for her career.

3Relax In The Grass

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Yes, Trish Stratus looks as beautiful as ever right now, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t good looking when used to wrestle. While she was in the ring, she always had an attitude, but she sure knew how to model. With her thick legs, blonde hair, and great looks, she could make any photoshoot look amazing.

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2Enjoy The Water

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There’s that smile that we have seen a lot from Trish Stratus later in life, but that now we get to see it from when she was younger. WWE divas would always take photoshoots on the beach, and Trish looked amazing in them. Some divas would wear really skimpy bikinis, but Trish decided to wear a skin-tight top.

1Lingerie Time

Триш стратус горячие ступни
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It wasn’t always about the attitude for Trish Stratus, she was a beautiful diva that didn’t get enough credit for her looks. She had an amazing body with a great tan, and she had this really beautiful smile. Most fans don’t remember it because they more so remember her time wrestling, but she was way too underrated for her natural beauty.

Trish Stratus Hottest Rare photos and video online XXX BIO